Friday, June 21, 2024

World giraffe day is June 21st


no i am not one of mother nature’s gaffes
i am basically, a baby giraffe
so you still do not get it,
ah what the heck
i am also a life support system
for my long legs and long neck
leave us alone i know you can
stupid selfish
hunter man

Thursday, June 20, 2024


 Mommy is a bit summer obsessed 

Daddy and I thinks she should give it a rest😄

Summer love from I, MagicmikeycuteasaurusT🦖here busy biting on earth and my beautiful sister pteribird in heaven 

❤️💚🪶🦜ultimate cold winter poultice is a hot hot hot summer solstice🌞🔥

Okay…maybe not dat hot😄

#summervibes #summersolstice

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Nighty night

 May your dreams be flowers 

Scattered and bright 
As they share your hours 
Until the morning light 

Kindness is everything


Happy wet dragon Wednesday

 ❤️🪶🦜💚happy wet dragon Wednesday everyboidie 💚🦜🪶❤️

Gonna be a heat wave 

In our nabe 

Mommy like it

But not daddy fave 

If weather hot and 

Sweaty for you too

This what I recommends

You do…

Fill a water bowl 

Take a bathie 

Make a mess

And when humans fuss

Start to laughie

As soon as place is dry

And neat…

As da saying goes…

Lather rinse repeat😃🐉🐲🌊

you know know me…MagicmikeycuteasaurusT🦖special needs 

Proud of my seniority 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree


Posted by karen lyons kalmenson at 6:21 AMI’m 

Monday, June 17, 2024

History and generations

 We are histories  and generations 

Accumulated over time 

And more 

Legends cherished

And spread through lore

Some distortions 

Scattered among the facts

Omissions glaring 

Through the cracks 

Yet live we do

Amongst the glorious rubble 

As hope and wishes gather 

In a huddle 


Animal rights awareness week

 June 17th through June 24th is animal rights awareness week 

We stand together every day 

Hoping that animal abuse 

Will go away

United we are in this fight 

To honor all animals 

And protect their rights

And we will never give up or give in

Kindness to all is the “winnest” of all 

Win wins 



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