Thursday, October 31, 2013

if i had a magic wand...

if i had a magic wand i would wave away, all the sorrows i feel today.
if i had a magic wand, i would make you once again young.
without a care in the world, not watching your bodies come undone.
if i had a magic wand, i would gladly erase, all the sadness
i see in your face.
i would spread love and joy, harmonious tunes.
not these
tragedies and mysteries, encrypted
in runes


along the road
chaos, cacophony
a symphony of
no greater music
than when by
color, surround.

remember me as a rose...for my mother

remember me as a rose,
she quietly said,
as she lay her head down
on her bed.
remember me when my
petals were bright,
not weak and falling
into the night.
remember me
full of color and sound.
at times not easy
to be around.
remember me as i
try to remember myself.
now the darkness approaches,
no longer in stealth.
up the street, still holding on

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the light is gone

the light is gone,
but a
flicker remains,
shining through her
terror and pain.


around the corner
life piles on loads,
but we do not
we are blessed
to still be
walking upon
its roads.

Monday, October 28, 2013

so tired she was

outside the building
so tired she was,
frazzled and frayed,
worn to the nubs,
by torments,

a circle of birds

birdtree morning
a circle of birds,
together they draw,
love for each other
and so much

Saturday, October 26, 2013

i guard my mountain

i guard my mountain,
this where we stay.
a place to regroup
from our busy
garage eagle
waiting and watching

falling into

outside garage eagle mountain
falling into an autumn
comfort zone.
whether or not
one is alone.

day sky moonrise

looking up
day sky moon rise,
dancing in blue.
why wait until
the day is

color vibrato

color vibrato
the spectrum
while harmonizing
while walking home

Friday, October 25, 2013


until manunkind stop using
this world as a playground,
you see.
he will be lost in his own
our species will never be
truly evolved,
until we learn that around us
this world does not revolve.

the color of leaves

the color of leaves.
the grandeur
of trees.
at times i feel lost
in these i always
across from shopping center

different view

Thursday, October 24, 2013

on the back of a hawk

red tailed hawk about to take off across the street
on the back of a hawk
on strong wings she flies.
companion of the winds.
the world goes by.

little fat birdie

cute little fat birdie
in the tree.
i see you,
do you see
outside yoga studio

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

feather light

feather light
as a feather
breeze buffeted
there and waiting

on the ledge we sit

on the ledge we sit
all of
in front of apartment building

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

she searched for a poem

she searched for a poem in the
once annoyed.
finding instead, the null
and the void.
she searched for a poem,
some space to fill.
the words sometimes
by force of will.
she searched for a way
to push aside,
the sad and the sorrow.
that held her stride.
but no poem sincere
would ever emerge,
she searched for a poem,
and with it
she stood on the verge.


and one day
man sat alone
upon this earth,
crying tears,
a lifetime worth.
a lush garden
now only in
pictures and
nothing to look forward,
only back,

green cascades on concrete

garage eagle mountain
green cascades on concrete,
plants want to grow.
a world cold and barren,
plants hope we never

Monday, October 21, 2013

if you want to

if you want to follow,
take my hand.
if you want to lead,
i understand.
if you want to fly
together, or
a little ways apart.
birdie togetherness outside yoga studio
will still be
joined by our
hands and
our hearts.

a spot of red

another point of view
outside yoga studio
a spot of red.
little spark of glee.
that touch of
color we
all love to

her rising

endless possibilities see i,
from inside the window
of this building so

the horizon stretches as far as your imagination takes it.
looking outward

Sunday, October 20, 2013

she runs to colors

the park
she runs to colors,
to be free
from all the sorrows
and calamities.
she runs to colors
so she can hide,
from all the shadows
that dwell inside.
she runs to colors
she finds herself lost,
in their graceful embrace,
by earthlight,

hello sun

near the parking lot
hello sun.
i would like to say,
thank you for letting
me see you,

we are still here

we are still here.
we defy the cold.
with our colors,
bond street beauties
red wonders on route
bright and bold.
grace on grace avenue

Friday, October 18, 2013

the birdie tree

looking up
she stood and watched the birdie tree.
it was as far away as her eyes
could see.
sweet flocks and wings,
gathering display.
perhaps part work,
part play.

for alice herz-sommer

humbled by her courage, and her grace.
the extraordinary beauty of her face.
the sparkling eyes, with tales to tell
a heart often broken, but filled with
love as well.
her heart beats sweet notes,
songs she needs to share.
as she spreads joy, hope
and compassion,

curling leaf

all the leaves and the branches
quivered from the cold.
the seasons were changing,
they were getting old.
one by one they had
to let go.
to land on a world
preparing for the snows.
little curling leaf
decided to celebrate
life instead,
with form and whimsy,
she would fall on
outside yoga studio
earthly bed.
dancing with the winds,
in joy, not dread.
the other leaves,
heard her pretty song.
some even decided
to sing along.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

colors bouncing

outside building where my parents live
colors bouncing
off life's page.
our mother
is very

she moves in shadows

she moves in shadows,
away from the light
unable to face the day,
afraid of the night.
shifting between
terror and flashes
of fear.
asking herself if
it is an error,
that she is at all,
lone bird on building

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

if you build

ny botanical gardens
if you build your house,
with plans to fail.
do not act surprised,
do not moan or wail.
you wrote the chapters,
squandered every
page and word.
and then you blame
how absurd!

evermore lovely

garage eagle love
evermore lovely
smiled so slow,
the morning
welcoming her,
nowhere to go.
nevermore lovely
than when she
could see
the love that made
them blissfully

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

and so

while doing errands
she knew the score
before the game
things went too far,
and so she ran.

Monday, October 14, 2013

to save

ny botanical gardens
we share this planet
with other beings.
we should live in gratitude
for what we are seeing.
treasure the bounty
this earth provides.
will it live or die...
only we can decide.
so lend a hand,
get involved.
to save our world
is why we have

the earth mother

the earth mother
leads and inspires,
in her honor,
we rise higher.
still standing

sadness follows

ny botanical gardens
sadness follows
even the happiest
then joy returns,
to even the

Sunday, October 13, 2013

without knowing

outside building where my parents live

same arrangement, different approach

in front
without knowing
what will be,
the heart takes charge
of all it sees.
the brain, never quiet,
waits, in tow.
following wherever
the heart chooses
to go.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

fear and false pride

fear and false pride
wrote the book,
why did i wait,
and its sequel,
now it is
too late.
planting fields

Friday, October 11, 2013


we are sentient beings.
capable of reason and
if we only used these gifts
for good,
the world would rejoice!
ny botanical gardens

Thursday, October 10, 2013

each cell

each cell a miracle,
ny botanical gardens
and as they grow,
the beauty of creation,
the best of what we know.

where the buffalo roamed

where the buffalo roamed,
sun, moon,earth, trees
and sky.
this is their home.
no more should ever


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