Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the little red berry

the little red berry,
dangles from the tree.
enjoying the moment
and feeling carefree.
in front of the building

peek a boos, too

garage eagle nursery
we are the peekaboos,
friends blue and true.
hope this we will
remain when
our childhood
is through.

leaves like snowflakes

like snowflakes
dance through
my mind.
still here, but afraid
to leave summer
on the way home

intentions, read

are intentions read,
by the heart or
the head.
or the contaminated
of a darker time.
intentions, red

crumpled flower

crumpled flower,
holding on.
there is so much more
to look upon.
in front of the building

vibrant chaos

in front of the building
vibrant chaos,
the order of disorder.
brilliance and madness
don't stare too long
at that border.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the imagination

planting fields space ship
the imagination
is inhabited by
the beauty and
wonder of all
that passes

inside a leaf

planting fields
inside a leaf,
a network
working hard
to keep
the leaf

between rock hard bricks

pteribird's courtyard
between rock hard bricks,
built to withstand,
i will grow as
i have planned.

Monday, July 29, 2013

baby cheetah and flower

i am a baby cheetah
i love to play.
i learn important lessons
every day.

little bugflower

in front of our apartment building
when you look at something,
you might find it simply nice.
but there could be sweet
if you look at it, twice

peek a boos

garage eagle nursery
we are the peekaboos
watch us grow.
soon it will be time
for us
to go.

i want to be a butterfly

a flower i am
but i want to be
a butterfly.
around the corner of building next door


our little green biting boss
happy monday parrots and species not as smart
as i,
don't let a good opportunity to bite
ever pass you by...

with arms

with arms embracing,
an empty sky.
soon to be facing
an "i don't know why".
the fields that are planted

world tiger day...let us make it EVERY day!

today is world tiger day...
denizen of jungles, deep
if your species dies,
the earth shall weep

... i am a tiger
on my land you encroached
i was born to live in freedom
not be by man, poached.

i land here

i land here,
that's the buzz
and then
i land
over there.
the insect's life,
never without
a care.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

run far, run fast

run far,
run fast,
life is today
and tomorrow,
not the past.

the sunshine cheetah

the cheetah runs
from man and his guns
he runs as fast as he can
from the hands
of man

bud and flowers

buds and flowers.
grass and trees.
a feast to the eyes
and the soul,
to please.
planting fields

i am

I am but one small human, on an ever morphing landscape. I have seen so much and yet so little. So many technological advances, extraordinary in nature, and so much cruelty, a partnership born from the most evil of places. I know I am of no consequence in the larger order, but the larger order is of great consequence to me.
the colors of THE artist

Saturday, July 27, 2013

need or want

need is defined by hunger.
want is defined by desire.
tree bark in camouflage mode

when flowers were invented

planting fields friends

by endless whimsical,
we are left happily
in state of quizzical.

garage eagle letterboxland

letterbox format,
garage eagle style.
the world from inside, out


across the street
on land she
may be.
but perhaps
she would be
in the sea.

morning do

morning dew.
how sweet
are you.
outside the front door

birds eye

one thing
i will tell you,
that is very
the world sure
looks much safer
and better
from up here
looking up

while he looking down

flora medusa

flora medusa,
tendrils aspin.
how did she get
into the mess
she is in.
on the way home


sea flowers on land?
the earthmother's
great upper hand.
dry docked at the planting fields

sweet summer, quilted

sweet summer,
then by
planting fields
jewel tones,

Friday, July 26, 2013

the rose stood

in front of the building next door
the rose stood
the rose stood
the rose
her petals

the rocks and roadways

how i got here,
rocks and roadways
heart left broken,
psyche unraveled.
confidence shattered
that i never had.
by will alone
i did not go mad.
too much to look back
no reason to do.
distraught from the false,
yet afraid of the true.
calendar twisted,
by time's merciless
thirsty but not
in the presence of beauty
i will not be parched.

i will be

♥the eagles in concrete♥
i will be by your side,
through smiles
and sorrows,
if i am still here,
i will be
your tomorrows.

merry go rounds and whirlpools

merry go rounds and whirlpools,
i crawl and i spin.
trying to find
the same way out
that i came in.

i am a shelter pet

my love is not something to be quantified,
analyzed or qualified.
it comes with trust that cannot be assailed.
a hearty bark/meow, a wagging tail.
i give to you more than you can ever return
my love is true, does not have to be earned..
i am a shelter pet who needs a place...
to call my own, a loving space...
open your door and i will give you more.

garage eagle grooming

preening and grooming,
ready for whatever
is looming
in the garage eagle's kingdom

on faerie's breath

on faerie's breath,
be borne
and fly.
on the way to lunch

leaf patterns meandering

leaf patterns meandering.
roads leading nowhere.
for no other reason,
except to be there.

on the road

northern boulevard
on the road
a little oasis
of wonder...


yep, you guessed it

guess it times 2
petalbursts with glee,
alive and free.


on these flowers
i sit,
lost but
i rejoice,
as i listen to the
sweet nectar
of their
planting fields with little bug


if your heart opens the door,
your eyes see more.
planting fields magicottage


yes, i am a big old tree.
but don't i look like a
giant broccoli.
planting fields

planting fields salad bar

Thursday, July 25, 2013

and now it is time

and now it is time,
for all flowers to
in the light of
may they all
bloom their
yeah, you guessed it


a few fine words of encouragement,
would surely feel quite heaven sent.
so if you like something here
and have something to say,
step up to the puter
and type away...

p.s. don't bother to scroll, if you are a troll ;)
planting fields

otra vez

times tree


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