Tuesday, July 31, 2012

i am

i am a bird,
i fly so high,
i am a fish
under watery skies,
i am a wolf,
i howl at the moon.
i am a tiger,
i hunt for my food.
i am an elephant,
large, loving and loyal
i am a snake,
quietly waiting,
and coiled.
i am the trees,
the mountains,
the deserts,
the air,
the seas.
i am mother earth.
the disease


round in appearance,
in affect, flat.
our swirling orb.

Monday, July 30, 2012

you see

how do you ever forget the eyes.
do the faces ever go away?
i surmise,
that though in drawers,
there are many we store,
they are still in there,
and there is room for
much more

lost not found

lost not found,
where did i go.
who made the
what do

namaste, love and light

love and light.
peace-filled days,
and blissful

Sunday, July 29, 2012

did you

did you ever want to
run away,
run far, run fast.
make the run,
and when you step
still lost and numb,
the question is,
are you running
to or from

if i

if i held you close,
what would you say?
would you choose
to linger,
or run away?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

be kind

be kind to all beings,
large and small.
to love as ONE,
is to love
them all♥

Friday, July 27, 2012

baby sloth

i am slow.
for me,
is no other
way to go.
i will get there
what is the rush
i have all day.
i am a baby sloth,
and i have
much love to
so humans, please
find the patience,
to let me live♥

i cry i shout

i cry i shout,
the blues come
and go without warning.
but how much worse
i would feel,
if tomorrow there was
no morning.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

for all animal activists out there♥

you hit the wall,
when you feel so small,
like you cannot do
anything at all.
each homeless face
... about to die,
we keep on going
and try not to cry.
 we are the voice of ONE♥

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

i will give you

i will give you what i can,
as long as i am here.
i will open my heart.
and inside, keep you near.
i will shelter you
from thunderstorms,
rain and snow.
if you ever need a
strong shoulder,
you know where
to go.

you can

you can choose to be enlightened.
ignorance comes from being
with mind opened wide.
so much beauty will rush

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

we are of

we are of the earth,
we flourish by the wind.
nourished by the waters.
we are of the land,
we are of the sky.
we are one together,
our roots reach from our
to the universal light♥

all photos courtesy of my trusty, soon to be obsolete, blackberry

Monday, July 23, 2012

ciao for now

hasta la vista.
ciao, to go.
time moves too fast,
the hours, so slow

inspired by stevie the pit bull and those who love him

the eyes are eyes,
and with vision,
they be,
but it is the heart,
in all its glory,
that can truly see♥.


amazed by the miracle,
amazed by the grace.
amazed by the simple joys,
of a truly happy face♥

i am

i am very tired.
my fingers are sore.
my lungs do not wish
to breathe,
but my heart will
even the score♥

the folly

the folly
of jolly
sure beats

Sunday, July 22, 2012


look into my eyes,
as I sit chained here.
i wanted to love you,
to be held quite dear.
but you left me outside.
on an ugly chain.
my neck hurts, my body.
all I know is pain.
and now it is too late,
i am twisted and sad.
i was an innocent puppy,
and my humans were.
so bad

the amazon

this is our forest,
for eons here we live,
we understand the land
we never take more
than she can give

please help these noble people and this precious ecosystem

i ask

i ask because i can,
i ask because i always did.
but the answer...not now,
who am i trying to kid.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


drifting through this time and space,
trying to keep a smile
upon my face

limbo rock

in disheartened limbo,
here i sit,
trying to make
the best of it

Friday, July 20, 2012


bad night.
alarm goes off.
rushing around
no time to cough.
make the coffee,
drink it fast,
gobble breakfast.
the bus just passed.
hurry hurry,
another day.
work really sucks,
you want to play.
minutes forgotten,
eyes on the goal.
then closed forever,
by a bullet hole.
rest in peace,
those taken away.
find hope in tomorrow,
those lucky enough
to  stay♥

you try

you try so hard to find your way,
so stuck in fields where
you do not want to play.
the years pass by, lost in
your empty routine,
they flit, unnoticed,
some not even seen.
at last a moment where,
perhaps you can succeed.
this is it, this is now,
you finally hold the deed.
with open eyes, you rise
to the task,
to be acknowledged,
that is all you ask.
but as you sit at the
precipice of your dream,
the reality around,
inside you, screams.
the nasty, the jealous, the crooked,
the sad, the uncaring, the lonely.
the not nice, the bad.


