Tuesday, March 31, 2009

no te turbas

Do not worry about whatever past life he occasionally lives in.
You have your own dark corner he can never visit.

Monday, March 30, 2009


i will close my eyes and count to ten
when i open them
will the world be better then?


did man think he would get a pardon
for desecrating earth, our garden
the animals. trees the grassf
or killing this
does he want a pass
for every living thingfacing extinction
does man want a medal of distinction
we are here to enjoy and live
grant the same to all othersand give
not take this gift and smash
throw the rest into the trash
it is time not to save and grow
before there is nothing left to show

Saturday, March 28, 2009

they made it, alright

it was so cold around him
and so very dark
he needed something to warm him
besides his own spark
he followed a small
flickering dancing sight
soon others walked with him
all towards the same light
he looked all around him
he knew he could see
something that astounded
a we not just a he
a moving forward wall
not stopping at all

Thursday, March 26, 2009

tout ca change otra vez

but, in reality, our vision changes
from the outside in
as we get clouded by our internal din
we live we watch,
we read the news
most of it a blotch
we avoid the blues

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


one morning was sunny
no animals slaughtered
no parents abused
their sons or their daughters... then i woke up

Monday, March 23, 2009

the destroyer

she yanked she tugged at her childrens strings
saying do it my way or you can not do a thing
now her children quake in their middle age
dragged down by sadness or filled up with rage
while she has not learned a lesson from this
always a condition before bestowing a kiss
she never did what is in her delegation
disappointment her only sensation
carrying grudges until they broke her back
giving occasional nudges that slipped through a crack
ignoring with malice each childs special gift
while living in her palace, digging deeper this rift


she went through life like an errant pinball, banging against the sides, without any cushions

Saturday, March 21, 2009

the invisible turtle

the invisible turtle hid inside his shell
the place where he lived but
did not know well
out of touch, isolated
his world apart
was it why or because
he had lost his heart?

Friday, March 20, 2009

the merry go round of cruelty

Today at 3:03pm

here i sit, another friday afternoon. the sun is shining. people are busy with their lives, milling about, goal or no goal...doing. moving. trying to stay on the merry go round that is all to easy to be spun off of.

i read posts, petitions, emails...all the same...governments knowingly ignoring the cruelties exercised by their milling about, growing populace. some members of that populace practicing cruelty, as sport? because they can? until they get it right? all in a days work or play, little or no thoughts directed toward the helpless, voiceless victims. part of the orbit that is their daily lives.

all the while, the merry go round turns ever faster, the defenseless, the lost, thrown off as callous heads turn so as not to see. do they think if they do not see it, it is not there?

the endless stream of pain goes on, different nations, animals, style of cruelty...but on it goes, as if it were an integral part of that merry go round.

we try, we will continue to try. one life saved is a victory for all.


lost in the stream
while caressing her dream
not a sound did she make
not a chance did she take
all faces diverted
from pain
always alerted
never ventured out
though she wanted to shout
there's more to being over 50
than "boom" and gloom
but it sure would be nifty
if my jeans had more room
saddle bags taking over the ranch
deep facial crags
at the mirror i blanch
while all the time
running round my head
a little girl wailing
"it's too early for bed"
she knew life would be harder
without her buffer
but did not think
this much she would suffer
she did not expect so many
clouds to roll in
afraid of losing her voice
from the inner din

Thursday, March 19, 2009

she sat in her emotional corner, turning her inner head from side to side. swaddled in stress, she strained to get back in touch with what was being suffocated. she was keenly aware of what was around her, sometimes in that hypervigilant state that can lead to an unhealthy loss of perspective.

she was in distress, no longer landing on that soft pillow provided by medication. inner pigments blinded her.
an emotional blight
i need to write
as long as i express
i will be alright

aging gratefully

What does it mean to age gracefully
Stand on my tiptoes
While I sag endlessly?
Smile as my neck makes a
Bee line for the ground
Picking it up, when there’s
No one around?
Wondering where my once pouting lips went
And all the money on lipstick I spent?
Seeing my waistline spread like oleo
Oh hourglass shape where the#@#$ did you go?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

one night as i slept

one night as i slept
everything changed
all the world's values
had been rearranged
people decided not to
to learn from what
is different
instead of to hate
to look at each other
with wide open eyes
to go past the surface
to see what's inside
to care what the other
person is feeling
not leave them in pain
and emotional reeling
all living things received
love and respect
man finally learned to give
what he wanted to get

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

have you seen me?

have you seen me
i live on your street
cold and lonely
at your feet
have you seen me
i live on your block
lost and shivering
fighting the clock
have you seen me
i crouch at your door
will you feed me
like before
have you seen me
will you take me in
soon before the
rain begins

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


to move on is not necessarily to close the door; to close the door is not necessarily to move on.


the dog sat by the body of his mate
poisoned by something she ate
left there by society cruel
using every available tool
will help come in time
or too late?
before he suffers
the same fate?

Monday, March 9, 2009

i am a wolf

i am a wolf and before you came
i ran safe and free
now all that's changed
my land is gone
my numbers stunted
by so many people
who too much hunted
down my packs
for trophy and sport
or because this was
their way to cavort
this was my land before you came
now things can never be the same

Sunday, March 8, 2009

he watched

he watched her as she wafted around the room
just looking at her relieved his gloom
the curve of her back, the smile on her face
how well that she fit inside his space
he watched her bemused as she quickly darted
thinking back to how "they" started

Thursday, March 5, 2009


some people think "oh they cannot feel"
after all it is only a little seal
those people do not comprehend
a mothers loveuntil the end
if it does not walk on two legs
the ignorant think it is the dregs
how can we stop this senseless killing
that still goes on, this is so chilling

the rock in the sand

for miles it seemed, the sand kept going, safe in the uniformity of its sandness. warmed by the sun, soaked by the sea, it lingered.

there was a little rock amongst all this sand. the rock was uneven in texture and asymetical in shape. this rock felt many tides pass over it, yet remained firmly anchored, though worn down by the persistent waters.

this constant battering shaped the little rock into something that glistened, above the din of the bland shoreline . this rock, that had always yearned to be part of the sand, soon revelled in its oneness.

the closing store

they walked into a store they had been in many times. the merchandise lay fallow, salespeople clustered in hushhush little groups. what would happen to these people?

this great giant was closing. the store, at its inception, a small space under a loud elevated train. at its decimation, a chain reduced to financial rubble.

they felt like vultures, picking over a not yet dead carcass. this feeling stayed with them as they strolled through the various departments, halfheartedly looking for bargains.

unable to focus, unable to buy, saddened by a closing of part of their history, they silently walked out, hand in hand, into the cold.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

weather or not

how well said that you have read
the weathers sad embrace
it is much too cold
i am not bold
icicles hang from my face
what is the rush
snow turns to mush
its nasty gross and grey
but let us sing
soon comes the spring
and chases cold away


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