Saturday, June 30, 2012

ab senthe

drown myself in a pool of green.
there is no tomorrow,
that i can see


we swim the seas
our belugaland.
we raise our families
we make our stand,
... our icy world,
is paradise.
people leave us
that would
be nice.
we just want to
hunt and play,
to live our lives
the belugaway
we are not cute
we are living whales,
so when you are in
the arctic,
just say hello
then set sail

b u

be you.
be proud.
rise above
the crowd.
and as you soar
laugh and shout
out loud☺♥☻


find the innocent child in yourself.
that is your greatest wealth☺♥☻

and then one day

and one day the aliens from outerspace.
came down to earth and looted the place.
seeing man, they were all too blunt,
"an inferior species, only suitable to.
keep captive or hunt".
and that is how it came to pass,
man only knew how bad it felt,
when he was "bitten on his own ass".

Friday, June 29, 2012

the tree trunk

i am gnarled and twisted.
but stand i do.
i hold up those
who lives i
hold on to☺♥☻

photo courtesy of my trusty blackberry

Thursday, June 28, 2012

the little creatures

the little creatures
tuck in their heads,
the moon has risen,
it is time for bed♥


we do not want what is yours,
we want what is meant to
be shared.
land belongs only to the earth,
... and there is enough out there.
stop destroying our families,
just let us be,
that is all we ask
of your human societies.

the link to my ebook☺♥☻

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

we r

we are,
but moments,
others devoid
of depth.
but we are still


some people really matter,
the rest of us,
just need to be flattered.

we are

we are the brotherhood of wolves and man,
we do what we do, the best we can.
we survive, we eat, we live,
we mate, we die, we learn to forgive.
we want a place upon this
spinning orb.
is this too much for
manunkind to

what i do

what i do is not the folly of
an older woman, retired.
it is not of regrets
about things long transpired,
it is about hope,
about change
about living.
about saving our world
and our earth mother,

in kindness

i walked a step to
the kindness way,
this is the path,
on which i choose
to stay.
but if you are cruel
to me,
or to those in my heart.
you will meet the
not so kind part.
so do not provoke,
engage or attack,
because i am kind
does not mean
i do not

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


what is
what was
what can be
for our troubled
too much company

Monday, June 25, 2012


Done perhaps, time does elapse. Some things stand tall, Others collapse

animal abuse...we are aware

animal abuse awareness week
6/24 through6/30
just painted today
in a crowd of one million,
there are one million
... "ones",
as each one steps up
positive change
has begun

for the event:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

She tried

She tried to Wish it away, To make it seem, That it was Something else, But it was just A dream


shift your focus
to a gentle gaze.
look around,
you will be amazed☺♥☻

all photos courtesy of my trusty blackberry

we lived

we roamed the earth. we lived and hunted with our brothers. we learned the way of the wolf, the bright of the sun, the light of the moon. we respected the seasons. we lived with the cycles of earth, in the arms of nature, and nature warmly received us.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

worlds, undiscovered

worlds undiscovered, while with my camera, I hover.

 photo courtesy of my trusty blackberry

Friday, June 22, 2012

the night

the night descends, in shades of purple and grey,
time to send far away, whatever were
the woes of the day☺♥☻

mosaic minds

mosaic minds,
in tile and pieces.
put together,
in folds and creases.

will grow

let your heart take the lead,
with your brain in tow.
a well planted seed,
into a life
will grow♥

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

if there

if there are hearts left in this world. watch,learn, care. crawl outside your own skins into the embrace of the earth mother.  let your heart feel what she does,pride in her creations, and a devout appreciation for the worth of all beings.  as all encompassing as this notion is, ultimately, it is liberating. to love on a grand scale is to fill your soul♥


the coldest ice,
the warmest seas,
without them all,
there will not be.

the flower and the snail

the flower and the snail lived together happily,
as spring and summer are the seasons that they can be♥
photo courtesy of my trusty blackberry

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


moonhorse travels with
the moon and sun,
playful until the
day is done.
then moonhorse rests,
in cushions of purple
... and blue.
in sweetest slumbers
until the day
is new☺♥☻


each minute, each second, is a life to unfold.
forever young, yet with the wisdom of the old☺♥☻


first you take the rules,
then you shake the rules,
then you break the rule
then you make the rules!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

we have

at times we all get overwhelmed and upset,
"the world is the same, it has not changed yet"
but change takes time, it has ups and downs.
so we keep on going, we stick around.
we do what we can, while we can still do.
and yes, in small steps, we are getting
our message through.
so never give up, NO does not exist.
hope, faith and belief...
the top of our list☺♥☻

Sunday, June 17, 2012


laughter rocks the soul,
to the rafters.
it feels so good,
the before, the during
and the after☺♥☻


i love to greet the world each day
in my happy pteribird way.
i sing, i cluck, i prance
with glee,
as i get good food
and good company☺♥☻

Saturday, June 16, 2012

question dancer

did you ever feel as
if you were a
question dancer,
curious as all hell
but afraid to hear
the answer.
did you ever do
the one two step
to avoid,
any answers or questions
that might get you
and when in that corner
you found yourself trapped,
after all that footwork
did you give a crap


fossil fuel, our world's
but it is himself that man
is screwing.
waging wars with himself
and the world upon
which he dwells,
turning precious natural
into manmade hells.
fighting, killing,
worse than crystal meth,
man has turned this
oozing substance
into the black death.