wherever you look,
wherever you go,
inside is where
you need to

Thursday, July 19, 2012

to love, just because, is the greatest reason ☺♥☻


yes time has passed.
life goes on.
but your loss and
its sadness,
we still reflect upon.
to save other dogs
from such a miserable
we love you, sweet lennox
without an expiration

one day she awoke

one day she awoke,
and there was peace.
all hate was gone,
a grateful sigh
of relief.
then sadly she shook,
it was not as it seemed.
she opened her eyes,
all that goodness,
a dream.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


rain on our windows.
pitter patter.
thoughts in torrents,
about to scatter

there are

there are things thrown our way,
for which we have neither
choice, nor say.
but how we handle
and choose to deal,
helps us to cope
and keep things


in the infinite of yes,
the door closing of no,
which direction
will you choose
to go

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a message sent

soft colors and gentle words,
a message expressed.
not yelled,
but still heard



dolphins mourn
dolphins grieve,
they do not regard
us with scorn,
although we deceive.


to those once with us,
who no longer remain,
we feel your loss,
and it causes pain.
but we know you are
in a place of peace,
with others, just like you,
whose troubles have ceased.
your tenure on earth
with us never enough,
yes we go on,
but at times it is rough.


primates   the face of vivisection
our trip is long,
and filled with
we did nothing
why this detention.
and when we arrive
in your foreign land,
we are subjected to
torments, we
do not understand.
your species, human
is supposed to be
but if you were,
in this cruelty
you would never
take part

Monday, July 16, 2012

i am not defined

i am not defined
by the whos and the wheres.
the does or does not,
or who sit in a pair.
i am not defined by the eyes
through which you see.
i am defined by my heart,
that which is me

we are manatees

we are manatees,
mother and child.
of soft appearance,
and demeanor, mild.
we graze for food,
we do not disturb,
but by boats and
we are more than
these waters are ours,
but we will eagerly share.
please respect our lives,
and show us you care☺♥☻

the laws

the laws of decency,
the laws of man,
sadly, the former
are thrown in the
garbage can.
to stand up for
to end pain
and sorrow.
is our birthright
and obligation,
if we want a
better tomorrow


monday chuckles
with sardonic glee,
watching all of us
in our chaos and

Sunday, July 15, 2012

all tides

all tides we weather,
when we are


a truly kind heart is never a safe harbor for hatred

Saturday, July 14, 2012


another is a luxury,
for this there is never
a guarantee☺♥☻

Friday, July 13, 2012

a fleeting

a fleeting thought
that tomorrow
might be the day,
that all the world's
will go away♥

the world likes to travel around the sun

the world likes to travel around the sun.
then warmth and light can get to everyone☺♥☻


the most horrific genocides are borne of the narrow mindthink of BSL.  it is both evil and ignorant to lump one group of anything under an ugly umbrella.
this has caused death, heartache and tragedies throughout history.
in lennox' name and in honor of all animals, and humans, who have been decimated by this manmade misery, we stand up and we say NO MORE!!!

this may seem

this may seem
like a silly verse,
but it is easier
to do better,
that it is to
do worse


i dream of a home
with shoes to chew,
humans to love me,
someone to run to.
i dream that one day
no dogs are abused,
... abandoned in shelters,
alone and confused.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

lennox baby fat paws

baby fat paws,
innocent and sweet,
in your honor,
we will never
accept defeat

i am just a little puppy

i am just a little puppy, and i want to play,
but some big, scary people have taken
me away,
from my family, my toys, my food
and my bed.
is it something i did, why are they
hitting my head.
they are putting a collar of metal
on me,
locking me in this cage with
no company.
they are calling me words,
like monster and such,
i am just a little puppy,
and i want love,
so much.


