Friday, December 31, 2010

no animal should ever have to say

"why did my people treat me this way"

no older pet should ever feel spurned

because his callous owner opted

for the word "returned" life is recycleable

not here to be turned in

we do not have a timeframe

before we hit chagrin

love is a commitment

that is for the duration

as long as the heart beats

and we can still experience


Thursday, December 30, 2010


there are some things in our lives that offer no choice
but there are many others, where we have a voice

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 what will you be?

2011 what will you be

the first year of humane


will you put on the map

kindness instead of hate

...or will we still struggle to

find this

we sadly wait

will the rest of the world

finally awaken

to the reasons for all the

steps we have taken

will peace rush in where

war has always tread

will every empty plate

be filled with bread

into such warm waters

we hope to delve

before we dive into 2012

Sunday, December 26, 2010

re: solution

respect for all is

respect for oneself

it is what gives us

a reason

and is our greatest



snow flakes dance softly on the window pane

glad to be alive, and so happy not to be rain

in their little cut glass patterns they

crest and fall

i sit, in silence

with the wonder of it

Saturday, December 25, 2010

one day

one day the world will bask

in the aura of love

a soft branch of olive

worn by the sweetest

of doves♥

and tomorrow

when we arise

will hope replace


a gentle surprise

Friday, December 24, 2010

paint the world

paint the world around your heart

mix your colors, do not keep them apart

gently place them where you go

rainbows happen

you never know:-D

can we cover the world

can we knit a blanket,

stitch it so

around the world

it will go

covering those

...who shiver or cry

too afraid to doze

because they will die

can we cover those

who sit alone

noone ringing

their telephone

can the fabric be


laced with love

blessed by the angels

and our creator,


day when

when man decides to do his best,

forget the toxic and nasty

ditch the rest

when kindness and good intentions sing

that is when the world

will truly begin

holiday wishes

to everyone out there,
far and near
wish one and all
a season of good cheer
blessed with health
and by love, surrounded
living each day in wonder
and by god's beauty

love and light
grace you always
day and night

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

inside a song

there is so much love inside a song
there is no right, there is no wrong
you are loved the way you want to be
unfettered, no baggage, totally free
no ghosts to haunt, no corners dark
just love, everlasting
from a simple spark
and when the tune comes
to an end
there is another,
your heart will mend

bring peace and love

bring peace and love
around the world
let man find his goodness
his kindness, unfurled
let no more creatures
wherever they be
cry from pain
or lack of company
may no more children
cower in fear
may all innocents know
that god is near♥

Monday, December 20, 2010


blessings to be counted

in whispers, soft

obstacles, unsurmounted

met by dreams,

borne aloft♥

Sunday, December 19, 2010

winterwolf in watercolors

winterwolf in watercolors painted today

The wolf spirit

The wolf spirit is like a beautiful song

One can feel it forever, it is never too long

The wolf spirit is like the freedom of clouds

Hovering ever so gently, with head held so proud

The wolf spirit dances in sunshine and rain

In all four of our seasons, without any disdain

The wolf spirit lives in the mountains up high

Its grandeur is endless, it can touch the sky

The wolf spirit belongs to all who live on earth

It will live forever, no one can measure its worth

each day

each day we pray
in silent cloud
that no more cruelty
this earth will enshroud
that one day soon
when we awake
through the fog
of despair
love and kindness
will break

Saturday, December 18, 2010


rejoice look hard
try to find
what matters
not what is left behind
do in your heart
what you know is right
this inner battle
is not worth
the fight♥

Thursday, December 16, 2010

as long

as long as you can live and breathe
there is always hope
even if you do not believe♥

time passes

time passes
time in volumes,
time laughs and laughs
at the answers we seek
time does not negotiate
time is sometimes early
at times, it is too late
but time is time
we did not invent
it is better not to do
than to look for the
time to repent


