Saturday, August 31, 2013

so high i soar

so high i soar,
how small i be.
as i have the sky
for company.

for the dolphins at taiji cove

we pray today for blue waters, seas calm
that there is no blood shed,
no dolphins come to any harm.
that somehow a miracle comes to light
that those who swim in the cove at
will be alright.
we pray to the heavens,
we work hard here,
to protect, save and cherish
all those that we hold dear.
and in that spirit, earthmother
do not cry.
we, your faithful children,
will ALWAYS try.

Friday, August 30, 2013

garage eagle kindness

both photos and videos in the land of the garage eagles

i am a little bigger than you.
there is much more that
i can do.
but as long as we are together
in this nest,
you do what you can,
i will take care of the

say NO to palm oil

dear humans.
elders tell us of a once upon a time.
we had lands of our own,
many trees to climb.
there were only
a few of you
you did your thing,
we did ours, too.
we never annoyed each other
or got in each other’s way,
now our world is gone
and we cry
for yesterday.
orangemen of the forests

we are birds of the air

we are birds of the air,
and in water we play.
so we relax in
this wonderful
norman j

as long

norman J
as long as we are
on these flowers,
we will get through
the what nows
and whatevers

Thursday, August 29, 2013

baby garage eagles continues

we are getting bigger.
almost time to fledge.
and soon we will
fly off this ledge.

hello pretty wheel

hello pretty wheel.
what do you
outside the building next door

we are here together

we are here together on this beautiful orb.
so much beauty and joy is here
to absorb.
this planet is made for all to share.
to live together, and handle with
and though some of us have
fur,others skin, feathers or
we are all equal in worth, and
as one, we sail.

little white flower

in front of the building
little white flower,
your day is
drawing to a close.
soon, you will
shed your petals,
and peacefully

my soul was touched

down the street
my soul was touched
by a flower today.
and for awhile it
took all the
pain away.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

if we all pray for peace and keep peace in our hearts

if we all pray for peace
and keep peace in our hearts,
perhaps our world will not fall apart.
if we all fight for justice and stand
up for those who cannot do,
perhaps our dreams
of eden's garden
will finally come true.
but this cannot be done,
without all the mes
and the yous!

if day and night

if day and night
had nothing to say.
if sun and moon
had gone away.
would your love
still be here
to stay.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

photo contest...please read and vote

do you like my photos,
do you think they
are kinda neat.
a vote from you
would be
so sweet :)

garage eagle king

i am the pigeon king,
this is my throne.
i come here when i
want to be alone.
or to rest from my
busy day.
this is how i live,
the king pigeon way.
in the land of the garage eagles

sailing through

sailing through sparkles,
once again they were
the seas of staten island

Monday, August 26, 2013

we share this rock

we share this rock,
we are different,
if we can do it,
so can you!

all pics off staten island

Sunday, August 25, 2013

the spectacle of colors

on the way home
the spectacle of colors,
nature made.
sit back and enjoy
the sweet parade.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

please save the boto

we are pink river dolphins,
or botos,
there is something we have
to do....
we need to ask you
to help save us.
we think we are worth it.
how about you?

little bristle

outside the building
little bristle felt so bare and plain.
her sadness at her image,
left her lost and drained.
but one day she looked
up at the sun,
who looked back and
shined her beauty
on everyone.
and from that day
little bristle knew,
that beauty is in
the way that
you see you.

mama welcomed her babies today

in the and of the garage eagles

mama welcomed her babies today,
in her usual nurturing way.
fluffing their feathers,
cleaning their nest.
then out to get some
while her sweet babies

Friday, August 23, 2013

once upon

once upon a time,
the truth was
almost known,
it was sort of real,
not by
text or cellphone.
right was right,
wrong was wrong.
then modern times...
whatever moral compass
there was,
is now gone.
now we are left
with holograms,
the "whatever i want
to bes, i am"
that tired old song.
a one note bore.
seems not too many
people care
but those of us who do,
will stand up and shout.
the truth is locked up
and we will let it out!

i reach for your light

outside the yoga studio,  upward
i reach for your light,
i reach for your heart.
as mine, in pieces,
falls apart.
i reach for your
away and so far.
i will keep reaching,
you are.

bugs birdie

bugs birdie...the motion picture
i eats a carrot,
my mommy
calls me bugs birdie,
not very funny,
i a parrot,
not a bunny

♥pteri tea rose max aka pteribird aka bugs birdie♥

NV 2

jealousy is a barbed thread that weaves great damage.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


in front of the building
raintears upon a flower's face
do not detract from the beauty
of her space.

lace shredded leaves

outside yoga studio
lace, leaves shredded.
hopes, embedded.
reaching for tomorrow,
not knowing where
they are headed.

pretty pinks and greens

across the street
pretty pinks and greens,
help me find some smiles.
seems that they have been
lost for a while.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

in her dreams

in her dreams,
she was always
in her dreams,
life had just
in her dreams,
endless opportunities
in her dreams,
there were
no clocks.
in her dreams,
she was loved
and adored,
always happy,
never bored.
but she woke
up to old,
wrinkled hands.
end of her dreams,
time for real life

i thank you

i thank you for what is,
that state of grace.
I thank you for that smile
upon your face.
i thank you for giving
all that you can.
i thank you for living
in the hearts of man.

i lift my spirits

i lift my spirits
to the sun.
before i start
to be
botanical gardens

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


♥pteri tea rose max aka pteribird♥
i rules my humans with claws of iron,
they can never say no
but they keep on trying
then all i do is flash my birdie grin.
can you guess
do i gets what i wants
the answer is yes!

did you see

did you see.
did you look
nature writes,
you read
the book.
                                                         all botanical garden beauties


botanical gardens
if one plus one
does not mean
then the odds
are three is
no better
for you.

la vida

live long, love and be loved every step of the way♥
NY botanical gardens


we do not own the world,
we are here on lease.
if we want that lease renewed,
all cruelties and killing,
must cease!
save our world, save ourselves

Monday, August 19, 2013

i found

i found a page
i cannot turn.
a world
of sadness
i cannot unlearn.
and when the night
begins to fall,
i find that i am
alone with
it all.

happy world orangutan day☺♥☻

stand up for the orangemen of the forest!
You are orange
I am gray
we play together...
every day
our styles may differ
you like to climb
i like the water
most of the time
we share bananas
you pull my ears
I lower my trunk
So you can hug
Without fear
The time we spend is
in friendship and glee
as we both see it
we are family


garland of joy.
with the happiness
of others
is something,
we  should
never toy.
botanical gardens


floating above
only in name.
buffered by love.
but never
the same.
outside the building

Sunday, August 18, 2013

puffin pleasures

puffin pleasures,
beaked whimsy,
webbed feet.
comfort and safety,
with good food
to eat.


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