Tuesday, April 30, 2024

In my essence

 In my essence of grace and symmetry 

I am a pigeon 

I am me 

I am neither pestilence 

Nor pest

For those i love

I try to do my best 

Politrix on the wing

 Humans are not fit to rule or lead 

Over and over they have proven this

Indeed and in deed 

Thus I magic Mikey throwing 

My hat..er crown into the ring 

Time for we boidies to dooz 

The political thing 

Any takers out there to be my veep

Apply here with a loud squawk or cheep cheep 

Happy Tuesday

 ❤️🪶💚🦜happy tooz to all o youze🦜💚🪶❤️

A question you humans have pondered 

Since discovering we da boids 

Friend or foes

Da beakynose 

If you know the answer 

Don’t say a woid 


You know me…Magicmikeycuteasaurus🦖special needs 

Proud of my seniority 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree



ferret world
in black and white
shades of grey,
day and night.
ups and downs,
outs and ins
fools and clowns
ferret chins

Monday, April 29, 2024

Spring tableaux

 Spring tableaux

Glow as you grow 

Breathe life into our souls 

In ways only you know

Happy last Monday in April

 ❤️🪶💚🦜happy last Monday of April 

Last night my humans party too hearty

I thinks they forgot that they a pair of old 💨 farties

Hmmm don’t thinks it would do any harm

To keep those ancient frisky finger buffets 

Home today on the farm 

While I scarfs up many scritchies 

Okay humans fix my itchies


You know me…Magicmikeycuteasaurus🦖special needs 

Proud of my seniority 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree


Sunday, April 28, 2024

April 28th is save the frogs day

your world is busy
fast paced and loud.
running to catch
up with your lives
and whatever your crowd.
but in the middle of this
far and near,
we frogs and amphibians
are starting to disappear.
the croaks and the ribbits
the folklore you created…
without your help
to extinction we are
we are important to
your world
as you are to we.
so step up to the
lily pad plate
and join the

thank you.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Dandelion constellation

 Dandelion constellation 

Dandelions are really stars 
That travel to earth from very far
When they visit here 
Daylight hours
They quietly morph 
Into pretty flowers
And when the sun goes away
Back into space to 
Twinkle and play

April 27th is world veterinary day

 I magic Mikey am so blessed and grateful for the great care and yummy fingers of our veterinary doctor humans and of course their support team. They keeping me alive and happily chomping❤️🪶💚🦜and organizing those two home humans who cater to all my whims and serve my endless needs😀

#WorldVeterinaryDay #worldveterinaryday2024

I am

 I stand proud 

I stand tall 

I have not seen it all

But prepared I be 

In my birdiosity 


Friday, April 26, 2024

Cardinal’s in

 She looks around to see 

If she can be 

Safe and feed here 


Thursday, April 25, 2024


 ❤️🐦🪶💫the stars twinkle. Their secrets never told. Viewing the world with wonder, never gets old🌗. 

Close your eyes and let dreams  breathe their magic with you

In the zen of pigeon

 Pigeons in their private zen

Find a respite now and then 

They close their eyes 

what do they dream  of

Comfort and silence 

In the presence of love


Love your thighs day is April 25th

 Ode to da flab

Oh thighs you hold my habeas corpus up

Oh how sweet

But you could do the same job  without 

The cellulite 

Who needs the cottage cheese and or leg jello

I’d prefer my legs solid okay


Below the knees things okay

But above 


Flubber go away 

So rattle roll 

But lose the shaking 

That never goes away no matter

How much exercise we

Are making😀

Ah whatevah I’ll make the best of it

Aforementioned legs are one of Mikey’s

Favorite places to sit 

April 25th is world penguin day

 Winds and ice,

Not very nice.
But mom and dad
Make it not so bad.

There are several species of us.
But some of us are endangered:


Wednesday, April 24, 2024


I am strong 





April 24th is international guide dog day


guideheart...dedicated to all service and therapy dogs

I have eyes but I cannot see
Yet I know there is a world
It is all around me
I have ears but I cannot hear
But I know I am safe when
You are near
I sit in this chair, I cannot move
My legs or arms
With you by my side,
I will not be harmed
You are my soul, my body
My friend
Our trust is forever
And forever never ends 

Where’s da parrot

 My humans cannot find me 

And when I wanna be founds 

I let out a giant SQUAWK 

Loud enough to shake the ground 


World day for animals in laboratories

 We do not belong here 

In this cold heartless place 

We do not understand 

Why you humans continue 

This disgrace 

There are animal free modalities 

Try kindness and compliance 

We stand in defiance 

Against pseudoscience 

Scream day

Greetings and a Wednesday better than a dream

It’s April 24th and today we celebrate the scream

The time honored way of venting yer spleen 

Airing grievances and such 


Heard but not always seen

We honor the loud the proud 

The ranting and the raving 

If we do it right 

Yer ears will need saving 


And now a word from pteribird

In heaven and missed 

But in our hearts forever heard

You know me…Magicmikeycuteasaurus🦖special needs 

Proud of my seniority 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree



Is it

 Is it a plane 

Or is it a drone 

It could be either one

When your imagination 

Goes it alone 

Monday, April 22, 2024

Happy earth every day


We wish 

 to thank you, our earth mother.

You are our world. There is no other.

Thank you for how you sustain.

The sky,seas, desert, forests snows and rain.

So please earth mother, dry your tears.

There are many who love and appreciate

You, here.

Who will never stop protecting

This paradise we were given,

And who are by kindness and compassion,


Happy Earth Everyday!

#EarthDay #earthday2024 #earthdayeveryday

Saturday, April 20, 2024

In the tears

 In the tears of where I was

Who is this 

Who I loved 

Who I kissed 

Who i miss 

Why is this 

Why can we not correct 

Mistakes made

So there are fewer regrets 

Happy four-two-zer-no

 ❤️happy Satur-dazed😀

It is the day indeed for those who dig weed

I MagicmikeycuteasaurusT

Say nope this day is not for me

As it is I can’t trust dem two ancient humans alone

I dare not imagine life with them

If they got stoned🙃

You know me…Magicmikeycuteasaurus🦖special needs 

Proud of my seniority 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree


Friday, April 19, 2024

Parrots for peace


Peace means no hate 

Peace means tolerance

Peace means more 

Than a lull



Thursday, April 18, 2024

April 18th is national velociraptor day

 Nothing cooler ever came before or after 

So today we celebrate the velociraptor 

And another being worth more than a billion carats 

The feathered

dinosaur aka the parrot


As earth day approaches…

 Our world was once a garden, lush and full of promise. We humans took that great promise, threw it on the ground, stomped upon it and looked away…look again, look at the great gift we so disrespected. Inside of us is all life, eons of history and its mysteries. Let us do what we can to save what we can and try to restore 

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The night dream bridge

 Where go night reveries

When  they are gone 

Like a string of jewels 

As they rest unseen 

Between the reality 

Of life and dreams 

Happy banana 🍌 day

 ❤️🍌happy Wednesday🍌❤️

It’s national banana day

So many recipes for it

We simply adore it!


This little robin

 This little robin comes to the feed each 

He used to wait for the pigeons to go away

Slowly he is getting less and less shy 

And the pigeons don’t mind if 

He stops by 

They share the food…

Anything else would be rude 



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