"like" your life
give it the best
you can give it,
it is yours for a while
so you might as
well live it♥:-D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i have been and still am

i have been alive a long, long time
some of it in prose, some of it in rhyme
i see the calendar pages turning
but in my favor it is not,
the cruelty mounting, watching
mankind rot
i pray so hard for this to change
lost in a world twisted and deranged
i take each breath in hope unsurmounted
looking away, as the days are counted
the tortured eyes of souls innocent
i wonder where god’s garden went

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the clock

the clock is ticking, and ticking fast
much more behind, i want to last
but none are given a ride that is free
we pay the price for enmity
we pay the price for solitude
we face the brunt of cruel and rude
we have but our integrity
to keep us real, as we should be.
and in this sense of what really matters
we move quickly forward, as
toxic scatters

the purest path

the purest path toward
total healing
is a heart that is open
and ripe with feelings

Monday, December 13, 2010

the color green

the color green in all its incarnations
has many different implications
it can mean envy or wealth
naivete or our planets health
in its purest, most sought after state
green will seal our planet’s fate

Sunday, December 12, 2010

vive la

to those who sing to a different tune
who howl at the sun
instead of the moon
who walk the earth with
a lopsided gait
it is these nonconformists
who give our world its
moral weight
who dare not to follow
though so blindly taught
who scorn rules made hollow
though at times they feel
all is for naught
be who you are
you are who you should be
the proudest of all members
of the human family

Saturday, December 11, 2010


wisdom is poetry in its own right
knowing when to back off,
knowing when to fight
knowing what really matters
and what is trivial pursuit
wisdom, the gift of aging
and product of a mind, astute
so subtle, sublime
hope one day to reach
this rhyme
the wisdom of the creator
always sings
in voices that are carried
on an angel's wings

Friday, December 10, 2010


in the world of music
i am strong
noone can hurt me
noone ever does me
a simple word
when sadly missed
is the difference
between being
and being kissed

beauty is kindness

beauty is kindness
kindness is light
if one is lucky enough
to find this
...they will always
shine bright
no darkness will conquer
nor vanquish their spirit
their goodness eternal
to those who are
near it♥

Thursday, December 9, 2010

we cannot

we cannot control the attainment of gratification
nor whether or not we elicit positive sensation
so to depend on the response of those outside
leaves one open for heartache far and wide

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

who is going to say a prayer for man

who is going to say a prayer for man
who treats this earth like a garbage can
who abuses those who live on it
who exploits and destroys
those gifts from the creator
that are meant to bring joy
who is going to say a prayer
for man to once again be
and finally leave his cruel
hostile nature
someone please pray
for man to once again
have a soul
to revere the earthmother
and learn to be whole

this is the truth about war and hate

this is the truth
about war and hate
it does not matter
where you stand,
which side of the gate
the so-called enemy
in your sights to destroy
was once someone's baby
girl or baby boy
who feels the same terror
that you do
and prays to be alive
when the day is through

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

tis the

give me a reason, just one or two
is this the season, that i believe you?

Monday, December 6, 2010

r u 4?

are you for me
am i for you
will we be happy
will we be blue
will it just be
a you and i
or will you and i become
a we
as the years
go by

Sunday, December 5, 2010

an altered course

an altered course
who is to say
what is or is not
the pre-ordained way
pathes are forged
......when they are made
not by words,
nor the traps
they have laid
no crystal ball
that only some can see
who can say what is
or is not
meant to be

Saturday, December 4, 2010

a fervent wish

a fervent wish for

those out there

even those who say

they do

not care

embrace each moment,

embrace each face,

breathe in very sensation around

they are legion, and gleefully abound

every raindrop, each ray of sun

a simple puddle, the day not done

every moment that you cry

every truth, every lie

every angry shout

every silent kiss

this is all there is

and too much to miss

says i

with momentary madness
tossed inside a sad glass
a little touch of badness
and quite a lot of sass

Friday, December 3, 2010


so many times i am taken to task
too many times i feel i have to ask
although so few answers satisfy
i ask the questions
i wonder why

holiday heart song

festive holiday seasons
many tears many reasons
we think of all those we miss
who we can no longer kiss
but blessed with the memories
...that only love gives
with the deepest of honor,
for them, we will live
and flourish our spirit
they are in our hearts
and can hear it♥♥♥

