Thursday, October 16, 2008

someone old something new

i remember only too well how i felt when aol sent notice that they were closing out their journal my usual fashion, i panicked...what would happen to all my years of writing that aol was so cavalierly doing away with...throwing into the garbage can....

the instructions arrived and i just stared at them, deer in the headlights style, my level of anxiety escalating.

i tried, i failed...don't believe in that old adage that trying means you did not fail, i failed, period.
days passed, efforts thwarted by some process i did not understand.

the light went on...i successfully transferred one of my blogs to this service. after several exercises in futility, i gave up trying to transfer the other. instead, i spent hours cutting and pasting preferred entries, or posts in blogger.comese, from this vanquished journal onto these poor husband felt neglected...let it be noted that inspite of my monomaniacal pursuit, our dinner was delicious...well, edible anyway and we both lived to tell.

change can be good change can be bad, change can be none of the above...but change is always change and always inevitable.

a metaphor for life and hope
though for a few days there
i felt like a dope

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