Thursday, July 31, 2014

flowing waters

flowing rivers dance
between trees.
brushing against
urban river oasis

among green walls
the shoreline
touched by the breeze.
sometimes gentle
but also harsh.
kissing earthmother's
when they are parched.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

hazy tendril caress

hazy tendril caress.
soft deepening
a place to find
(not her norm)

she cannot sleep

she cannot sleep
so she pretends
to be,
someone other
than her reality.
she can be brave.
without a worry.
insomnia lingers.
in a hurry.

bond street rose

bond  street rose
softly touches
the earth,
then drops each
her lifetime's
rose on bond street

can peace be found

can peace be found on
the head of a pin.
can chaos be silenced.
can reason stand
around the corner


so stark and bare
a flower face
but deep inside,
what do you

the distance is as far

the distance is as far
or as close
as perceived.
the other side can
be reached,
if in it,
you believe.
from bronx to queens

in this world of green

a world of green
do you anticipate.
go out there and fly.
or sit and wait.
bronx birdie

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

little miss pretty

little miss pretty,
what joy you brought.
and sadness, too.
the lessons you taught.
that love is a gain,
and ultimately,
a tragic loss.
we miss you every moment,
sweet little green boss
pteri tea rose max...pteribird

Monday, July 28, 2014


i am a garage eagle
my mountains are made
of concrete and brick.
metal, smoking animals
crawl through my
bellowing and loud
sometimes they
hit us.
i feed here and here
is where my mate
and family dwells.
my aerie is a
a recess in the wall.
here i nest and
i rest.
i do not complain.
i can hide from the
winds and the
and the rain.
painted 7/27/14

epistle to a thistle

what to say to a thistle,
before the winds speak
her name.
do you speak of the
dandelion that
came first.
do you embrace the
beauty of the
flower at
its worst.
do you remember
the budding,
that now feels
like a dream.
what to say to a
that is not
what it
on the way to lunch

do you feel, at times

do you  feel, at times,
like the head of
a flower
in a photograph.
outside the building
alone in space,
floating, removed
from the last
grounding tether.
lightness on
the wind,
or in need of
an anchor

cushion of green

we end our life on
this cushion of green,
quite as it began.
in soft comfort
as we drift away.
earthmother's tears
across from the train station

on our metal porch

on our metal porch
we take a rest.
soon we fly
into life's
great test.
garage eagles

Sunday, July 27, 2014

what do

what do i see
out there
for me.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

her smile

her smile shines.
her smile glows...
but many tears
her smile
around the corner

Friday, July 25, 2014

after the ball

after the ball
did cinderella
she continued to
and that is all.
down the street, up

see me event 7/24/14

if you ever think you are too old to find your voice and be heard...think again i am 62 and this happened...
keep on trying and trucking, peeps 

See Me
Hi karenlyonskalmenson,

Congrats! Your work is going to be displayed in Times Square! The show is this Thursday, July 24th from 8-9pm!

Here's your images that are going to be featured:,,,
the event

warrior woman in the middle

cheetah running through the center

my name up in (blurry) lights

sister kaleidescope takes over the billboards for a bit

mosaic parrot to the right

Thursday, July 24, 2014

how tall

you can be so tall.
even if your are small.
takes a little belief
in yourself,
that's all.
down the street

are you

are you the center
of the world.
or is the world
the center
side of building

hold me close

hold me close
through good
and bad.
moments of joy,
and those of
at the side of the building

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

i miss

i miss your twinkly, happy birdie eyes
i miss your sunlit silly smile.
i miss your independent spirit,
your willingness to trust
and to be loved.
life is not the same

without all of the


little sparrow
for food.
finds cigarette
butts instead...
a metaphor
or perhaps
a metaphive...
if this continues,
who will be
maple drive

pink and yellow

pink and yellow did not
want to share the same
but when tears were cried,
they were just
one face.

on the side of the building

love in waves and torrents of color

love in waves and
torrents of color.
let the beauty of
your feelings
add joy to the
palette of
the world.
revel in the warmth
that flows from
on the way home

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

time goes on

time goes on
days open and
new season
but miss you we do
sweet little pteribird
that never changes.

beauty grows

beauty grows
outside yoga studio

Monday, July 21, 2014

the elephant and the mosquito

don't fly by my head.
don't bite...
big or small...
just not right.
don't step upon
what i think is
my nest.
we are here,
we are not
just pests.
we have been
smashed and pummeled
for many large.
the unwitting no reason
of those in charge.
we are not here to
bear your pain.
and yet
you cannot
stop this rain.
and you throw
what you can,
digging into this,
our land.
you do not see,
it belongs to we.
so sad you fight,
blood you shed.
those you care for
lying dead.
names and numbers
that breathed the
mere vapors now
at the stats we
take a look into the eyes
of those you oppose.
yeah...they too have a soul...
yeah one of those.

decades now for peace i pray
but the miseries just don't
go away.

learn to say it is okay to be different from each other, because in the larger scheme, we are all the same
flowers of hope, and reason

where do you find your music

where do you find your music.
where do you choose to look.
outside in technocolors.
or your inner audiobook.
inspired by our little pteribird, loved forever, never forgotten

garage eagle lore

to you i am a rat
with wings.
why do you say
such nasty things.
rats are nice,
we pigeons are
so why do we
look bad
to you.
gorgeous garage eagle

earthlight dances

earthlight dances, sun shines bright,
moon steps in when it is time for night 

life in rhapsodized lavenders

life in rhapsodized lavenders.
softened by inner view.
making the world prettier,
perhaps than
around the corner

bee knows

the bee knows
when it is time
to go.
pollinate for others,
watch life
down the road a ways

Saturday, July 19, 2014

she hides her heart

she hides her heart.
but that cannot
stop what
she feels.
bronx beauty

Friday, July 18, 2014

do you live your life like a bee on a flower

do you live your life
flitting from place
to place.
like a bee on a flower
always wanting
new space.
but bees do this
because they need
do you do this
because that is
just your
bee in the bronx

the beauty of butterflies

the beauty of butterflies,
is here and so soon
treasure each second
that they can
be looked upon.

hello parrot

hello parrot, i used to say.
when it was time for our
every day.
now breakfast is served
with world full of tears.
sweet little pteribird
how we wish
pteri tea rose max

love's flowing waters

do not be afraid to wade
into love's flowing
the bronx river

birdie paradise

perhaps this is birdie paradise.
if it is, that would be so

Thursday, July 17, 2014

there are no complexities in a candle

there are no complexities
in a candle.
no need to reflect on what
it can or cannot handle.
a candle does not hate
or generalize.
deciding who should
or should not
be despised.
a candle does not wage
war on the flame that
it bears.
it just shines a light,
that is meant to
be shared.
love forever shines

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

but that i loved you

but that i loved you,
more than i should.
would i love that
way again...
yes, if i
outside the building

love with

love with all you have inside.
no greater gift are we given,
than the capacity to do so


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