Thursday, December 2, 2010


holidays are here to remind
the human race that it is better
to be kind
but what about the
disparity between
the rest of the year
need some clarity
goodness and decency
should always prevail
not just for a few weeks
and then hit the trail

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

gold is

gold is old
silver may tarnish
inner beauty
does not need
any varnish

the gentle

the gentle mysteries
that make up our history
the rough seas we sailed
the choices that failed
the steps that were taken
with faith
never shaken♥

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


live with your eyes open
live with no sorrow
the past is over
invest in tomorrow
focus on the now
not what you cannot undo
embrace all those
around you
and they will
embrace you♥

Monday, November 29, 2010

lead with your heart

lead with your heart
think with your head
the silence that deafens
from words never said
those feelings not answered
with pain unresolved
that continue to fester
no problems are solved

how does one measure

how does one measure the value of a life?
by age, by gender, or the looks of one's wife?
by possessions, by titles, by address and name
by articles of clothing, by degree of fame?
by being born into one species, instead of another?
none of these things matter in the eyes of
the earth mother
equal are all that breathe and exist
by the creator, they have all
been blessed and by him, have been kissed♥

say no to narcissism

it is to the world
we must learn to accomodate
the world for us will not bend
nor will it wait
it does not revolve around us
the sun is the orb
how much more love
would surround us
if we would un-self absorb

Saturday, November 27, 2010


family are those
who live in one's heart
a permanent space,
be they together or apart
family are those to whom
we can turn
who we can teach and
from whom we can learn
family is not
by species defined
family is the joy
that fills up our minds
family is the place
that comfort gives
it never stops loving,
forever it lives

in a place

in a place where gentle peace
and quiet prevail
where there is no room for
cruelty to leave its ugly trail
where kindness and compassion
are more than feelings de jour
a home for all hearts that
are open and pure♥

Friday, November 26, 2010


we enter the world
without consent
we do not own it
we can only rent
the space that we live in
the time that is ours
spent going back and forth
our lives, moving like cars
if we put on the brakes
then shift into park
silence the greatest
adventure upon
which we can embark

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


as we enter the holiday season
i am sitting, here
praying for reason
that mankind finally opens
it eyes
and learns that cruelty is
not the prize
that the greatest gifts
one can impart
are the gifts of kindness
and a gentle heart

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

to dust

whatever happens, love turns to dust

all the once romantic trappings,

soon start to rust

cracks in the fabric mistrust

at the helm

unquestioned answers

then overwhelmed

lost in the every day

tossings and turnings

the once "great passion"

no longer yearning

inner misworkings

doubts and long

harbored fears

shed their great clouds

over anyone near

Monday, November 22, 2010

some beauty

some beauty defies words

only seen and barely heard

some beauty is from

the creator supreme

something of which

we can only dream

Sunday, November 21, 2010

don't ask?

when a soldier is shot trying
to save another
does the bullet ask,
“what are you sister
or brother”
are you straight or are
you gay
if the bullet likes the answer
will it go away?
people willing to die
for the country they
don’t ask don’t tell
should be, no more!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


it can be all too easy to lose our way
getting caught up in words we say
the meaning buried in empty sounds
in a circle going round and round

the wolf spirit

The wolf spirit is like a beautiful song
One can feel it forever, it is never too long
The wolf spirit is like the freedom of clouds
Hovering ever so gently, with head held so proud
The wolf spirit dances in sunshine and rain
In all four of our seasons, without any disdain
The wolf spirit lives in the mountains up high
Its grandeur is endless, it can touch the sky
The wolf spirit belongs to all who live on earth
It will live forever,
no one can measure its worth

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

although a day

although a day may feel so sad
as long as we are alive
we should be glad
to breathe to feel
to be able to change
that which we feel
is so deranged
a gift to cherish
before we perish

what notes are in a song

what notes are in a song
are they short or are they long
do they evoke a memory?
or ask what is front of me
do they help me sort out
what i feel
do they remind me sadly
of what is real
they are forever once
they are written
as i just listen...
forever smitten

