Friday, August 31, 2018

pretty bloombells

pretty bloombells
nesting in the sweetest
of green leaf bedworlds
dreams so lush and inviting

trees and sunset sweet parfait

trees and sunset sweet parfait
our earth mothers palette
more than words can ever

sunset cloudzilla

i am sunset cloudzilla
way way up high
i will gobble up any
as i float by

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

peach gobbler

ah delight
so close within reach
i grabs and steals
my daddy's peach
but mommy says
those peaches were
meant for me...
ha ha papa
teehee teehee

my story:

magic mikey macnoblebird king of macaws, just beclaws, part time tenured picklepuss and sir poopalot, the poet clawreate, snugglebuggle to the nth and zen master of all food bowls and water bowls, including those i poops in and conqueror of old man winter and mommycam and mondays and woodstock nation and climber of all things throne including human shoulders aka mikey littletoes and little green papaya and petunia nose ...petunia???, mommy i a boy..and baby baboonia and fatboy slim and babysbreath birdie lime greenius liittle big beakyboss mr crop mr chop little green baby dragon boy and maestro of the beakybites and dr squawkenstein and dizzy izzabeakyboy and rice cakes dragon and king nosentoesen I, peach blossom parrot,astromikey, magic mikeyverytall and crazylegz magerker, little green crunchkin, punky rooster, magic mikey mango tango. tyrant-saurus rex, photobombadierdear and puffin muffin and monstahboy and bananaboid, mr sillyboy, ittybittypretty lap boid legboid leglapboid, mikey sharknado, little pooteepoots wazzawazzapapinga, mikeyping, puppins, little poochie, pookook, orange blossom boidie, kidneybean, daddy and mommy's little pommy monstah masha magic mikey knight of the order bite-us alrightus mikenado mikemummy peach gobbler 

Monday, August 27, 2018

i am

I am beautiful
I am strong
I have been on
This earth for so long
I have seen the beginning
I have seen the end
I have lived in this garden
No one wants to tend

little hidden lavender percussionist

little hidden lavender percussionist
wondered exactly what she missed
as she drummed inside the heart
of  this flower.
bathing in sweet nectar
hour after hour.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

vaquita smiles

vaquita smiles
sweet whimsy
that only they know
less than 20 of them left
we cannot let
them go.

Friday, August 24, 2018

sparrow wheel

my life spins like a sparrow wheel
round and round
the way i feel.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

african wild dog family values..repost

we live for the pack.
we play we run
we rest together,
when our day is done.
when one of us is ill,
we pick up the slack,
bringing food and comfort
until good health comes back.
we chase our prey,
we have to eat.
we do this to survive,
no easy feat.
but love we do and
care for our own
if you are born into
our pack
you are never alone.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

cardinal. read

what goes on inside your head,
said the little cardinal. red.
what thoughts and moments
swirl about
do they whisper
or do they shout.

if i could find behind these leaves

if i could find behind
these leaves
a jungle world where
one never felt deceived
where words that were spoken
could be believed.
if i could find behind
these leaves.


this is a soft petal rug
a place where i can
be a snugglybug
before all the things
that see me as food
interrupt my rest time...
how very rude.

Monday, August 20, 2018


oh what a mind
perhaps filled with
too much froth...
who invented the silly thing
called moth.
perhaps a mere stodgy
which occasional fools people
when he/she flies by.
and when winter comes
such damage they do
on any sweater that they
happens to fly onto.
and sci fi movies
villain supreme
the stuff of scary
freaky dreams.
but something cute
about their fuzzy selves
sorta like wicked winged

little sparrow squibble squabble

sparrows squabble just like we
when in each other's company.
they want things their way
and in their eyes,
there is not much time
for compromise.
but when backed up
against the proverbial wall
they band together
for the good of all.

Sunday, August 19, 2018


she collects all her tears
in kind open cuplets
as slowly they fade
into a warm
summer day.

world orangutan day


we live in forests.
trees of safe
warm and green.
our livelihood
this is where we
have always been.
but each day it
gets worse for us
as we forage for food.
and play
our kingdoms erased
humans please
go away!

Friday, August 17, 2018

the wish moon

the wish moon and
the little girl
sat together
as her dreams
the clouds wrapped both
in gentle dreams
sometimes life is
exactly what
it seems.

to float

to float above
in petal flower
in their grace and

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

mr feetses water color whirled repost

mr feetses in watercolors
in this world
mr feetses
never dies.

garage eagles

the humble pigeon...scrappy, strong...they not only survive, they thrive!

to know them, to observe their social and familial interactions, is an

honor and privilege.

summer reigns

by warm so soft summer rains
we are touched.
we plants and flowers thank
you very much.

Monday, August 13, 2018


there are days when glum and sad
angry, hurt or just plain mad.
there are days just meant for cries
fake hellos and
sad goodbyes.
there are also
many reason to feel secure
that good times will come
be of that,
so thank you life
the only game
of which we know.
the ups, downs and
upon which
we grow.

the little parking lot paradise

our neighborhood ecosystem parking lot is filled with little miracles

Sunday, August 12, 2018

world elephant day

in the silence of sound
a deafening roar
what will happen
to the world
if we hear it
no more.

Friday, August 10, 2018

for mother orca mourning her calf

if i could swim you back to life
i would
if i could learn to let go
i should.
i know you are gone
but my heart still crying
why is this a world
where the ones we love
are dying.
if i could swim you back to life
i know i must stay goodbye
but i don't know when.


some people think that being a goat
is a silly as can be.
to them i say
is that all you wrote
being a goat sure works
for me

bee on flower

a little bee
a flower so sweet
a world within
a world
on this magical


the world of whitetail
busy days
the art of survival
has its own rules
and ways.

world lion day

august 10 is world lion day....

but then, so is every day!


may peace cover the earth with loving wings.
may beauty find the heart of all living things..
may kindness and compassion show us its light.
may we all join in harmony, in this loving "fight"

Monday, August 6, 2018

the quiet

hush the sounds
of inner working
fits and jerkings
outer smirkings
hush the noise
that is never
quiet enough
from my sadness

summer smiles

oh da summer
so much fun
surf and sand
and lots of sun.
oops the truth
starts to slip in
as she sweats in
pure chagrin.
sand is gritty
surf is wet
boat mal de mer
is sh*tty
haven't quite barfed
sand gets stuck between
the toes
and tracks all over the floor...
yeah summer sometimes
ask me again in 6 months time
when will then appear
the i hate winter rhyme😜

Sunday, August 5, 2018


scarlotta dances in blue
sun kissed skies as
so tall she stands
even when clouds
go by.
by seasons, unbroken
her strength
never spoken.


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