Friday, November 29, 2013

we are or so

we are, or so
we are told.
and shall be
until we grow
but what is this
that we are
supposed to be.
what is this concept,
is it comfort or
or a case of
simple vanity.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

if you...

apathetic, disinterested.
don't give a sh*t...
if you think the world
needs untwisting,
be a part of it!
pteribird says the world looks less twisted from this angle

for adrienne

she greets the world
with the warmest smile,
this is our adrienne,
this is her style.
she always has something
nice to say,
and knows how to chase
our blues away.
and now we extend our
hearts to help her heal,
sweet adrienne,
who always keeps it real.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

we give thanks

we give thanks for our warm, safe homes.
alone in the streets, we do not have to roam.
let us pray for those whose lives are upside
turned inside out,
no love around.
let us lend our hearts and hands.
send good vibes, love and caring.
gratitude is THE attitude that is
born of
we three on the birdie tree

Monday, November 25, 2013

thanks giving

giving thanks for a beautiful day,
does not matter if it stays this
giving thanks for still
cosmic shift will not set us adrift
being in
the game.
even if the rules are not
always the same.
giving thanks for my
loved ones,
though sadly,
some will soon be
giving thanks that
they are still here
and gratitude is
what i focus on.

we are getting

we are getting bigger,
time seems to fly,
and so will both my
nestmate and i.
we will find new digs,
and start nests of our
but this little corner
of the garage,
will always feel like
our own♥
4th nest of garage eaglets getting bigger by the day

Sunday, November 24, 2013

it's so

it's so cold outside there,
i can tell.
and this kitchen is filled
with the warmest
cooking smells.
coffee brewing,
cookies in the mix.
there is almost nothing
that a good, loving
breakfast cannot
the little green queen on her throne

Friday, November 22, 2013

when the wolf cries

when the wolf cries, do you hear his song.
do you speak the words, as they float along.
no need for polysyllabics nor fancy sounds.
much simpler than its meaning.
with more depth than profound.

fifty years...for president kennedy

fifty years have passed.
time has gone by.
what could have been
had you not died.
had your grace and spirit
not been stolen away.
would we be living
in peace today.
would you be smiling
on a world,
inspired by your vision.
all that has transpired since
was borne of derision.
so today and all
let us strive to be.
the world so wanted
by you,
our president kennedy.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

comfort me

comfort me in
your music embrace.
shining your moonlight, on
my sleeping face.
sweep me away in
lyrics sweet,
tunes soft-full
and loving.
so i feel complete.
voyaging far but
eyes on the road.
for ever a
i shed my load.

do the pteribird

♫♪ twerking?
that is the most
ridiculous thing
i ever heard.
if you want to shake your
do the pteribird.
lifts one leg,
tilt your head to
the side.
grab onto that perch
and let it slide ♪♫

i keepses my toes crossed for dancing with the stars
♥pteri tea rose max aka pteribird♥

i am not

i am not the one
who inspires
great tomes,
or love poems.
i am not the one
for whom love
songs are written,
too quickly forgotten
to be thus,
the birdie tree grows dark

Monday, November 18, 2013

we are a stem

we are a stem.
from the earth
we appear.
all we know is
that we are here.
we change with seasons,
we grow, we flower.
just part of the earth
and her enormous
we bud, we bloom,
then we are
fallen leaves
when we are gone,
if we were loved,
perhaps someone
walking up the street


for and aft,
ship to shore.
left to right,
so many more.
ways to say,
which way to go.
but the answer is,
i do not know.
garage eagle on the ledge

Sunday, November 17, 2013

for all senior animals

just because my muzzle is old and gray
does not mean i no longer play.
just because i am slower than i
used to be.
does not mean that there is less to
love of me.
one day you will be older too,
and guess what...
i will still love you♥
all senior animals!


Even the immortal find time to die.
They weep as they watch their lives go by.
the cycle of seasons

Saturday, November 16, 2013

colorful berries

colorful berries
on a saturday
a feast for the eyes
a balm for the
outside CVS

we forage

we forage here most
every chance we get.
before people
before it rains
and gets wet.
teamwork birdies

taking a little rest

hunt n peck

Friday, November 15, 2013

we are what

we are what was,
what is and
what will be.
if we live in the
little flower still standing strong

i am building a nest

i am building a nest,
just for you.
and hoping that all
your dreams will
come true.
little birdie on roof of yoga studio

this twig is bigger than i

love builds

the rocks fell

buds and shadows
the rocks pinned
her down hard.
she did not think
she could ever
push them away.
then some light
flickered through,
and she knew she
would be okay.


the grace and glory
of fall.
soon there will be
no more leaves
at all.
floral park

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

garage eagle familias

we are getting ready
to go out to eat,
many other pigeons
we will meet.
then back we come
to feed our
parent eagles


pretty colors

pretty colors
soon to fade
designed by
but by nature,
outside building in floral park

garage eaglet

i am the newest in
this nest,
now number 4.
i wonder what
life and winter
has in store.
before i fly,
i have to grow
little eaglet
some more.
little eaglet, 4th hatching from this nest

Monday, November 11, 2013

the birdie tree

in the heart of suburbania
lives the birdie tree.
where the flock gathers
and sings
so happily.
the birdie tree on a cold november morning

we rise

sometimes we stumble
afraid to fall.
afraid that we cannot
take it all.
but as we waver,
our power kicks in,
we rise to the light
that shines
from within.

i sing

I sing a song
to find a friend
sure hope this
soon will
little birdie on building down the block

Sunday, November 10, 2013

for my father on veteran's day

walking home from yoga
if we work hard and pray,
perhaps one day all wars
will go away

for my father on veteran's day

they stormed the beaches
on that cold gray day.
they did not know what to do
nor what to say....
they ran straight ahead into enemy fire
friends around them shot dead
such scenario dire.
yet fought they did
for the freedoms they believe.
we are thankful for those who made it
and for those who didnot, we grieve.
for without these heroes
we could not type these words
stand for that which matters
have our voices heard.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

urban birdie

here i sit
on my brickfaced
an air conditioner
little urban birdie friend

adieu les fleurs

it is time for us to
say goodbye,
please do not
be sad and cry.
there is no need
to shed any tears,
we flowers will
bloom again
next year.
outside the building next door

reach for a smile

♥pteri tea rose max aka pteribird♥
reach for a smile
every chance you
you may find
the biggest one

Thursday, November 7, 2013


outside yoga studio

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no sights
no sounds
just empty
caught in
a world

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

i like it here

i like it here
up in this tree.
up above the world
nobody bothers
across the street and up


Sunday, November 3, 2013


Love is love,
No definition
Need apply.
Love answers
And questions.
Yet never asks

Friday, November 1, 2013


i am a life form,
different than you.
i live here and
have a reason to.
although not a
beautiful being
in the way
some people see.
planting fields mantis
i am beautiful
and proud to
be me!


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