Wednesday, March 31, 2010

oh promise me

oh promise me
there will be
no more pain
no more dogs
at the end of chains
no more needles
no more gas
all the misery
will shortly pass
oh promise me
happy endings here
so my eyes
will no longer tear
oh promise this
oh promise that
before my sad heart
just goes splat

the underdog

the underdog so misunderstood
judged by the outside
but inside good
heart crying out
to all who see
look a little closer
and you will find the real me
why do you step aside
there is no reason to hide
i need love and i return it
here it is, please don't spurn it

i will stand

i will hold your hand as we walk,
i will listen intently as you talk.
i will stand by you, through foul or fair,
as long you are true and continue to care ♥

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

friend ship

you are my friend, you accept me,
you trust and respect me.
i extend the same to you,
that is what friends do ♥

ka boom

i am one who refuses to look like frump
even at the times i am pleasingly plump
although a glamazon i may not be
no muumuus or house dresses
nope, not for me
my jeans are slim
my clothes
show youth
even though
i am long in the tooth
i am a boomer and
proud i sit
(just not so easy
as my clothes
don't fit:-)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Treasure each moment
As it is all new
You never know
What tomorrow
Will do
i ran into a wall of hope.
it was built of strong foundation.
it stood tall even when storms would come,
refusing degradation.

Friday, March 26, 2010

i pray

i pray for love i pray for peace
i pray that all forms of hate will cease
i pray that all the living will get along
i pray that our resolve will always be strong
i pray for you i pray for me
i pray for everything i see
i pray that no creature will be mistreated
i pray that one day, my prayers will be heeded

Thursday, March 25, 2010

don't you wish that there was an "on switch" for good,
imagine how the world would be different,
if we could.
just pump up the volume, drown out the bad,
rain kindness around us,
what joy to be had ♥

each day

each day my eyes are open wide
to look within, to look outside
to see the gift that life has to offer
in what ever way it fills my coffers
to breathe to dance
another chance

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The end of something
That was once grand
What now remains
Just sleight of hand
The pain, the doubt
Questions of self worth
To be without
Walking this earth
Our dignity remains
In tact
As we prepare the final act
To say fare not so well
To one who did us wrong
And not look back
As we move along

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

there is a dark place

There is a dark place
Lost and cold
A heartless stopspace
and it grows so old
It grabs me, shakes me
Holds on tight
Chases me all day
then keeps me up
All night

the world reigning cruelty

The world raining cruelty
All over our heads
The only umbrella
a pillow, sheets and a bed
but there is no time now
for resting or sleeping
we are facing a climb
as we drown in our

Monday, March 22, 2010

into graceful waters

Into graceful waters I pull my soul
Tumbling forward. While trying
To stay whole
The earthen waves from beneath my feet
In rythms so sweet
I sway so gently with the motion
Above and below
My internal ocean

i've been written up;-D

dream flight

I fly above the earth so round
I soar, I dip
I do not touch the ground
The treetops beckon
A lush soft green cushion
I will not fall
So I keep on pushing
My body floating
So free in the air
In grateful flight
Without a care
So safe so warm
Above the earth’s
Swirling storm

Saturday, March 20, 2010


as night falls and we close our hearts.
we close our eyes. we close our thoughts.
we sleep the sleep of dreamlessness,
we wake up, is the daytime less?
we move on through the lives we are given,
but what is it that keeps us driven.

i want the world that my ancestors knew

i want the world that my ancestors knew
the sky was clear
the oceans green blue
animals lived in great profusion
unmolested by human intrusion
i want a planet where i can breathe
not watch creatures die, helpless
as i grieve
i want a world with caring people
who see each other as the church,
the steeple
who worship creation and all its gifts
a world in unison
not in rift

Friday, March 19, 2010


when haggling about

the wobeling gockis

one slivening in doubt

of crappydockis....

the deafening silence

The deafening silence
Of empty words
Lost promises, spoken
Or never heard.
The hollow winds howling
in one heart so broken
Inside disemboweling
Each heart beat
A token

Thursday, March 18, 2010


love cannot be sold or bought,
as man's society has taught.
love has value in itself,
it's very goodness is its wealth.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


the rays of the sun were meant to shine,
on all living things, not just mankind.
the oceans, the deserts, the mountains, the seas..
all those places and creatures
afflicted with the human disease.
oh people please learn that this is the garden so rich,
enjoy all of its beauty instead of throwing it in a ditch.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

it hurts
don't you feel it?
who will help
me heal it.
will time be the
will i learn
to endure
will the shadows
grow still
or come in
for the kill
do memories fade
or just their
recall, delayed
give love be real
show what you feel
what is returned
you will know
you have earned
what is it with the human race?
they think that earth
is their personal space,
to waste and destroy,
like a spoiled child with a toy.
if animal species die, then humans bye bye.
we are all connected, as nature directed