a thimble full

a thimbleful of love
what does that weigh,
and where does it go
when it goes away.
a thimble full of trust,
so hard to earn.
and too easy to lose,
when love is spurned.
a thimble full of hope,
circled round our hearts.
where will we be,
if that inner glow departs.
a thimble full may seem quite
but it is infinite
as one cannot measure
what is contained,
in it.

free dome

Freedom to be,
Freedom to choose,
That which you see,
And by what you are moved♥

Friday, June 15, 2012

in a crowd

in a crowd of one million,
there are one million
as each one steps up
positive change
has begun

in the hidden

the hidden worlds of a flower,
in its complexities live
simple beauty and power.

photo courtesy of my trusty blackberry

today is elder abuse awareness day

i am 18, life is fun.
i sure hope i will
always be young.
now i am 22,
being an adult,
so much to do.
now i am thirty or so
where did my carefree
teen years go?
now i am 45,
... a little slower,
but glad to be alive
now i am 60,
so fifty seems so
time went too fast,
what did i do with it?
now i am 80,
no excuse,
people ignore me
or worse,
there is abuse


there is,

Thursday, June 14, 2012


i do not what you have been drinking,
but i will not go along with your
magical thinking.
i am not here to analzye 
everything that i
have heard,
whatever you say, i will
take you at your word.
if you say left but you really
mean right,
right you get,
and this is not
out of spite.
no time for games,
games are the
province of fools.
just be direct and
those are my rules

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a friend

a friend is someone
who really cares,
who keeps a secret,
but her heart,
she shares♥

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

for lennox

in lennox' honor
we come together,
we will work for peace,
and committed we will
to ensure that no
other family,
ever has to endure
this tragedy.
no hate, no anger
just stronger resolve
until all BSL laws
are finally dissolved.
namaste, peace
and bliss,
lennox and your family,
a worldwide kiss♥

once upon a time,
there was a little girl,
lennox, her dog,
was her world.
then one day,
her world was seized,
by laws injust and.
morally diseased.
as her family agonized,
this little girl and her.
dog, were traumatized.
time slowly passed,
and sadly it flew,
a verdict unjust.
left a planet.
crying and blue.
so those of you,
who have the power.
to heal.
save this dog.
kindness is the only.
thing real☻.

time defined

time defined, by how it is spent.
words half spoken, some in haste,
never meant.
actions taken, that cannot be undone,
worlds, lives left shaken,
yearning for fun.
moments so rare, and those that
time makes the rules,
and its laws, bittersweet.

Monday, June 11, 2012

too, night

tonight i want to
think the best,
have hope and
and get

Sunday, June 10, 2012

dear young me, and all young me's out there

dear young me, and all young me's out there:
whether your life
is short or long,
find a way,
you need to be strong.
it is not enough to dream,
you need  to hold onto your
self esteem.
if you let anybody take
that away,
you will live to regret
their cruelty
one day.
believe in you
and what you do.
no matter what
you will get through☺♥☻

to be closed minded is to freefall into the void

Saturday, June 9, 2012

u b u i b i

you be you,
i be i,
we cannot be
anyone else,
why bother
to try☺♥☻


lost, she wandered aimlessly,
between what is and what was,
and what perhaps will be

we live

we live, we wonder,
we pause, we blunder.
we make decisions,
we wait,
we are at the
starting gate.

Friday, June 8, 2012


She stumbled, She tumbled, Under her breath, She mumbled.

happy oceans day

happy oceans are
a living thing.
a happy planet is,
when our
waters sing.
when aquatic creatures
live and thrive,
our entire world,
just comes alive.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

i do not

you do not know,
you do not try,
you do not care.
i do not


we live in an eden,
god built for mankind,
this garden we have
its beauty, in
history, behind.
how do we restore,
how do we save,
when the path
to darkness
on our planet,
our own species,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


some things astound
some things amaze,
when life is around,
i sit in a blissful

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

we see

we see the world,
by freedom, blessed.
but others, sadly,
by hatred, caressed.
they cannot escape
their hearts pound
so strong,
they wait and wait,
yet something is wrong,
they keep on hoping,
but with constraints,
those of us, in ennui,
moping, we are not,
we ain't.
we cannot conceive
of their history,
their ancient cries,
their mystery

so gently

so gently beats the heart that yearns in sad silence, begging to be heard♥

Monday, June 4, 2012

a repost that had to be said♥

if your heart speaks loudly,

obey the sounds,

follow the path,

do not turn around.

believe in your being,

trust in your sense,

the heart is all seeing,

love needs no defense.

i know

i know how it is to feel alone,
to sit alongside a never ringing phone,
i know how it is to cry out loud,
and never be heard by the maddening crowd.
perhaps that is why i stand up for the lost,
the lonely, the unwanted, the sadly
what else can i say, what else can i do,
except help others find a way
to get through

as the day

as the day settles,
the sun seeks her rest,
the moon, in fine fettle,
will soon build her nest♥

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

the little creatures

the little creatures stretched and yawned,
closing their eyes until the gift of dawn☺♥☻

how can

how can anyone make
another being bleed,
and not recognize
the evil
of their deed


why are we here,
i often ask,
why does life take
us to task.
however, wherever
whatever the reason,
compassion is our path,
and cruelty is never
in season!!!


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