Monday, August 31, 2015


what do you
for our world
do you feel

the power of ONE

a precious life
even one...
the healing of
the world
has begun.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

the lore of swans

if swans we be
so loyally
as we swim
and create
our family.
our love a
to weather
what may.
together we
each brand
new day.

concrete pillowalls...garage eagles

concrete pillowalls
a nest
at wings length
out there
a world
and spacial.

rose, gate and shadows

pink rose decided
that she does not
dwell behind
the gate and shadow.
but that
bask in her
sweet, fragrant

Saturday, August 29, 2015


no ups no downs
no ins no outs
no games to play
no twists
no shouts.
perhaps this is
what love
should be
all about.

Friday, August 28, 2015

if the world

if the world were
a ball of
crystalline glass
our perceptions
would still be
by the
colors of
who we are.


i imagine a world for mantas
like i.
a world free from worry
as the days drift by.

clear clean waters
in which we can all
ply our trades
in the daily
marine parade.
our ocean
is not a
garbage can.
are you out there
species man.

if by the moment judged i

if by the moment judged i
a tome not completed
the joys of each moment,

the language of the smiling heartbeat

the language of the
smiling heartbeat,
as it responds
to love and
loves in return...
the true universal.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

the ladybug dreams of dragonfly

the ladybug dreams she is
a dragonfly.
soft pastel moments
floating by.
as on her loving
leaf sits she.
dreaming each
as it would be
if she did not
awaken from
her reverie.

a love measured in glass

a life and a love
measured in glass.
images, meanings
never to pass.

how unfar

how unfar the view of  emotional tunnel vision
fueled by anger and self-derision.
no desire to attempt the periphery.
lost in the trap of it is all
about me.
while great panoramas
of worlds, collide.
in the grace and cacaphony
of the outside.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

the red flower petals

our existence
like red
flower petals.
each one a
in the
we are.

of wisps and wonders

of wisps and wonders
missed steps and
chances we take.
choices we make.
of still.
now or

Monday, August 24, 2015

peace love and beakybites

love and light,
peace-filled days
and blissful nights

behind the flowers

behind the flowers
each petal kissed
by soft words

squirrel life

the squirrel runs
up and down
he gets
to look
for nuts...
oh well,
the squirrel
is just
like us.

garage eagle summer babies

we are getting bigger
soon we will fledge
the world looks
safe and smaller
from this

to he

to he,
graceful flowers
she be.
love flowing

Sunday, August 23, 2015

for all shelter babies and those who love them

mikey(and his progress) so rewarding each day. yes he is nervous at what, so am i...each step he takes, each new thing he tries, each sweet little emotion and response to us...priceless and healing in more ways than i can possible enumerate by words. yes he plucked but his little nakey self is adorable in our eyes...we just feel bad he went through so much before a helping wing rescued him. are shelter birds do you define damage...seems that surviving the worst and being willing, however long it takes, to try again is the very opposite of damaged. we look at mikey and cannot imagine anyone not loving him and we are grateful every day for AHW sharing this little gift with us. so anyone out there looking for a companion animal, regardless of species...please go to a shelter...there is more love in those cages and eyes, more is an honor to adopt such a being...share your hearts. homes and be thus honored!
my story:

magic mikey macnoblebird king of macaws, just beclaws, part time tenured picklepuss and sir poopalot, the poet clawreate, snugglebuggle to the nth and zen master of all food bowls and water bowls, including those i poops in and conqueror of old man winter and mommycam and mondays and woodstock nation and climber of all things throne including human shoulders aka mikey littletoes and little green papaya and petunia ...petunia???, mommy i a boy..and baby baboonia and fatboy slim and babysbreath birdie lime greenius liittle big beakyboss mr crop mr chop little green baby dragon boy and maestro of the beakybites and dr squawkenstein and dizzy izzabeakyboy and rice cakes dragon and king nosentoesen I, peach blossom parrot,astromikey, magic mikeyverytall and crazylegz magerker, little green crunchkin, punky rooster♥

Saturday, August 22, 2015

in whiteness pinkness

in the whiteness pink
afraid to blink
lest the outer

the wild that was her heart

the wild that was her heart.
that which grew unchecked,
unbent and unbroken.


the shades of love
nuanced, soft
the sensing
and the spirit

Friday, August 21, 2015

the prince rock

around leaves in flourish
by his strong foundation,

fly away

fly away before
the clouds
of memories
and past
turn into shrouds.
let them go
so you can soar.
better and higher
than before.
a task not easy
to achieve...
but doable
if you believe.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

dark and light

we simplify with
the construct
of dark and light.
extolling the day
at times vilifying
the night.
but there is beauty
in repose
as well grace
as sunlight
dark days ignore
what the night light

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

re: volved

if love revolved around the sun,
there would be no pain for anyone.
no cruelties ever perpetrated
a planet aligned with all elated.

a flower

a flower does not care about
nor live for time.
a flower needs no reason
and has no reason to rhyme.
a flower just lives
from day to day.
from bud until
each petal
falls away.

Monday, August 17, 2015

senses surge

how her senses surge
in the summer rain.
she becomes 15
her world and problems
teenage tall...
but now they do not
seem large,
at all.
she walks
she drifts
to where she
has been.
as she strolls
with a summer

never lossed

love, never forgotten, never lost.
not by tempest, nor stars,
however crossed.
not but time nor circumstance..
embraced goodness until the last dance.

if questioned

if questioned by
the inevitable,
i only answer to
the veritable.
a verse and
averse to much..
no time for nonsense,

the grace of forget...for R

she felt inside her head
like paper mache...
what just happened
just went away.
and yet, she remembered
old yesterdays.
strings she ties.
lists to keep her
life on some
sort of
there was no looking
and no chance to
go back.
but she tries
to hold onto
herself as
much as she can
the grace of forget,

Sunday, August 16, 2015


the deep, regenerating breath
that makes all things
brighter and
more doable,
makes our inner
pallet smile
and the outer
less so.

by animussed

people need to stop hating...hate festers and eats its host from within. to embrace hatred of one group is to possess the capacity to hate all. we are one race...the human race, and in our ignorance and missed directions, we are steering our eden toward oblivion. will it be too late before decency takes the helm and tolerance beats in our hearts.

Friday, August 14, 2015

a flower stands

a flower stands
as nature's poetic
the ebb and flows.
the heres and no
the rhyme where
a reason seems...

she sighed

she sighed
she cried
a wall of
her spirit.

the colors

the colors of
her inner paradise,
so at odds with the
angry spectrum

the gentle reader

he reads within the confines
of his own space.
and mind, vast
and seeking
what it believes.
his council,
quiet and
with the laughter
and joy
he relishes.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


the struggles,
too intense.
the joys,
that was life,
before you.
awakened i was,
finally opening
my eyes.
life truly began,
when you arrived.

world elephant day

we celebrate world elephant day
and for their safety we work
and pray.
we honor their grace, their
a world without eles
would make no sense.
and in that spirit
our trunks we raise...
for elephants and
those who love
and protect them
the highest praise!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


such plans they made.
changed by life tide
and what happens


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