Friday, March 12, 2010


it is such a long and lonely night
we need to fight
for animal rights
to fix what was
broken by the hand
of man
to be our best
do what we can.
we cannot sit
and tolerate
no cruelty
will pass
by our determined
and so we rise
to do our bidding
and protect all those
it is befitting

black dog

My pigment was not of my design,
But what does that matter,
All pigments are fine.
do you look at me and
say look a black
Dog is here
Do you run away
As I cower in fear.
Does my size intimidate.
Along with my color,
What will be my fate.
Stop judging people
And animals
Because of their skin
The heart is what matters
And that lies within.


is man willing to accept his brutality
with a smoke screen of his own banality?
causing pain and killing is real,
not a grand theft auto video game deal.
the wet blood is red,
the victim is dead.
wake up human race to that fact,
and make a kindness and compassion pact.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

la dolce...vita

breathe in the air while you are still able,
treat others with care, put your love on the table.
approach each day as a chance to improve,
if someone hurts you, don't just sit there, move.
time does not negotiate, life goes so fast.
today is the day, don't get caught up in the past.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


please be kind
to those without a voice
they did not ask to
be born
but you have a choice

what good

what good is the concept of globalization,
if man is not kind to his animal nations.
the world first must unite
in compassion and care,
before anything else
can get anywhere.
all countries and leaders
have to stand tall,
and ensure rights are given
to world citizens, all!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

at last

a restful sleep, in love's embrace.
a warm soft bed, to rest your face.
a gentle voice to lullaby,
as you rejoice, no need to cry.

if i go

if i go your way, will you go mine?
will we stay together, no matter what we find?
if the gets rocky or the road stays smooth,
will we walk hand in hand, in the same groove?
will you be my partner, will you be my friend,
will we stand together, even after the end?

Monday, March 8, 2010


you are my one true love.
you make me smile.
you always believe
in me and my style.
you know when i am happy
and comfort me when i am blue.
i hope i do all those
same good things for you ♥

just a dog

Do not ever tell me
“it” is just a dog
Are you in some sort
Of moral fog
Just a dog
Lives and breathes
Love and nurtures
Eats and grieves
naps and plays
Just like you do
Goes to sleep
When the day is through
So where do you think
You get the right
To abuse just a dog
Not treat “it” right
Did you conscience
Turn to lead
Is there nothing
Inside your head?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

crunch i will
but my flabdomen
is with me still
yoga, pedalling
jumping jacks
my jelly belly
hangs out of
my slacks
even if i only
weighed 90 pounds
the flabdomen
would stick a-round

as i walked

As I walked inside
This chilly terrain
I asked my self
Once again
Is this the way
The world was
In disharmony
And emotionally
That people age
But do not mature
There is too little sage
And too much manure
That jealousies and pettiness
Dominate and control
The human mess

Saturday, March 6, 2010


how i long to be in the dance,
i hope so much that this is my chance.
to feel the good feelings
that i have never felt,
as i accept and play with
the cards i was dealt.

Friday, March 5, 2010

animal healers

doctors do what they do best
Medicate and do a lot of tests
But when it comes to how
One feels
Turning to the animals
Is what heals
A soothing paw, upon ones chest
Whatever pain gnaws,
It will take a rest
A soft head resting
On ones knee
Gives inner peace
And tranquility
The connection between
The one who hurts
And the one who heals
Is never broken
And eternally real

Thursday, March 4, 2010


denizen of jungles deep
if your species dies
the earth will weep

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


when will it be understood
that doing bad is NOT doing good.
that being kind is not being weak,
that a strong heart and mind
does not make one meek.
that true power and strength
are born of benevolence.
that being cruel and nasty
just does not make sense!!!!


to all the oppressed,
unloved and unwanted,
the ones misunderstood,
ignored or viciously taunted.
it is not your fault,
the blame falls on the cruel,
whose own endless self loathing
is their only tool.
hold up all your heads,
walk away from the dirt,
the nasties have to look
in their own inner mirrors.
and that must really hurt.

Monday, March 1, 2010

i stepped out

i stepped out into the air outside,
to take a deep breathe,
to find a place to hide.
the air surrounded me,
filling my chest.
the feeling of alive
took over all the unrest


Without trust
a relationship
Is basically a farce
Whatever roots there are
Are basically, sparse
Suspicions dormant
As they sometimes
Play dead
Just takes one wrong turn
For them to rear their
Ugly heads
With ground so shaky
There is no one place
To stand
as the earth collapses under
all slips out of one’s hand

life is

life is a gift that we are given,
why are some people so cruelty driven?
we are here to enjoy and revel,
not emulate the workings of the devil.
kindness, compassion, giving, and caring
that is what life is about, is anyone daring?

being me is not

Being me is not
exactly fun and games
I do not point the finger
nor place the blame
But this life of mine
Has been a leaden weight
Too heavy to lug alone
With such an unsteady gait
Do not want to be bitter
That accomplishes naught
I would much rather fritter
With what I have been taught

i walked

I walked the streets
So quiet and still
I was looking for something
Maybe just a pill
As I turned the corner
I spun around and saw
Everyone looking back
Then closing their doors
The sidewalks silent
As stray papers flew by
In my private caper
I started to cry


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