Saturday, March 30, 2024

Earth hour 2024 is tonight between 830-930 pm(celebrated also on March 23rd)

 Our swirling orb floats in space 

This planet is our home 

A beautiful place 

So much in need of our respect and care 

So turn off you lights and tech 

For one hour, everywhere 

This may seem small but large it be 

When any healing positive step 

Is walked in harmony 


Not enmity 

Not as  a collection of “Is”

But a world of we



Friday, March 29, 2024

Gone are the summer dreams

 Gone are the summer dreams 


Cool, rippling streams 

Teenage love 

So real it seemed 

Now gone are  the summer dreams

Awash with tears and years gone past 

Who thought then that it would not last

That the little girl yearning to grow 

Would perhaps regret

What she now knows 

The snows do fall on the lake

The grass no longer sings 

But that little girl 

Still believes in all of those things 

Believe in you

 Believe in you 

Who you are 

What you do 


In the beauty 

That is you

Nobody else can 

Ever be you

You are a superpower

Through and through 

Happy Easter

 ❤️have a most blessed and beautiful day Easter from our most magical magic Mikey here on earth with us and our beautiful pteribird in heaven❤️. And of course we the humble human staff of our feathered overlord


Thursday, March 28, 2024

Wear a hat day

 ❤️🌹🌸👑happy wear a hat day 2024 and happy every day👑🌸🌹❤️

Mommy and daddy think a hero I am 

I struggle but I strong 

I love life I love living 

Cause I da boss 

Of course 

I wears many hats

As most of us do 

The hat that is caring 

Is the bestest hat, too 

To my humans I am a flower


Love is the only real power 

You know me…Magicmikeycuteasaurus🦖

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 😀

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary 

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree


Each day in a itself a little life time

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

March 27th is manatee appreciation day

 We are manatees,

Mother and child.

Of soft appearance,

And demeanor, mild

We graze for food

We do not disturb,

But by boats and humans,

We are more than perturbed.

These waters are ours

But we will eagerly share.

Please respect our lives

And show us you care!

Thank you



 to those once with us,

who no longer remain,

we feel your loss,

and it causes pain.

but we know you are

in a place of peace,

with others, just like you,

whose troubles have ceased.

your tenure on earth

with us never enough,

yes we go on,

but at times it is rough.

Happy live long and prosper day

 ❤️🪶💚🦜🖖🏼happy tooz and live long and prosper day(which is march 26th)🖖🏼🦜💚🪶❤️to all of youze 

March 26 April is near 

Rumors of real spring weather 

So good to hear 

Have a most groovy 

And logical day 

24 hours of living 

And spocking out


I Magic Mikey 

Say humans cannot do it 

No way 

So we feathered overlords 

Stop them from going astray 

Beam me up Scotty 

Oh never mind 

I could never leave 

My humans behind😄🚀

(Yikes dis poem is more like a tome📖)

You know me…Magicmikeycuteasaurus🦖

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 😀

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary 

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree

Monday, March 25, 2024

I am hugejean

 I am hugejean

 Do you know me 

I am hugejean 

Large in girth 

Neck of purple and green

I have lived through much

And much I have seen 

Don’t know what is ahead

Just where I have been 


The coolest


Sunday, March 24, 2024

Love is


National introverts week March 18th to March 24th

 Sometimes we are shy 

You and I 

Afraid to come out

We want to fly

But we try 

Slowly gently as you draw near 

Yes we are shy 

And so glad you are here

Today is everything

 ❤️have a sweet Sunday beautiful friends🌞

Our little hero living his life to the fullest with his Papabeaky❤️💚🪶🦜🙏each day is a precious lifetime to be savored and treasured. Today is everything!   

Beakspeak a la 🤴🏻 king:  what’s mine is mine what’s yours is mine and that is fiiiiine😎

Saturday, March 23, 2024

World bear day

 i am the spirit of the bear and i am in such prolonged, deep pain

some humans out there think we bears are here for hunting or to entertain

to dance in the circus to be baited and tormented 

or our parts used for medicine by those humans, demented

 we belong to the forests, 

to the mountains, the ice, the streams 

this is supposed to be our reality

Not just in our dreams 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

 ❤️happy kinda sorta feels like spring

Calendar says yes 

Weather says no such thing🥶😁❤️

Little dove and junco

 Sitting pretty little dove on the ground 

Really likes to look around 
Basking in the early spring sun
Feathers fluffy
That’s how it’s done
A l junco comes to say hello
Just for a moment 
Then off he goes 

March 21st is world poetry day

 It is about time

March 21 is world poetry day 

 It is about time

The humble rhyme 

ABAB sonnets 

Freeform or haiku

There is always a style 

That can work for you


From the seas to the skies above 

The greatest poem of all 

Is ❤️ love 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

March 21st is world budgie day

 for the littles and those that love them

Monday, March 18, 2024


 For the soul a most soothing poultice 

March 19th the spring solstice 

A most welcome and welcoming 

Equinox vernal 

Imagine if spring were eternal 

But I suppose the season changes 

Help us to appreciate 

Everything about the natural world 

That is so great 

In our quiet

 In our quiet 

We have much to say 

All you need to do 

Is look our way 

Our colors soft 

The way is clear 

We are opening the door 

For spring,

So near


Sunday, March 17, 2024

Happy saint Patrick’s day

 ❤️🪶☘️💚🦜have a most glorious last Sunday of winter  day🌞

Spring is happily on its way 

The warmth of love 

For those gone and 

Those still here 

Is for all seasons 

Far and near 

Happy saint Patrick’s from our sweet pteribird in heaven and our most magical magic Mikey here on earth with us🦜💚☘️🪶❤️


The simplest of

 The simplest of pleasures 

Are the most profound 

The little joys life offers

Are all around 


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