Monday, June 29, 2015


before you showed your simple truth.
before you took away my youth.
before you showed me what
i do
not know.
before and after....
does it show.


when we go into prioritize
do we judge by our eyes.
or do we let our hearts,
minds and souls take
the lead,

some pretty worlds

some pretty worlds
i have seen,
nestled amongst
a world of green.
vibrant colors
soft muted tones
no feelings of lonely
even when one is

Saturday, June 27, 2015

love who you love

love who you love
no matter what
others say or  do.
they have their own
but they are not you.
be who you feel
you are inside....
your light is eternal.
no reason to hide.


the closer i get
the more i see
each blink of an
sometimes i

Friday, June 26, 2015

faded flowers

you see we as faded flowers
relics now as we count the hours
we see us as in full bloom
time is short and
there is no time for
we cherish each petal
each move
each word
if you choose not to hear us.
we know we are heard.
so you of visage still
bright and green.
your full beauty and
promise has not yet
been seen,
though tarnished a tad
to your eyes view.
to our inner workings.
we are still young,

black and white

black and white
shades of grey
day and night
either way.
tender moments
as perceived.
what you feel
what you believe.

it's in the never mind

it's in the who has to knows
the never minds.
all the truths left
far behind.
the unanswered
though asked
they are not.
blanks to fill in
the believe it
or whats.

how close we too

how close we, too
and at times a part.
two petal collections
joined by one
loving heart.


here we rest upon a wall
flowers short
and flowers tall.
we could grow
without these bricks...
but somehow resting
upon them clicks.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

to dream

to dream of flowers
in rivers of wondrous
by love borne in
sweet blankets
woven for the

to live in velvet

to live in velvet
purple colors
by beauty surrounded...
we sit,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

the nucleus of dreams

the nucleus of your dreams
is the essence of your
and vice versa.

the secret life of clouds

we sit mistful
people sit,
we are clouds.

no matter

no matter what manunkind may
build, unbuild
do or say.
mother nature has the last word,

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


when words elude
and thoughts evade,
the mind feels like
it is being played
(perhaps no more
than a brief charade).

Monday, June 22, 2015

when the finite

and when the finite
meets its end
and infinity grabs
what is left of it.
who will be there
to pretend
(or do they
give a sh*t)

and there she stood

and there she stood
a single red rose.
where no others could
how beautifully
she grows.

the legend of the white flower

there was a beautiful land, once filled with love and light. all the little creatures, different as they were, understood their part in the meaning of things and lived in harmonious spirit.

time passed, and visitors arrived.  they stood, overwhelmed by the beauty before them.

the little creatures, cautious though they were, welcomed these strangers. 

the strangers took this welcome as an open invitation to do what they had done to where they came from.  they stole, hurt, killed.

soon, this beautiful land became desolate. 

the little creatures went underground.

one day, in the midst of the dark void that their world had become, a single flower emerged.

word spread of this flower and one by one, the little creatures and the plants they lived with, began to appear.

the strangers bowed their heads. humbled.   finally, they understood and sobbed in gratitude for the great knowledge they received.

hope had settled onto this once magical land in the form of one white flower.

on line

while waiting on a line
i took a look around.
beauty sprouting
from the ground.

the motor whirrs

the motor whirrs less lively now
the gears are not in gear.
but even though
things might have slowed.
i am still in here.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

can we be friends

we are of different species
and different size.
but friends we can be,
i surmise.


what you call instinct
is our lore.
lessons taught and learned
by those here, before.
we wish you humans would
learn the same way, too.
our mother earth depends
on you.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

we look for light

we look for light
to warm us from
and that is where
it all begins.

Friday, June 19, 2015

i may be

i may be fast
i may be slow
i may be yes
i may be no
i may be young
i may be old
but i may not
do what
i am told.
rebel boidie

where there are colors

where there are colors


we take our first steps
one two three.
we take some more
and count to four.
we maybe make
it up to five.
with each breath we say
thank you for
being alive.

what do we do with hate

what do we do with hate
as it festers, and rots our
world from within.
do we stand by and say
it is okay.
or do we reach into
the lovespace that
exists in us all.
embrace our difference
and stand up tall.
the answer is up
to us all.


babyhawk sits here on
terraced gate.
as fledge time nears,
for his parents,
he waits.

from whence...and hence

i dreamed i saw
a safer place.
should i venture out
of this sweet space.
or stay here sheltered
by gentle leaves...
sunkissed moments
sharing what i

to those sons of icarus

to those sons of icarus
of daedalus
who flew
too close to
a sun
they never knew.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

crying elephants

the heart of an elephant as large as his soul.
his tears are an ocean, from wisdom so old.
his joys and his pleasures, that which
make him whole.
are deeper than silence and more precious
than gold.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

rock is mountain

this is our little world
a rainforest rock mountain.
trees from your plantings.
and gentle fountains.
you do not see us
but we see you.
as busy we are
doing what we do.

the bugs

Monday, June 15, 2015

from waters

from water
springs life.
from life
springs love.
from love
a reason.

opt ions

if you had a few options
which would you chose.
this is not a matter
of win or lose.
it is far more than the
issue of right or wrong...
why can't people
just get along.

that which

that which grows,
not always a flower.
but perhaps for a second,
a minute...
an hour.

rain drop tree

he promised he would be her raindrop tree.
to help keep her safe and in harmony.
but she had a lot of work to do,
to keep herself safe and
in harmony, too.

be not

be not bedraggled
by life's twists
and torments,
the heartseye
is love and forever

the traffic serpent

the traffic serpent

Saturday, June 13, 2015

my icons are dying

my icons are dying
one by one.
how else will i remember
that i was young.

how pretty arose

how pretty arose
the thoughtscapes
that emerged from
her heart.


today we try to do a little better than yesterday...tomorrow we better than better

Friday, June 12, 2015

jardins du coeur et de l'âme

when befogged and bedraggled by woes
worries and the whatevers
of life,
the purity of nature's beauty
brings back the sun.

by love

by love, found
by love, reborn.

little jungles

worlds inside this little jungle.
by man, made
by nature,


should i write my poems in polysyllabicness
searching for words in thesaurus mess.
pretense for me not direct route
to the source.
like a squirrel, straight to
the point is the correct

no need to flourish,
(such junk).
if you want to get
to the nut...
climb right up
the trunk.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

live in a flower

the little girl wanted to live in a flower.
safe and warm nectars
sweet nature's love
she stared a long
while as
the flower entered
her heart.
she took it
with her...

garage eagle summer time

we enjoy this weather
no more shivering in
our concrete nests.
our babies grow
and that makes
spring and summer
the best!


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