Monday, November 15, 2010

words are

words are action
heart felt when spoken
they elicit reaction
and are far more
than a token♥

there are some things

there are some things from which
one can never heal

there are some things so terrible,
they hardly seem real
but nothing is as strong as the
human spirit

even if we wait very long, when ready
we can hear it

Sunday, November 14, 2010

attn: abusers

attn: abusers

when you go to your houses of worship to pray
in front of your god, what do you say?
do you say you were kind, and out and out lie
...or confess to your sins, and then say goodbye
what do you think your god feels about you
harming his creations is not what you
are supposed to do.
just because the law may let your heartless
infractions just “slide”
from judgement in the hereafter,
there is NO place to hide

Saturday, November 13, 2010

the heart is a vessel

the heart is a vessel
of feelings strong
it pumps whether or not
they are right or wrong
each beat a note
...a lifetime lived
for some forgotten
and others
not yet
ready to forgive

fabricated recollections

fabricated recollections
is that what you find
in your introspections?
memories pulled from
a magician's hat
and after expressed
that is that?

Friday, November 12, 2010

a simple prayer

a simple prayer

to all out there

those who do

or do not care

life is fleeting

pain remains

as long as our

hearts are beating

things can change

i see the clock

the hands not still

this forward motion

can be a bitter pill

but it is one that

we do not

have to swallow

our faith in our dreamscape

we can follow

although we cannot

alter our ultimate course

for good we can be

a positive force

as long as we can talk

and walk this earth

let us make this trip

a lifetime's worth

love and light

even after

we say goodnight

Thursday, November 11, 2010

for my father on veteran's day

war sucks and i hate it and always will...but for veterans like my dad, who fought so i could have the freedom to sit here and try to make a difference...

i thank you♥

For my father on veterans day

they stormed the beaches

on that cold gray day.

they did not know what to do

nor what to say.

they ran straight ahead into enemy fire

friends around them shot dead

such scenario dire.

yet fought they did

for the freedoms they believe.

we are thankful for those who made it

and for those who didnot, we grieve.

for without these heroes

we could not type these words

stand for that which matters

have our voices heard

in the eyes of all animals

in the eyes of all animals
a spirit cries
to be heard and
by all that pass by
to be seen for its beauty
both inside and out
it is man's most loving
to hear this
soft "shout"


in a world filled with values, cruel and inane,
there is an ever growing epidemic of the "insane"
but today what qualifies as sanity
in a world obsessed with image and vanity?
where life is cheap, be it animal or man
and our so called leaders are sheep
herding us into a garbage can

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

every time

every time an innocent animal dies
an angel folds her wings in sorrow
and heaven, cries

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

what should i think?

What should I think of

The human race

On this planet for eons

And keeps trashing

The place

most of god’s creatures

Have to run in fear

Any time a homo sapien

Is anywhere near

What should I think

Of a species like this

Who keeps killing each other

And does not find

That remiss

What should I think

I know how I feel

Hurt, frightened and


At these horrors

too real

is this the way it will always be

if someone has any answers

will you please tell me

Monday, November 8, 2010

bottom line

urban man dodges cars left and right
engaged in his own survival fight
elsewhere on this planet
animals abound
struggling for food
and to hold onto their ground
each species battles to
make a living
in an at times hostile world
that is not forgiving

the difference

i know what it is
i know what i feel
the difference now
is i know what is real

Saturday, November 6, 2010

the night, so gently

the night so gently
her eyes do close
as the stars
start to doze
twinkling laughter
as the skies
turn to gray
forever after
the wolf
starts to bay

Friday, November 5, 2010

the spirit

the spirit walks
inside our soul
he make us well
he makes us whole
and in our gratitude
we live every day
so very blessed

Thursday, November 4, 2010

nature has

nature has laws that cannot be broken
nature has laws that are never spoken
nature is silent, nature is heard
nature speaks volumes
without speaking a word

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

squid pro quo

i scratch your back
then i have an itch
is that when the rules
begin to switch
if i do for you
than you do for me
it is all about
if you want
be prepared to return
or whatever you want
you surely have
not earned

