Monday, May 31, 2010

we bow

we bow our heads
to those we have lost
in past, present and
future wars
the human cost

my most recent published poem 5/31

Sunday, May 30, 2010


romantic love is a gem
that needs to be forever polished
or it will lose its luster.
a work in progress,
without the bluster.
the more it is refined,
the more it shines.
and in every glow.
the feelings deepen and grow♥

Saturday, May 29, 2010

RIP easy rider

dennis hopper lived his life
by his own rules
did not take any crap
nor tolerate fools
he will be remembered
for his iconic grace
another one gone,
we can never replace

To view, visit

many people admired the man, and a few even liked my poem

Friday, May 28, 2010


passion gives breath
passion is life
passion is waking
and stretching ones arms
passion is sensation
passion is loss
passion is victory
passion is tossed
passion is what separates
the alive from the dead
passion is what keeps me
so far from my dread


please all of you who think it is okay
to cause pain to others hear what i say
you have feelings, others do too
you would not want them
to cause hurt to you.
try to focus on the life in your hands
it is not here to meet you demands
try to remember that you once had dreams
and i hope they were not to hear others scream
i implore as time surely flies
kindness rules, please give it a try

Thursday, May 27, 2010

memorial be published on that hallowed day in babyboomerknowledgecenter...please read

On memorial day we honor those who have served
The army, the marines, the navy , the reserves
We honor those who fought so that we could be free
To enjoy our careers, our friends, our families
We honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice
So we would not pay the worst possible price
To be enslaved, our freedoms torn
Into a lifeless world our children would be born.
This is not about being in favor of war
We all hate the bloodshed, the pain, the gore
This is about people who did what had to be done
Here is hoping that one day,
Wars will be none

do not let anyone devalue you

do not ever let anyone devalue you
you can do whatever you put your mind to
say goodbye to the ego slayers
let their negativity rest
and rejoice with
the up players
who wish you the best

as a child

as a child my eyes were open wide
taking in everything i saw outside
as i grew i learned in and out of school
that life is short and people are cruel
each day those sad truthes are reinforced
as i watch our species on its downward course

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

to be

to accept another as they are meant to be
is the true meaning of prodigy
to find a place to stand out and shine
even if it was not what someone else
had in mind
to bask and glow in the goodness one
can possess
to forget the no, and learn the yes
one's truth path takes time to discover
and when one does, there is no other

Monday, May 24, 2010

dear world

maybe you like me maybe you don't
maybe one day you will
maybe one day you won't
i dance to a song of
my own creation
it is hard to get along
but i am used to that sensation
my world is run on simplicity
i am nice to you if you are nice to me

Friday, May 21, 2010

should i

if we walk together, can we maybe hold hands,
it is quiet around here, do you have anything planned?
i wonder if i like the same things as you,
i wonder if you want someone loving,
or is it games that you do.
too many questions, in this little dance,
will i like the answers? should i take the chance

Thursday, May 20, 2010

dejas, voux?

things that happen, maybe once or twice
now looking back, they seem so nice
little moments. lost in regret
but that is okay
we do not forget

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


forest is dark, there is no more light,
where are my feet. will i be alright?
the underbrush will not let me go,
i am being dragged under, so far below.
i reach up grabbing for whatever there be,
and there you stand, will you set me free?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


please be kind, if you can.
please try to be the good in man.
do not abandon one that is old,
time is precious, more than gold.
do not shy away if not perfect in look,
the heart is is pure, it is a holy book.
be to others the way you want want to receive,
have hope and faith, and always believe ♥

Monday, May 17, 2010

pas de jour

one foot, then another,
one step, then i hover.
looking around, for caution's sake
do not want to drown
in my own mistake
our planet is a living entity. it teems with life, at its core, under its blue oceans, atop its icy mountains, on its multifaceted surface. it is a vibrant blessing...a garden of enormous beauty, contrasts, the creator's masterpiece.

we must get it back!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

the firefly

the magic of the firefly,
a delight to the senses,
a trick to the eye.
suspended gently
in its flight,
as reverentially,
it lights up the night,
like a forest of stars,
caressing the earth,
it has travelled so far,
and brings so much mirth.


a special prayer for those
mowed down by this world,
for the victims of cruelty,
for those who stand their ground,
flags unfurled.
a prayer for the old,
for the sick, for the alone,
those who sit and watch
their silent telephone.
a prayer for those oppressed,
who cannot speak,
a prayer for all the rest,
the mistreated, and the weak

i feel

i am empty, i am wasted
too much sadness i have tasted
it does not pay to b*tch and moan
in the end we are all alone

Saturday, May 15, 2010

there was a flower

there was a gentle flower, of pigment bland,
just waiting to be chosen by someone's hand.
but all walked by as she did not shine,
through her petals, a lonely whine.
but soft were those petals, though of colors deplete,
and underneath the nettles, an aroma so sweet ♥

Friday, May 14, 2010

a spectre

you play both sides, where there is no middle
you make a lot of noise, but the content
a piddle.
you laugh at other people, fast and faster
you worship at your own steeple
of the puppet master
but there are those of us
who have a spine
you can hurl all your mess
but i am not supine

i want to float

i want to float where there are no more games,
no more hurt, noone who blames,
i want to float in a land of reason,
sense and logic, all four seasons,
i want to float, so i do not frown,
as others gloat, i start to drown