stereotyping, what is it.
an expedient way to
spread ugly bullsh*t.
to categorize one group
and say that this is
them all,
is ignorance, profound
and at the "heart" of it all.
to allow such vile, destructive
will only put death and horror
on all our plates,
as history has shown
over and over again,
time to rise above such
if not now, then when????


if you dig yourself into a hole dark and deep, digging deeper will not help, only make the decline, ever more steep

for lennox

you had a life, filled with
love and friends,
human ignorance brought
your joy to an end.
and this ignorance refused
to let it go,
even when its deceptions
began to show.
but you held on, the world
sat in sorrow.
hoping that there were
more days, they could
as tears envelop a
planet, crying.
in your honor we
will fight,
we will never
stop trying

rest in peace,
with the angels,
knowing that on
this earth you
are forever
surrounded by love

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

to music

to music we run,
to heal the pain.
to music we run,
to relive it again.
to music we run
when we need to hide.
to music we run
when it is not safe
to music we run,
to share our emotions,
to music we run
to bathe in its
sweet potions.
to music,
when hope
seems to want out
of the room,
to music to handle
the doom and the
to music the gift
that wraps up
all things living,
from music we
learn that love is
for giving♥

Monday, July 9, 2012

there has been

there has been so much
foisted upon my head,
so many times,
i have lived in dread.
so decided to try
strong and confident,
perhaps then sleep
will greet me,
in my bed


what is fair,
what is just,
what is boom,
what is bust.
lennox and his
neither fair
nor nice,
has brought
a troubled world
without thinking twice.
yes we all know
that the scales
forever tip
to one side.
but that does not mean
we have to let it slide.
we have taken a stand,
chosen to live humane,
in the larger picture,
anything else
is inane


the little creatures decided it was
time to sleep,
wrapped in slumbers, gentle
and deep,
tuneful music, soft
of sounds,
dreams in colors,
love astounds☺♥☻

the story of lennox

the story of lennox is about a little girl, her companion and protector, a dog; her loving family, a world of support..all up against a system that has blatantly failed.

it has failed because it has let fear, pride, ignorance and abject cruelty, take over where kindness should step in.

lives all too often depend upon the workings of broken bureaucracies, and lives end.

but even the most fractured of systems are made of people. people, who, if they opened their eager hearts, would rise above petty nonsense and reach their highest selves.

let us pray together as a planet, for this lovely little girl, her family, and this wonderful, innocent dog♥

if faith could change the world, this would be a wonderful start.
please belfast somebody, please find your heart.
this is not just one life,
this could have happened to you.
for lennox, the world, a miracle
is long overdue♥

a quiet

a quiet demeanor,
a gentle word.
with such grace,
one can be heard☺♥☻

Sunday, July 8, 2012

and when

and when that first step,
you decide to take.
hope it is the best
that you can make☺♥☻

Saturday, July 7, 2012

the world, a dog, and hearts, united

a dog, his family and a planet unite.
praying that somehow, lennox
will be alright.
that belfast will decide
that this sweet dog deserves
to live,
and in that kind spirit,
the beauty of "give"☺♥☻

half past hope,
with a dose of prayer,
for lennox and his family
hope to see you

when people unite

when people unite.
for a common goal,
together they stand.
in heart and soul☺♥☻.

Friday, July 6, 2012

every day

every day, as i awake,
i wonder how much more
i can take.
but then i remember,
how blessed be i,
that i can work hard to save.
i have the means to try.
so when self pity
decides to drive,
... i send that nasty
insect out of the

of rumor

the rumor, straight malice,
says alice in her palace.
of envy, most born.
so corrosive,
self scorn.

i am

I am but one small human, on an ever morphing landscape. I have seen so much and yet so little. So many technological advances, extraordinary in nature, and so much cruelty, a partnership born from the most evil of places. I know I am of no consequence in the larger order, but the larger order is of great consequence to me.


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