Friday, April 30, 2010

if you

If you float within his arc
You will always feel the spark
If you try to impede
His path
he will make you feel the wrath

love is

Love is an evolution of the soul
At times it is in parts, at times
It is whole.
At times it feels bad, at times
It feels good.
But love is love,
Doing what love should


she walked in slow deliberation,
each step its own off syncopation.
inspite of her now wobbly gait,
she was thankful that life was still on her plate

heel leo

the sun stretched his arms
against the purple sky,
saw the chaos down below,
and started to cry.

carriage trade

the carriage trade does not belong
pulled behind horses, so proud and strong
tormented by traffic odors and sounds
surrounded by danger, to be run aground
please ban this tired old world pretension
so our beloved horses no longer
live in fear and apprehension

Thursday, April 29, 2010

shades open

the little moon danced around the sun.
it was so warm, he wanted some.
he edged up closer to the heat,
the sun said no, you are complete.
it is i who brings the warmth of day,
you are for the night, so cold you stay.

shades drawn

one day the stars just took a walk,
they did not turn around,
they did not balk.
the bustling planet world below,
too many cruelties, they had to go.
the moon watched as they made their flight,
soon following in this darkest of nights.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


the fingers moving, hollow sounds.
mind meanders, without its ground.
words are plucked from pages torn,
feelings untucked so weary and worn.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

if you

if you have nothing good or kind to say
would you please go away
if you have a need to be cruel
take it out on yourself
you are not a tool
to havoc wreak
on the silent
or the weak


a quiet step, a quiet voice.
each move we take,
we make a choice.
embrace the dark,
or see the light,
all days are long,
then final night


hia glory days
went too fast
he always knew
they would not last
heady times
so far away
as he nears
his final stay

how high

how high is it to reach for the sky?
how will you ever know,
if you never try :-D ♥

if your eyes

if your eyes could see through mine,
what do you think that they would find,
as they looked long and hard at you?
would they see both false and true?
or a flash of something there,
maybe like a trace of care?
you have your rules
i live by mine
you push me too far
i will draw the line

Monday, April 26, 2010

you ?

if you will give me your heart,
i will try to achieve,
everything that i promised,
so you will believe,
if i give you my heart,
will you gingerly take it,
handle with care,
and try not to break it?

Sunday, April 25, 2010


you are the light,
you are the voice
both day and night
how i rejoice

Friday, April 23, 2010


there are times i want to know,
just how and where all the time did go.
then there are times i have the sense
to not look backward and trip over that fence.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

if you want, my facebook fan page:-D

please do no regard me with scorn
if i have the need to "toot my own horn"
the written word is my weapon
of choice
to speak for those without
a speaking voice
please join my fan page
my writing needs this so
then my$$$$ to the animals go

earth day

have you ever
looked at a butterfly?
i mean really looked,
then asked yourself why.
this delicate winged creature fine
is blessed with color and graceful lines?
where does it come from
in magical flight
as it lands so gently
on flowers light?
and what about flowers
so varied in formation
as each one blooms
its own creation
oh bless this earth
so teeming and alive
please work together
so all species thrive

Monday, April 19, 2010


a living being comes into this world,
eyes are closed, extremities curled,
ears half hearing, everything new,
so endearing to all who can view.
but what will happen to this innocent,
every day in his development?
will he be hurt, will he cause pain,
will he desert all that is sane?


when a person of goodness
leaves this earth to die,
those left who withstood this,
some are quiet. some cry.
some go about daily living,
others sit lonely and still,
some are not as forgiving,
feeling like they were
force fed a bitter pill.
the memories that linger,
some troublesome, some not,
death has quite a long stinger,
beyond the burial plot.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

i know you,
but do you know me?
do you know
what i always
wanted to be?
do you know
what i am feeling
when i cry?
or if there is healing,
in my sigh?

Friday, April 16, 2010

i want

I want to live
I want to breathe
For myself I don’t
want to grieve
I want to feel
Everything I did not
I want to be
I was not
I want to live
I don’t want
To die
I need to give
And I am
Going to try
Eyes, ears
Senses abound
I am thirsting and
Taking in
Everything around


music soothes my feral soul,
calms the angry, makes me whole,
takes the blues, stuffs them in a drawer,
as just old news, don't need them any more.
drifting lightly on this plane,
ever so slightly lost again,
in a place where i can't be touched,
hurt no more, feel good so much.
don't want to leave this lofty space,
as ...the years fade from my heart and face...


love so near, yet far apart.
feelings clear, deep in our hearts.
separated by time and space.
relegated to this lonely place.
we see each other in our minds.
holding hands, never to unwind.
then reality presents.
missing you so intense,
your eyes, your words,
are still being heard. ♥

