Monday, September 30, 2013

immerse yourself

outside yoga studio
immerse yourself
in whatever season
you may be.
the season that is
most beautiful,
is the one in
your company.

heart of a flower

do you have the heart of a flower.
gentle, yet firm in its grace and
its power.
walking past starbucks

i see the sky

sideview car mirror
see the sky,
be it near or far
the sky embraces you,
wherever you are!

autumn jewel tones

autumn jewel
on the way
a splash of blue,
this beauty lives

Sunday, September 29, 2013

so many colors

in front of building next door
so many colors
sweet harmony.
a few lessons here
for humanity!

early autumn

the main drag
early autumn,
late morning stroll.
good for the heart
and even better
for the soul.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

most sad

what is the most sad is that
compassion has to be explained,
taught and insisted on??
THAT is really insane

solitary solace

walking home
solitary solace
or loneliness.
comfort in silence,
or just emptiness?

garage eagle families

ground level eagles

one level up
we are garage eagle families.
we stay together, happily.
we raise our young but
we worry so,
what will happen to them
will they live to grow.
there are people here,
hungry cats and cars.
each day we wake up
that we even got
this far!

bookend life

in the land of the eagles
it is a bookend life we share.
we stay together,

autumn falls

walking along
autumn falls,
winter springs,
summer cannot
be bothered with
any of those
things ☺☻

Friday, September 27, 2013

garage eagle tails

we are garage eagles
we live in concrete
we feed, mate and
until this hard life
takes its toll.

the beauty of flowers

the beauty of flowers
our spirits,
they heal,
with their whimsy and magic
they do seem unreal.
down the street from the yoga studio

same place

i don't

i don't do twisted,
i don't do drama.
i do what I
new life tries, as summer says goodbye
to escape all
that trauma.


my leaves and landscapes change
but as long as i stand,
in front of the parking lot
 am a tree.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

for puppy doe, once known as kiya

i was born kiya, a happy pup.
then by my humans i was given up.
to hell i was sent, to suffering and pain,
each day i would wake up to more or the same.
finally i was rescued, too late i was found,
my injuries so grievous i was put down.
so in the name of others, those we may never know,
please work hard so i am the last lost puppy doe

rest in peace, on angels wings. our tears still falling
as angels, sing.

one day

one day, perhaps
someone will explain
why this world is
so insane.
or perhaps it is
the concept of
that completely
taken, not stirred

the barking tree

the cacophony of
the barking tree.
standing there,
for all to see.
the tree bark outside the parking lot

the tender center

while taking a stroll
she hid behind her outer shell.
to protect her center from
pains she knew too well.
and with this camouflage
she wore,
even love could not penetrate

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

you can

you can be the worst,
or the best,
you are given this choice.
you do the rest.
let compassion
be your forever

teach and be taught

a new life, new possibilities
teach and be taught,
we learn every day.
sometimes from
sometimes from
learning is healing,
learning is to grow.
there is only the
and so much
to know.

tangled up

neighbor garden flash

no flash
tangled up
in the wheres
how, whys and
is not the cure
for being stuck
in a rut.


why is it too difficult for some people to be kind,
why can they not leave their cruelties behind.
compassion is timeless, compassion never
compassion is open for everyone...
if only "everyone" tried.
the garden across the street

the garden across the street


we are all part of the divine, and the divine is within us all♥
outside eagle mountain

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


just because you
stand proud and tall,
does not mean that
you stand above it all.
rise above only when there
is a need for height.
true stature comes
from the heart
and its might.
by the entrance to the building

Monday, September 23, 2013

somewhere, far away

looking up, in awe
far away,
your dreams
are heard,
in the bluest of
in the wings of
a bird♥


on the ride home
changes happen most
every day.
how you handle and
perceive them,
can determine how
they will play.

the simple things

the simple things,
the grace and
beauty of flowers
in their magical
wield the greatest
fairway flowers

Sunday, September 22, 2013


whether you believe in evolution, creationism, intelligent thing is certain, this planet is not here for our species alone.

over time, many other beings have walked, swam,
crawled or flew in our earthsphere, a multifaceted environment hardwired to accommodate all sorts of beings.

time passed, with nature, her mysteries and unanswered questions. species and habitats came and went. all perhaps in a grander design, or perhaps not... nature made choices....

now we stand at the precipice. we, the only species who deems it necessary to alter and destroy the environment, in order to house us. we, who think we are superior...yet we cannot live here without decimating our own home.

time is running out. our foundation trembles. we too many end up zoo exhibits extinct life form.

we can either deny, or we can try.

i dreamed

I dreamed one night,
flowers around my bed,
soft breezes flowing,
that caressed my head.
the sounds of nature,
no longer obscured.
somehow our world
managed to endure.
and in that spirit,
we hear it.

the still

before the still,
we are here.
after the still,
not very clear.
so in those moments...
that we are given,
be by love, kindness
and compassion,

love and light.
peace-filled days
and blissful nights
down the street

Saturday, September 21, 2013

a world

a world so cold.
a world so old.
when people
buy whatever
they have
been sold.
listen to your
own spin,
it is gold.
across the street

she counts

outside the building
she counts every minute,
as she takes each breath in.
not knowing when today ends,
if tomorrow will

Friday, September 20, 2013

i feel like i am floating

i feel like i am floating,
in almost a hover.
looking around at
new worlds to
outside town hall

can we share

in the land of the garage eagles
can we share this corner
a little piece of paradise.
after a busy day of surviving,
that would be so nice♥

sweet tears

in front of building
sweet tears of joy,
waters restore.
bringing hope
to our planet.
and new life...
some more.


every day feels new,
if you change your
point of view!
outside garage eagle mountain

Thursday, September 19, 2013

tree and cars in parking lot

tree in parking lot
compared to nature's wonders,
man's toys are so small,
in fact they are almost
nothing at all.

blurs and sharps

blurs and sharps.
some details
we omit.
outside garage eagle mountain
but that does not
put and end
to it.

our world

our world is a magic palette.
stop hitting it with a mallet.
on the corner, looking up

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


outside waldbaums
amongst the fray,
surrounded by
the rest,
the heart reigns
and our very


the grey was jealous of the green,
his thoughts and actions,
clouded by his screams.
when all he needed
was self esteem.
treetrunk next to car


the years pass quickly,
ups and downs,
occupied by poets, heartbreakers
and clowns,
some who care, some to whom
this concept eludes,
some who wrote the book,
on nice, others on rude.
as we write our own scripts,
some pages tattered.
at least we have a chance
to edit...
and that is what really
on the beaten path

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


our earth has regions of ice and snow
frozen palaces that many precious animals
if those areas are gone,
where will they go.


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