Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

love long

love long, love well,
a life without love,
is a voyage through hell,
from which the only

chance to return,
is with a heart wide and open,
and willing to learn
embrace each day
it is your own
live it to the fullest
you are not alone ♥

in the midst

in the midst of storm, winds and rain

the world outside our window pane.

Monday, October 29, 2012

weather deities,
who and wherever
you be,
please have mercy
on animals
and humanity.


for those in sandy's twisted path,
sure hope you escape her
ire and wrath,
for everyone, for all of youze
wishing monday brings you
love and good news.

so does my mommy


Sunday, October 28, 2012


i cudda been
i shudda been
i wudda been

be by love surrounded

be by love surrounded,
inside and out,
if you feel that love.
let it shout☺♥☻

oh man has gone

oh how man has gone so very far.
from horse drawn carriages
to electric cars.
but sadly he has not been
able to erase,
all the nasty and cruel
that lives in his space

Saturday, October 27, 2012

warrior woman


she lives her life
by her own rules
with an open heart
and zero tolerance
for fools

if i could speak to teenaged me

if i could speak to teenaged me.
what i would say,
is something to take the sadness
i would tell the troubled girl
to hold on to her self worth,
nothing is worth losing it for,
nor is anyone here on earth.
i would tell her that she
should follow her dreams,
and not be derailed by
other's manipulations
and schemes.
lastly i would tell her
that being a teen is
hard but is also gold.
and those years will
be missed,
when she gets old

new do...NOT

say hello to yesterday's do.
now a do-not...
see what a little bedhead
can do.
hair akimbo, curls
on the rebound.
at least for a few hours,
my lost youth,

picture taken 10-26 with my tired and trustworthy(you know the drill;-) blackberry

from a well

from a well of deep pain, an outburst of the most beautiful waters♥

i am tired

i am tired.
but my eyes
won't close.
my mind is wired,
i need to doze.
a bad night?
yes, i had
one of those.



to those once with us, who no longer remain,


we feel your loss, and it causes pain.


but we know you are in a place of peace,


with others, just like you,


whose troubles have ceased.


your tenure on earth with us never enough,


yes we go on, but at times it is rough.

Friday, October 26, 2012


we live for you,
do you understand,
that all we ask for
is a gentle hand.


time borrow

shelter pets prayer:
today i am alive,
what about tomorrow.
does anyone out there
have some time
that i can borrow


sometimes i run

sometimes i run
i run so far.
inside myself
or in the car.

we cannot be

we cannot be what we are not,
we are not what we cannot be.
be proud of who you are,
keep self esteem in your company.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

for beauty is

for beauty is a human desire,
perfection we seek,
but to kindness we should

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a touch of autumn

a touch of autumn,
in the rain.
nature's tear drops,
no colors ever plain

photo taken 10-24-2012 with my trusty, tired, ready to retire blackberry

i walked

i walked into a crowded place,
a sort of smile adorned my face.
the sun was up, so bright it shined,
but too many clouds lingered in
my mind.
so many voices, yet none directed
towards me.
there is no greater sense of alone
than unwelcoming company.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

on sweetest

sweetest of dreams,
on angel wings.
with sweet serenades,
the angels, sing.


overwhelmed, completely vexed.
feelings are real, not messages
to be text.
lost in something i almost
wish i had not found.
trying not to cry,
feeling run aground.
nowhere to turn,
too tired to shout,
lost in it all
but not wanting

guideheart...dedicated to all service and therapy dogs

I have eyes but I cannot see
Yet I know there is a world
It is all around me
I have ears but I cannot hear
But I know I am safe when
You are near
I sit in this chair, I cannot move
My legs or arms
With you by my side,
I will not be harmed
You are my soul, my body
My friend
Our trust is forever
The bond that shall not end

Monday, October 22, 2012

to hate is to objectify is to hate

the essence of hatred is the assumption that one is superior to the object of this hatred. 

to assume superiority over any being is an outright lack of self-esteem, and in this narcissistic, yet egoless state, the search for self and validation assumes the ugliest of masks, a mask perhaps first donned when they were the victim.

the person in this state of self imposed nothingness then attempts to elevate him/herself by the denigration and abuse of whoever the chosen victim is.  by completely depersonalizing the "chosen", he/she is then able to lash out without constraint, since in this twisted, demonic state, any reason and compassion have long since flown.

the torments and tormenting continue, as bloodlust and anger at this level can never be sated. they keep going and killing and torturing and it is never enough.

there is no end, even at death, where the gates of hell await.

i pray that this will change one day,
that all this misery will go away.

the world according to the bucky boy

the world according to the bucky boy
my name is bucky boy
and i live to play
so glad that your house
is now in my way
if the door is open,
that room i will
go through it
whatever is not nailed down
i will gladly chew it
if your shoes are in range
i would love to munch
nothing like brand new sneakers
as a snack before lunch
that watch you got when
you graduated from high school?
i stopped time with my puppy teeth
a-roooo ain't that cool!!!
and furniture, no problemo
wood does good fiber make
that dining room set
a great teething break
yes i am part wolf and i
like to howl
but take away my food
and i may start to growl
you are humans, that is
very clear
but three guesses who
is the alpha here