Thursday, April 15, 2010


a gentle stroll,
a soft light walk,
yet so afraid,
she starts to balk.
one foot moves forward,
one lags behind,
is it untoward,
to not make up one's mind?

a prayer

a prayer to god
to ease the pain
give the mean and stupid
a heart and a brain
gather all the world's cruelty
in a box
throw it in the sea
and weigh it down
with rocks
bring hope and life
to those so lost
remove the strife
from those fate
has sorely crossed
shine your goodness
please shine so bright
shower earth with love
warmth and blissful
treasure each breath,
savor the air,
live life to the fullest,
the ultimate dare.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

that moment when eyes look into another's eyes, and see the true being, is the greatest manifestation of the beauty of nonverbal language, the language that speaks the most by saying the least


the street i walked was littered with hopes
dreams so shattered, dangling from ropes
feelings i wasted on the underserving
moments on my heart pasted, by those
so self serving.
corners once sharp now dulled with pain
an angels harp cannot pierce this rain
no direction no where to go
dark introspection
is all i know

Monday, April 12, 2010

once upon a rhyme

a tisket a tasket,
if you don't like
the answer to the question,
don't ask it

Sunday, April 11, 2010

foreign legion

There is a legion of hurt that assails us
When we search for it, it never fails us
Resentments not too far out of reach
Bleeding us dry, like a leech
Cannot walk forward
On ankles bent
The chain of ugly
Will not relent
We must shelve
That part of us
That which lingers
In its festering pus

Friday, April 9, 2010

my hands

you cannot speak for yourself,
this i can do,
so i choose to speak for you.
i understand where you have pain,
i have had my own,
and it is insane.
the rules are broken
or are unmade,
stand up, stand tall,
please do not fade.
although the light
seems not as bright,
you are not alone,
it will be alright.

there is no time

there is no time to negotiate
i have far too much on my plate
i have made a stand
my stand is firm
i am sorry if it
makes you squirm
but stand i still
and still i stand
this has gone on
far too long
and it is out of hand
the rest i guess
is up to you
and what it is
that you deem true


will you be my friend, will you understand,
if i am too quiet, and withdraw my hand.
will you still stand near me, when the door is closed,
and when i reopen, inside, will you go?
will you be happy if things go for me well,
and not get snappy, from a jealous spell.
this is what i would to for you,
but i would like the same done for me, too


to deny is to retreat
an invitation for
history to repeat
the atrocities
it has done before
we must educate
so there are no more

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i went on a voyage
not of my own choosing
the seas were so rough
my body tired from bruising
the waves dashed me against
ice floes firey and cold
is this recompense
for not doing what i was told?
my arms flailed in terror
energy spent to no avail
one wrong turn, an error
the boat will no longer sail?

did you

it was never meant
the time we spent
it was wrong
from the start
the way you
crept into my heart
your own deceipt
your pet conceit
but did you ever
in moments rare
entertain the
notion to really care?

Monday, April 5, 2010

too many

too many clanking cages
filled with too many sad lives
books with empty pages
bees buzzing around barren hives
streets by potholes paved
with ever growing gaps
faces turning away
from another of life's slaps
hearts waiting to be broken
others waiting to be healed
by a mere gesture, just a token
anothers fate is sealed


one foot goes in front,
the other should follow,
as i walk forward,
avoiding the wallow.
sometimes i stumble,
sometimes i fall,
but even as i mumble,
i know that this is not all.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


a flood of tears cannot stop the pain,
a torrent of fears cannot stop the rain,
a spate of heartache conquers all,
i hold onto the sides,
as i begin to fall,
the tumbling downward will never cease,
until it reaches bottom, and then finds peace

i feel the breeze

I feel the breeze
Of the door opening
And closing
It has been doing so
For awhile
As I have been dozing
The air is not fresh
The air is not soft
But I feel myself
Being born aloft
Where am i
Who am i
What is going on here
The earth is still moving
And coming so near


as our holy season comes to a close,
it is time to reflect upon all of those,
who do not have a warm meal,
or a place to go,
with empty lives
filled with days so slow.
at odds with a world
at odds with itself,
clinging onto what is left
of their mental health.

Friday, April 2, 2010

i do not

i do not feel what you feel,
but i believe in you
and i know it is real.
i will not sit in judgement here,
i hear your words,
and they are very clear.
feelings are not facts to be disputed,
they are not for debate or to be refuted.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


love, the gift that does not cost a cent, too hard to come by, too easily spent

i am me

am me
and you are you
sometimes we
are different
in what we say and do
but our hearts are
joined and entwined
whether or not
we agree on
what the other
we learn, we grow
there is always more
to know.
with eyes open wide
we let all the good
go inside
while weeding out the bad
there is so much out there
to be had
hold my hand, day and night
and we will be alright


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