Monday, March 30, 2020


life throws it at us we throw it back and we emerge victorious 😍☮


πŸ’“the sun finds a way🌞

Saturday, March 28, 2020

when she

when she was happy 
sparkling greens
hues of blues
but purple red

like to be a dove

sometimes she wished that she were a dove
to be seen as a symbol of love
sweetly misunderstood
to be seen as only a force
for good.
not to be misconstrued
or misread
by those who cannot even
understand what is inside
their own heads.

Friday, March 27, 2020

wrap me in

wrap me in a world of love
as strong you stand
and i,
gently wander.

close to home

as empty as this seems
there is a world of dreams
thoughts that stream....


The struggle is real but so is the beauty, of love, that will rise above

Thursday, March 26, 2020

do you do you not

do you do you not see me
asks the little sparrow

a flower

a flower alone
or in a crowd
stands proud
in beauty and

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

little snow and lamplight

little snowfall flowers
guided by the lamplight

Monday, March 23, 2020


whether we social distance with others or alone
the world is still out there
at the tip of our phones
images of beauty
forever resound
so please remember
and feel the love
all around.

bushy parkerspeak

one thing that is very clear
your human world a mess
but faith i have in
the aforementioned
and your world will soon
i guess.
so chin up peeps
no need to fret
though things are bad now
think how much better
they will get.

p.s. when you come back to the park, don't forget the nuts

Friday, March 20, 2020


we are solitaire
floating in the air
is somebody else
out there?


in times such as these, we vacillate between terror, panic and defeat.

however, what better time than this to add healing into the brew.

why cling onto hold ways that have caused pain and suffering. toxicity only breeds more toxicity.

is there someone out there you have hurt? have your old patterns caused estrangement yet you repeat and repeat same with quite a different end in mind.

if the actions you take result in the same, then perhaps your actions are at fault.

is there someone who has hurt you? do you want to repair and move forward...

do you wish to forgive and/or be forgiven

do you TRULY want to fix what is broken?

then STOP!

look fragile our lives are. how in the nanosecond of an instant, our entire realities shift.

there is beauty in the urgency of healing.

so please, heal and be healed

Thursday, March 19, 2020


by waters surface
the peace above
sweet nature renewal
the earth mother's

by walls of fear

by walls of fear
only terror we hear
with soft gentle hues
we will all make it

Monday, March 16, 2020

dazzle shizzazzle

dis what happens when a senior citizen has too much time on her arthritic hands...yep my design and latest venture into fashion misstatements...boidie leggingsπŸ¦œπŸ˜›
this calamity was made from a pantingπŸ˜›that i did

my zazzle store...where sane merchandise really does exist:

just because

just because the world has gone mad
just because we are all a little sad
time to rejoice in the good we have
just because
a reawakening


amidst all the uncertainties and chaos, our beautiful world finds a way🦜😍

Friday, March 13, 2020

wings landing flight

ah to be able to fly
caresssed by clouds
one with the sky

she tried to find

she tried to find the bluest sky
the warm tastes of spring
sweet everything.
when arduous would
grow this task
for the beauty of nature
was all she would
then walk away
not much to

manic panic

in this world in panic mode
please find a space
a comfy place
to take a breath
relax and smile
panic is
not pretty
and is never
in style.

pidgie off the carboard bow

i am the captain
so i dream
in concrete
it seems.

gull and delight

here i sit early in the day
people milling by
will they drop some food
my way?

Monday, March 9, 2020

though by

inside a cubicle
our hearts, entwined
our love is a
not by walls,

this way i look

i am surrounded by walls of concrete
cold and hard on my little feet
noises pound my head
outside, on the street
but this way i choose
to look.
as life is

shy littleflower

shylittle flower looks around
her beauty pointing towards
the ground.
unaware she is of her
gentle grace
and the softness
of her lovely

the epidemiology of ignorance

tumult and turmoil surround us. every day there is more to worry about, fret about and for some, panic about.  there is hatred, inflamed and alive.

have we devolved into a world where it is more important to vote someone off the island than to worry about the spewing volcano?

our heads are bombarded by factoids, contradictory and at times intentionally inflammatory.

we talk of divisiveness and lack of harmony...perhaps that is because harmony has sadly fallen out of favor.  what happened to the peace and love of yesteryear.

is it that people thrive on toxicity?

an unknown force of viral original has entered the building.

wars abound.

crime rates rise.

our planet is dying.

human  bad behaviors abound, increasing in size, scope and timbre, fueled by what we are being told and by those who have something to gain from all this chaos.

is the aforementioned chaos the new order?

do  you, the powers that pee, think we are stupid.

stupid we are not!

perhaps it is you who control the narrative that is lacking in intellectual acumen.

it is time for all to sit back, and simply think. take that proverbial deep breath while we still  can!

Friday, March 6, 2020


love fills
love empties
love warms
love chills
love is every moment
every moment is
a gift to be cherished
a gift to be

memo random

from my heart to the paper
the pencils and brush
some tears were falling
love never dies.
on angel wings,
sweet pteribird flies
as magic mikey
holds on tight.
as days slowly unfold
into the night.


when things are quietly chaotic
when silence speaks
so loud
when moments lost
in a moment, found
find  meaning
where there is

when rhetorical
is more than
but a state of being.

i miss you .

of all

of all the sounds
the one that most shouts
is the song of an hopeful,
loving heart.

Thursday, March 5, 2020


oh how lovely it must be
to be a part of a big,
loving family.
life would be so
much more fun
with others to walk
in unison.

Monday, March 2, 2020

good to be you

no matter what others say or do
you are yourself
and it is good to
be you!


megabiggie senses the spring
he can feel most everything
and in between the hustle
that is pigeon lore
he finds time to enjoy
the world,
once more.

no mas

i wish people would stop drowning in drama and swim to the shores of peace, love and joy!

lossed...for those with dementia and those who love them

the world sits a tad more grey
for those who do not know
that it is, today.
whose lives, dreams and
are washed away
the world sits a
tad more grey.

for loved ones who
them fade away
the world sits
a tad


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