Friday, August 30, 2019


some so blessed to have generations
history to share,lessons to impart and
traditions to be created
cherished and carried on.

in zen you sit

in zen you sit
when chaos
you hold your
you take the helm
when rough seas
level and sane
above reproach
and when your
moments of disharmony
and happen they do
i hope i can be the
for you.

toad stooled scifi

if you want shrooms on your
do not be fooled.
this one scifi scary

creepy crawlz

i am a living creature, too
even though i might
gross the ^*^*&54
outta you!

a home

a home can share great memories,
for those who feel it,
for those who feel the
saddest parts.
you will find a real home
within your heart.

tree trunk imagination

what do you see
in the trunk of a tree
the inner working of
or perhaps

the little beings

the little beings
that live by the wing
the magic of all
flying things


reflections in colors
the feelings that flow
like waters eternal
in our hearts as
they go.

a world

a world, away
a world
a way.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

it's a song

It’s a song 
It’s a word
It’s a place 
It’s a space 
It’s a heart 
Freshly broken 
Regrets left behind 
Never spoken
It’s a world we never found
A life,
Turn around 

Monday, August 26, 2019

we walk our steps

we walk our steps
blessed to take
this daily journey
that we make.

Friday, August 23, 2019

you are the heart of our earth..our amazon

you are the heart of our earth
the flowing blood of all
that we keep
we weep.
you are the heart of our lives
each breath each step
each moment before
you are the everything
that makes everything
fall into place
the sun in the darkness
you light our earthspace.
you are the essence
the center
we must find a way
to honor and keep
with us forever
our amazon

i will see you

i will see you always
as the light that
makes all others
bask in the flowing
warmth of your love.

i will learn to walk with you

i will learn to walk with you
that which has caused
made me such as i am.
i will learn to walk with you
so you cannot do what
you can.
i will learn to see you
shadow not
as a dark space
but rather what hides behind
that all not so knowing smile
on my

Thursday, August 22, 2019


one day i opened my eyes,peace love and kindness,what a surprise.then woke up, it seems better life in our dreams


where life once teeming
verdant, loud with the
sounds of all that
now flames scorch this
life now shattered
we cry tears that we wish
would drown the flames
our heads bowed in sorrow
what will happen


redpink floats
above her leafy bed
dreams of late summer
swirl inside her head.

c gullz

Seagulls are known to ponder and take the time to wander

Monday, August 19, 2019

removed, apart

she sits, removed,
afraid of what is
her heart fragile
with only
clouds and sky to share
her dreams.
should her feet
test the trees
would the branches accept her.
the sounds of others like her
so inviting.


Our world could really be an eden
A magic place where other species
Are not eaten.
An orb of beauty, hope,
Peace and feelings.
Time is now to
Start the healing

Friday, August 16, 2019

the hurt gathers

the hurt gathers.
it sits in corners.
waits in stairwells.
poised to strike
the already stricken,
with vulnerabilities
far and deeply hidden.
so gather the leaves
fallen and sere
who they were
but not who they are


in their delicate gentillesse
a power that few
will ever possess.

garage eagle mountain

are we as one
a collection of "I's"
on this aerie together.


it is said one should never
look down from on high
but at times we do
if we want to fly.

walking dovestrut

when i have some place to be
some place to go
or someones needing me
i take a strut
lift up a my feet just so
my dreams will take me
(i sure hope so)

Thursday, August 15, 2019

oh cry the night

oh cry the night
the gentle glow
soft scent of
cry the night
the light of day
too harsh to shoulder.
cry the arms of comfort
from wherever they fall.
they are the healing

open arms
of day.

pretty summer puffball

pretty summer puffball
does not pretend
nor does she worry
about when her summer
she exist as she
whatever shall be.

garage eagle wallboid

humans think they are the only ones
who climb the walls

well, that is not
true at all.

american goldfinchflinch

i will pose for photos three
maybe four..
after that
no more.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

in this field

in this field
of nourishing
pretty colors
can you see


as a crow
everywhere i go
i find what i need.

bushy parker in garage eagle land

here i sit and take my stand
in garage eagles and
humans land.
i don't care
now i own these stairs....

bushy  P

Monday, August 12, 2019

the fuzzy layers

the fuzzy layers
the places where
beauty must be
truly seen

Saturday, August 10, 2019


i am a moth
perhaps not as
pretty as a butterfly
my life is busy
between flowers
i fly
to make a living
while the summer
every second is a lifetime
i must sustain.

a flower

a flower by nature
perhaps intended
to heal broken hearts
that have never


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