Monday, November 1, 2010

you have

you have taught me how to love,
you have let me into your heart
where love is made
you have opened up a door
buried deep, never found
you keep loving, more and more
which never ceases
to astound

in a world

in world of silence
there is a world
of sound
in between each
rhythms abound

Saturday, October 30, 2010

every day

every day i open my eyes
i am grateful for this prize
the air, the ground
everything around
each sensation
each emotion
every feeling
every notion
i want to touch
it all so much♥

Thursday, October 28, 2010

how to

how to follow the trail of pain
what to do
when it starts again
how to keep it all
at bay
when it never
goes away

a thimble full

a thimbleful of love

what does that weigh

and where does it go

when it goes away

a thimble full of trust

so hard to earn

and too easy to lose

when love is spurned

a thimble full of hope

circled round our hearts

where will we be

if that inner glow departs

a thimble full may seem quite


but it is infinite

as one cannot measure

what is contained,

in it

as life

as life slips thorugh our fingers,
unable to grasp
we savor each moment
with tenuous clasp

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


we all have a rainbow
the spectrum
runs wild
we all are illuminated
by our inner child


sometimes i cannot breathe
when i so want to fly
i take what i receive
and i never ask why
i just hope for tomorrow that
the air will be clear
and thank the creator
for everyday i am here

Monday, October 25, 2010

in blissful

in blissful dreams
and gentle sleep
she walks in safety
no tears to weep
noone to hurt her
nor cause her fear
even as the waking
hours near


find a path you can follow
carve a path you can set
be prepared for a challenge
the ones of now
and those not
yet met♥

your heart

your heart has the wings of a butterfly
as they open and close,
soar and fly
flitting gently from place to place
sending soft magic into
every space♥

Sunday, October 24, 2010

in wistful silence

in wistful silence
i watch you sleep
lost in your world
so cozy and deep

Saturday, October 23, 2010

no hand of man

man can try to ply his art
but no hand of man can
make clouds part
and cause the sun
to burst right through
...followed by crystal clear
skies of blue
no hand of man
can make the sea
teeming with its
own life diversity
nor build a snow capped
mountain high
a sandy desert
parched and dry
our creator knows
what is, was
and is looming
we are no more
than the creation
that he calls human

Friday, October 22, 2010

in a

in a moment of quiet,
the inner world can
be deafening

Thursday, October 21, 2010


we enter a room
both dark and cold
we are not sure
we want to comply
with what we
were just sold
but we work
all the exits
we know the way
we think we are players
but that argument
wears thin

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

in dark

in dark and deep i long to sleep
no sounds no silence
not a peep

the room

the room is dark
i cannot get out
i am too tired
to try to

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

musica y corazon

in every note
every sound
a memory lives
music sometimes
but it always

Monday, October 18, 2010

so far

i am
you are
that is a
good start
so far♥

worth it!!!!

life is a struggle
life can be tough
there are times when
you feel that
you have had enough
...but just as the
sun must turn
into the moon
a new day will
with its own
brand new tune
so shake off the sadness
be ready to smile
inside all of us, gladness
though it can
take a while♥

innerora real is

into my energies
i closed my eyes
shut out all thoughts
looked deep inside
a palette of color
in splendid hues
from deepest reds
to darkest blues
soulful purple
oranges high
vibrant yellows
that touch the sky
within this soulful
a love of life
and the great spirit's

Sunday, October 17, 2010


have the sweetest of dreams
the softest of nights
be cradled with care
by the moon's
gentle light


how does it feel to be the one
the one who counts
who means more than fun
the one who lives in each
beat of his heart
...the one from whom he
could not bear to part
the one who lingers
though time tries to
the one he sees
when he looks
your face


while not in any form
of philosophical pursuit
i find my inner senses
harboring questions, astute


in the rustling of leaves
sweet scents of autumn
sun drenched skies
peppered with puffy
greyish october clouds,
...i find myself...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

compassion learned

compassion learned
compassion innate
once man that
corner, turned
it is never too late
kindness grows
in a fertile heart
an agile mind
and that is
a good start


how many times do you hear a song
do you play it loud
do you play it long
but each time it touches
each time it heals
each time is never enough
but each time is so real♥