Thursday, May 13, 2010


i have never found paradise
but the thought of it
is very nice.
i have found some peace
and tranquility
after decades of trauma
that sure works for me
an eden of my own
i would like to find
but perhaps i am lagging way
too far behind.
my illness will not
stand to block my road
i am learning to live
and that has eased my load

ned the elephant, who had to wait until the end of his life, to have a life

ned your life on earth a gift misused
years of neglect, years of abuse
at the end of your life you finally knew care
friends at your side, food always there
you will not be forgotten, as i sit here and cry
asking why some humans are so rotten
and you had to die?
but peace and comfort you found
a place in heaven, to fast
but in our hearts you are with us
forever, steadfast

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the beauty

the beauty of truth
the beauty of earth
the creator is infinite wisdom
from which we feel mirth
to worship and cherish
so noone lives shall perish ♥

feliz cumpleanos

You don’t care for me now
You never did
Who do you think
You are trying to kid?
To you everything is no more
Than a game
Just taking prisoners
But you never change
Do you think about
The day I was born
Or have you just moved on
A lost devil’s spawn


i am tired, i am torn
feel so far from being born
i am weary and wired
so much life has transpired

Monday, May 10, 2010


It is so important to have faith
Without it life is a wraith
Doors will close ahead of you
And you will not know
What to do
Believe in good
Believe in your craft
Faith is out there
Fore and aft.
Believe in the creator
And breathing air
Take that step forward
If you dare

mal de mer

i know what i see,
though sometimes
it is twisting,
but it is hard to see straight
when the boat is listing

Sunday, May 9, 2010

to end?

should i look upon what i see,
as that which is in front of me?
or should i look a little deep,
and open up what wants to sleep?

karen no man's land

I have no hearth, no steady hand
My name is karen no man’s land
I have no place to call my own
Just A house that is built on arid loam
I walk the world, intoxicated
All alone, and isolated
Looking for a place to run
But finding that there isn’t one
Not even sand will accommodate
No place to rest my
Weary pate

what is a mother?

a mother is someone who nurtures and cares
whenever needed, she is always there
a mother is someone who has a kind word to say
especially after a long, trying day.
a mother is someone who will protect
wind rain and elements, she will deflect
a mother swims in the ocean, soars in the sky
walks or crawls on our planet
her young always in her eyes
a mother is wild, a mother is tame
a mother was once a child
at times, she has no name.
but she is a mother
a life she has treasured
there is no scale on this planet
by which this gem can be measured

Friday, May 7, 2010

for you

you came into my life, i had no time for preparing.
i never knew that there could be so much love and caring.
you quietly walked me through it, apprehensions and all,
even when i tried to undo it, you still stood tall.
you never wavered, nor had any doubts,
as i had to labor, to let my trust out.
thank you for loving me in the way that you do,
i am becoming who i am, and it is because of you

marriage vows in the 21st century narcissist era

promise on time, to you tweet

friend you on facebook

keep my laptop neat

i promise not to

break the prenup

even if we divorce

right after

the wedding sup

i promise to honor

and obey

all your selfish needs

even if they get in my way

if you promise all the

same to me back

from my attorney

you won't get

too much flack


i promise to tolerate

even when you come home late

i promise one way or the other

not to want to slap your mother

i promise if your underwear

is on the floor

i will not throw

it out the door

but all of this will be


if there is any

extramarital text

Thursday, May 6, 2010

how can i

how can i make you understand,
that everything is out of hand?
how can i possibly make you see,
just how all this is affecting me,
how can i make you look outside of your world,
when your ego is never unfurled?

lady bug

lady bug, so precious and light,
please be careful in your flight.
there are creatures out there
bigger than you,
who knows what bad things
they will do.
land softly, land smart
little spotted friend
with heart ♥

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

show me the way

show me the way
unto the light
the world is dark
and i am filled with fright

my shameless take on lewis carroll's jaberwocky


twas drilling and the slimy oils
did writhe and wriggle in the waves
the coastline and its creatures there
innocent victims of this scenario grave
beware the oil rig, my son
the pump that grinds, the rotors that catch
it breaks, it leaks, it often freaks
and all end up swimming in an oily patch


she walked the land of rocks and ice,
snowbound lakes, that glisten and entice.
she moved very quickly, she did not want to falter,
or she would end up in the grip
of harsh winter's cruel halter.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

drill baby NOT

world you have drilled this earth into a hole,
fossil fuels from oil to coal.
and who precisely will dredge up the muck,
the pestilence in which innocent life is stuck


the creator looked over his paradise,
from tropical forests, to fields of ice.
he studied the oceans, the deserts so dry,
the natural fountains, the mountains up high.
he looked at the profusion of creatures small and grand,
then gave them sweet sunshine, to light up the land.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

the earth

the earth was stolen from its source
slowly pulled down, by human force
the creator watched with sullen scowl
waiting for his wolves to howl
the silence that greeted him
stirred his wrath
this is not the way for man
this is not his path.


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