Sunday, May 31, 2009


if i count to ten, will you do it again?
if i count to five, will i still feel alive?
if i count to four, i wont take anymore
if i count to three, what will become of me?
if i count to two, can i still count on you?
if i count to nine, will you be fine?
if i count to six, will you be up to old tricks?
if i count to eight, will you really wait?
if i count to 12, just how far will we delve?

Monday, May 25, 2009

for my father

they stormed the beaches
on that cold gray day.
they did not know what to do
nor what to say.
they ran straight ahead into enemy fire
friends around them shot dead
such scenario dire.
yet fought they did
for the freedoms they believe.
we are thankful for those who made it
and for those who didnot, we grieve.
for without these heroes
we could not type these words
stand for that which matters
have our voices heard


not once, but twice?
not very nice!!!!
was he really smitten
or was she just bitten?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


the night passed quickly
before closed eyes
the morning sun burst in
this night she slept,
to her surprise
ignoring her chagrin
another day to live her life
something not taken for granted
another day to combat the strife
a seed of hope implanted

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


the day dwindled and night began to take its place. she walked over to the window, that, hours before, regalled her in bright sun. colorful streaks of sunset danced before her. she watched for a while, then let the curtains slowly cascade down

ned the elephant

another one has fallen and died
after everything that was done
we sit here and cry
why does this happen
what has happened to man
where is the heart he was born with
how much more can we stand
ned you have suffered
you will surely be missed
hope our love was a buffer
good night with a kiss


as she drew back the curtains, the world looked back at her. sun rushed in from every angle, illuminating that which had been left in the dark. she breathed in the panorama of trees, grass. she opened the window. sounds of wind brushed by her. tingling alive again, she started her day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ghosts and shadows

Memories of past times
Resurface so fast
Causing much pain
Short or long they last
Gripping the people
Who hold onto them tight
The ones that are with them
Sit alone in the night

If you love someone
Who still loves a ghost
You will get
A shadow at most

circus beserkus

the circus is in town, what do you see?
as i look out at you, and you look in at me'
do you see me as a large, roaring captive toy
or do you look into my eyes, just know pain, no joy.
do you giggle and point as you mill around my cage
in my terror annoint as i seethe in rage.
do you not understand that my roar is a shout:
open up the cage door and let me out

Monday, May 11, 2009

after the

the morning was quiet, and like cinderella at the ball,
she knew nothing had reallychanged at all.
the clocks still ticked, breakfast had to be made.
a day was a day, even after they played


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