RIP bucky boy
homewrecker par excellence
and sorely missed♥

Saturday, October 20, 2012

hour whirled

Time passes quickly
As it must
No time to settle
No time to rust
Given moments
With which we flow
What happens next
We never know

in thoughts i dwell

in thoughts i dwell,
rapt, in so deep.
awake, of sorts.
but also asleep

Friday, October 19, 2012

i live these days

i live these days,
by goals defined,
sure hope i do not
run out of time.
to do what i always
wanted to do,
to make my lifetime
dreams come true.
to find my seas,
and company.
to make something
good out of being
to laugh in the face
of chronology!

i hear the sound

i hear the sound, i feel the noise,
the world a thundering of
our earth mother's
sweet joys

for the dolphins of taiji

for the dolphins of taiji
blue is the color of the sea.
its beauty, and wonder,
its tranquility.
blue is the color, not blood red.
taiji hunters of cetaceans
try blue on,

you push you pull

you push you pull,
you run away.
you change your mind,
several times a day.
how do you find
living this crazy

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

in tired musings

in tired musings,
trapped in the thought
that what we
do is all
hoping that this
is not so,
it is not yet time
for me
to let go

Monday, October 15, 2012

love declares

love declares,
love receives,
love forever cares.
real love never

her hands

her hands are crumpled.
her face is lined,
time has passed too quickly,
life has been unkind.
she has drifted back slowly
lost in sorrow and grief,,
she has sought the wrong
avenues of relief.
she has thought of quitting,
seeing only dark,
then in the midst of this silence,
she has felt that spark.
although the clock is wicked,
time plays tricks to the eyes
and mind,
her belief in love,
never fell behind.
and in this silly, perhaps
childish notion,
she has found the sources
of her devotion...


you took me home,
i can never repay
the love and kindness
you sent my way

your rescue dog/ cat ☺♥☻

because i lost a few petals

i lost a few petals.
that does not
make me
less of a flower.
from the inevitable,
i do not cower.

picture taken 10-27-2012 with my tired, trustworthy blackberry

entrepeneurial ad-venture

this is the link to my new zazzle store
self promotion is such a chore,
but every time you visit
you will like it more

original paintings, poetry,
a smile in the making!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

we start

we start each day with
never knowing,
we brush ourselves off
and we keep
on going.
and if we learn,
we keep on

african wild dog values

 we live for the pack.
we play we run,
we rest together,
when our day is done.
when one of us is ill,
we pick up the slack,
bringing food and comfort
until good health comes back.
we chase our prey,
we have to eat.
we do this to survive,
no easy feat.
but love we do and
care for our own
if you are born into
our pack

Saturday, October 13, 2012

surrounded by rain

surrounded by rain,
by water caressed,
she look inside
the window,
an unwelcome guest.

(as big yellow sun,
soft comfort,
she reckoned.)

she watched as the
clouds, gave the
sky to the big
yellow ball,
soft raindrops,
still falling.
the magic of
it all☺♥☻

Friday, October 12, 2012

in concentric

in concentric circles,
we run and play,
but nothing takes
the pain away.
pleasure lasts but a moment,
regrets can linger.
look at yourself first,
before you point
that finger!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

we go

we go about our busy lives,
as children, friends, siblings,
husbands or wives.
but we will lose all these things
we take for granted,
if the seeds of positive change
are not planted.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

you are

you are nice,
you are not.
you are hot,
you are cold.
this whole
is getting

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

my mindfields

my mindfields lie fallow,
the earth...much too shallow.

Monday, October 8, 2012

there is...

there is an 18 year old living inside my head,
but when she gets up, she finds an old
bat instead;-{D>

the little girl never understood

the little girl never understood
why no one would look into
her heart,
and see the good.
why they let their own
agendas, insecurities
and twist
distort their visions,
never knowing
what they missed

the sweetest

the sweetest songs are from the heart of nature♥

she looked

she looked around,
she looked inside,
there is no place
for her to hide

Sunday, October 7, 2012

outside, singing

birds outside, singing.
sun wants to shine.
clouds on the rebound,
life is fine!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

dots of autumn

little flowers,
soft, earthy hues.
dots of autumn,
to fight the blues
photo taken yesterday with my trusty blackberry

Friday, October 5, 2012

he was the last cicada

he was the last cicada,
he sang his last song.
cicadas sing loudly,
but they do not
sing for long.

new ad-venture

i have started an online store, filled with original paintings and photographs, in various guises...from posters, to notecards, a bumper snicker, tee shirts, mouse much more...and fun galore...

i hope you like it!!!

to live in dreams

at times i lived inside my dreams,
to escape the world and its
ugly schemes,
then the luster, tarnished,
on the dreams, once gold,
now stripped of varnish
and growing old

Thursday, October 4, 2012


we were.
we are.
we will

happy world animal everyday!

we thank the creator for all we are seeing,
every inch of our planet, each one of its beings.
we celebrate nature, its bounty and glory,
world animals day...the most happy of stories.
stand up and defend, so our world and its
end ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


weak and bleak,
feeling deflated,
this is not a state
of being,
to which i want
to be relegated.

kindness and

kindness and compassion,
true things of beauty,
to spread their wonder.
and magic,
a heavenly duty.
bless all who.
care and save animals.
and those in need.
they are angels on.
earth in words.
and in deeds

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

time to

time to start a tuesday morn,
by autumn's chill,
the air, adorned

view from my parent's window, courtesy of my trusty blackberry

Monday, October 1, 2012

lovely flowers of oranges and gold

lovely flowers of oranges and gold,
summer is no longer here,
(i guess they were not told)

photo taken 10 minutes ago!


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