Tuesday, December 31, 2013


life gives,
life takes.
but it is yours
to make.

Monday, December 30, 2013

we treasure

staten island
we treasure ups.
we weather downs.
we cry like babies.
we act like clowns.
sometimes we despair,
other times with hope
we dance.
every day we are alive,
we wake up to a brand
new chance.

to the new

the  birdie tree so filled with life
i sit here thinking of what to say,
looking back at the past 365days.
my fingers are still,
the words do not spill.
then i shift my inner gaze
to two zero one four,
and from my heart,
words start to pour.
wishing all beings on
earth, the peace they
wishing all those in
deep sorrows,
the chance to be saved.
wishing for a world
as it was meant to be,
lush and filled with
so no wringing hands
about the past,
as we ring in the new.
time is running by
and we have so
much to do!

Friday, December 27, 2013

lingua franca

the language of cruelty is harsh and profane. the language of kindness is pure beauty, profound.
looking down while looking up

pages torn

pages torn from what
could have been,
tossed into the pile
of what is.
lost moments, lamented.
rewritten then erased
by reality and regrets.
raked into a bag,
waiting to be refilled.
spring will come eventually

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

here i sit

here i sit
as i do each day.
i wait in this cage,
i sit, wait and i pray.
that perhaps now,

perhaps this year.
i will find a home
and not languish
so please do not
just walk quickly by.
take a look again...
and really try.
thank you,
all shelter animals.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

we are cheetahs

we are cheetahs
run we can,
but towards extinction
we are headed,
we need some help,
not harm,
from man!

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the difference between partnership and exploitation

the difference between partnership and exploitation.

a true partnership is when all parties involved acknowledge and accept the equal worth, needs and feelings of the others. when this basic principal is ignored, an imbalance occurs.

from this imbalance, or perhaps causing this imbalance, is the decision by one member of this partnership, that he/she is somehow superior to the others, and can ...therefore take liberties...including taking away the liberties of others.

this is the root of exploitation. partnership is no longer in the equation. this is all about the "what they can do for me" model.

this is lovingly walking a dog on a leash, then moving on to starving a dog pulling a sled...watching a cetacean leap and soar in the seas, changed into perceiving this sentient being as an entertainment center. and so on.

when we once again return animals to partnership status, balance in the world will be achieved!
outside town hall

little worlds

there are little worlds,
just above
outside town hall

outside town hall
the ground.
take a look...
they are all around.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

pigeons make decisions

pigeons make decisions.
on how and where to go.
where they should build
their nests,
as only pigeons know.

all though

although i prefer the lush beauties
of summer and sweet spring,
there is beauty in the stark landscapes
of the cold, winter thing.
in floral park, NY

Friday, December 20, 2013

we know

we enter the world with innocence,
unschooled in callous and cruel.
time goes on and sadly we learn,
this world and its bass ackwards rules.
we also learn the joy of free will
and taking the road we choose.
if the path is toward kindness,
compassion and caring.
we can never lose.
so come on board, there
is plenty of room.
the ship of true humanity is
if we stand together,
as a team.
there will be no room
for failing.

old world charm

walkin down the street
a sweet touch of
old world charm,
never did anybody
any harm.


do you see
with darkened
or  do you
over new hyde park road
let light show
you the way.


clouds of shame,
in a whirlwind of
the only weather report
he could
over the grand central

Thursday, December 19, 2013


we flock together.
we fly so high.
we let the weather
pass us by.
on the way home

she lived in ice palaces

she lived in ice palaces.
afraid to leave.
afraid to let anyone in.

afraid to believe.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

love is

♥love is, and for that we are forever grateful♥

we treasure

 we treasure the seconds
as time ticks on by,
each breath in its power.
these precious moments
on wings in our memory
as long as we live,
we will soar in the soft silence
true love always gives.♥

those moments

those moments, quiet.
nothing to say.
wish my inner riot
would go away.
from high up but feeling so low

Monday, December 16, 2013


we watch the sky,
so many answers we
how do we protect the
lost and the weak,
from forces and horrors
we do not comprehend,
as we deal with the rhetorical
"will this ever end."

darkened travails...for my friend linda

when darkened travails
and paths so twisted,
send us reeling,
eyes get misted.
when timespace lost
in woes and fears.
seems to bed down
and get nested
too near.
we cannot let ourselves
be overwhelmed.
our faith in the higher
and love,
will take the helm.
we remember the good times
the gentle bells and sweet songs.
we hold onto this beauty,
and from this we
grow strong.
snowed but not under
beauty peeks through


the weather outside...
so cold and chilly.
i sits here, warm
being happy and
stay cozy animal peeps
and your human pets.
spring is coming...
just not yet☺☻


Sunday, December 15, 2013

red snowberries

snowberries, red
find joy instead.
building around the corner

Saturday, December 14, 2013

in the cold

in the cold and whiteness of snow,
a splash of color and beauty
can grow.
outside the building

Friday, December 13, 2013

if perhaps

if yesterday was not,
perhaps today
will be.

in bold and blue

winter skies, in bold and blue.
she reached quite high.
but did the sun peak through.
between two buildings


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