Friday, October 15, 2010

the world is a circle

the world is a circle
in places broken
tears in silence
words not spoken
faces turned
...feet walking away
lovers spurned
without having
their say
lost not found
and foundering, lost
hearing yet no sound
free but not without cost


close your eyes
close them tight
make a wish
for a peaceful night
and in the morning
when your eyes
are starting
to open
keep all your
dreams in your heart
and your heart,
forever hoping

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

is out there

truth prevail
if only people
would follow
its trail

Sunday, October 10, 2010

freedom beseech

freedom of speech,
at times quoted,
in haste
is not freedom from hatred
and its expressions
in bad taste
freedom from hearing
that which may offend
without tolerance,
the hate will never end
religion and credo
should be of personal choice
one’s relationship with god
dwells within their inner voice

Saturday, October 9, 2010

may the

may the light of the moon
shade your eyes
may the twinkling starlight
forever surprise
may the love of sunlight
warm your bones
may you always feel loved
and never alone

Friday, October 8, 2010

love enlight

love enlighten
love please teach
anyone frightened
it is never too far reach♥


rain can be seen as a
nasty greeting
cold and damp
but it is a discomfort, fleeting
hiding behind this unpleasant
is a brilliant, smiling sun
about to emerge
from the clouds ♥

Thursday, October 7, 2010


it only matters what we do
not what we wear
not how much
money we went through
what matters is how we
...spend our time and our hearts
by spending kindly
we are spending, smart

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


dream free dream wild
dream like an innocent
undamaged child
dream as if each
day is the last
...daylight awakens
dreams end so fast

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


in the greater scheme of it all
now matter how big our lives are
we are still
very small

Monday, October 4, 2010

tears are

tears are the jewels
of a broken soul
love and laughter
the tools
that will make it

Saturday, October 2, 2010

the autumn

the autumn in its smokey mystery
through eons, rewriting history
the grey lit sky
the musty air
cascading leaves
on the ground, everywhere
a color chart of red golden hues
earth bound in part
as they dance on our shoes

Thursday, September 30, 2010

in the name of

in the name of god

so many are dead

too many tears

streets bleeding, red

so much division

so much hate

if we keep this up

our diety will not wait

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

road rules

waking up to fall asleep
stretching to feel better
but have less of a reach
eating to live
then it all turns to waste
...we say take it slow
but life goes on, with haste

Monday, September 27, 2010


okay take a breath deep
take another
big leap
life is one great big hillside
that is never
too steep
just keeping plowing forward
on your personal road
ignore all untoward
step over their load

Sunday, September 26, 2010

in music

in music
in the stillness
of the night
a bird lifts up
his wings in flight
...a dragonfly
flutters then
passes by
not a word she utters
although she tries
as graceful moonlight
dances on waters dark
the evening magic
has lit its spark

thank you

thank you to the creator

who created our being

who gave us the beauty

that we should be seeing

that built us a garden

where we were meant to play

then man misunderstood

and took it away

thank you to the creator

who wanted the best

but man had other notions

and put this to the test

thank you to the creator

in whose image we were made

one day our eden will flourish

and all creatures, saved

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

be kind

be kind to the child inside
do not ask him/her to
run and hide
she needs to be nurtured
cared for and respected
...and you will never be

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the gift

the gift arrived

in a little box

not sealed with ribbon

no chains, no locks

though hard to open,

but once inside

the gift burst forth

no desire to hide

the gift shined brightly

on all around

so glad to be there

to see sky, water

and ground

the gift softly trembled

at the beauty of it all

at the paradise it resembled

the gift answered the call

the gift happens once

and it happens quite often

it is your life to live

in joy

until god closes the coffin

treat this gift with great kindness

respect and deep caring

love yourself and all those

around you

the gift is for sharing

Monday, September 20, 2010

a day in the wife

it is 757 am ny time
my morning has been
an uphill climb
laundry at 6, breakfast at 7
i feel like i died
...but this ain't heaven
now to the parking bureau
oh what fun
then off to yoga
to firm my buns
then more choremungus
a day in the wife
ah, i would not ever
trade in my life♥:-D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

in exaltation

in exaltation of freedom and the need
to live unfettered, far from greed
to dive to safety, soar so high
to bask in the paradise of sea and sky
to extend one wings as far as they go swim the planet, such joy to know
the creatures of eden this world is theirs
man too, can stay here, if he learns to share

Thursday, September 16, 2010

more fee us

a goodnight wish
one of gentle bliss
as pillow surround
sweet slumber's

eye land

there is an island in our souls
where all are healed, all are whole
where peace and love are the national sports
where all god's creatures safely cavort
where man has put the kind back in mankind
...and left cruelty and sadness, far behind

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

when man

when man showed up on this small planet round
he looked with awe and wonder at what he had found
oceans, deserts, mountains, streams
things that could only have come from
the creators dreams
creatures of lush fur, plumage, colors so high
in great abundance, from the seas to the sky
then one day man instituted his own fall
he decided that he had to control it all
and slowly but surely, they all began to vanish
to his own hell, man has sadly self-banished

Monday, September 13, 2010

to walk

to walk with integrity is to walk alone
to be the unanswered ring on the telephone
to turn your back on the nasty and loud
to reject any flak from the mad, madding crowd
to stand by your principals, no matter the cost
to arise and to sleep, feeling like one of the lost
to doubt all the doubters, to question who rules
to give your back to the shouters, ignore all the fools
to know to yourself you are true and are real
although many times, it is lonely you feel

la bella notte

as the veil of night
begins to cover your eyes
and the daytime light
heeds the moonbeams sighs
time to put away all
......the anguish and trials
for the healing time
with its star-kissed


politicians are all the same, same agenda, different party name...their purpose in life is to be elected, make their money, be respected. once in,
animals are on the bottom of the priority list, they will say anything to get elected, that is their grist!!!!
a rose by any other means borne, is still a flower, surrounded by thorns

Saturday, September 11, 2010

may your

may your lives be filled

with the sun's golden glory

may you all live out your

fantasy love story

may your deepest moments

of pain and dark

awaken to the sweet song

of a lark

may the world shine brightly

as its orbit spins

may your face be forever

in the happiest of grins

Thursday, September 9, 2010

i do not

i do not believe in quit

nor do i believe in

this is it

i do not subscribe to

the never ender

nor life's emotional

fender benders

i do not attend

meetings of the mind

if they are harsh

and devoid of kind

i do not color dark

where there is meant

to be light

i will never extinguish

the spark,

if i believe it is right


‎9/11 the world we once knew
was not
our towers and those
within them
lost to an evil plot
......the repercussions
tremors, heartache
and pain
relived by many
over and over again
so now we sit in remembrance
we do not sit in hate
we hope that one morning
love will be at our gate

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

rosh hashanah

for some this evening
starts a year brand new
and we will have so
much to do
let us make this a year
...of sweet relief
no more sadness, no more grief
may peace and love, all on
earth embrace
let us restore our world
to an eden space

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


who understood
without a word
to say
saw your tears
...and never ran away
who sat so silent
as you vented and
who was always there
and never lied

Monday, September 6, 2010


enter the mirror
of our souls
that which makes
us human
that which makes us whole
it sees what the naked
eye refuses to see
it is what makes
you you
and me, me

Thursday, September 2, 2010

it goes

It goes
It goes too hard
It goes to fast
Noone knows
How long or short
It will last
It makes the rules
We play along
Whether or not
This “it” is strong
It is life to be lived
Not to be wasted
Or squandered
Or spent in too much
Inner turmoil, pondered

the heart grows weary

the heart grows weary
as the days grow long
the eyes, so bleary
but we keep plodding
...a little fatigue
is not a mental state
it is a way to recharge
then clean off
our plate

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

as the moon

as the moon
discovers the clouds
we close our eyes
our mind not loud
in reverence of that
...which we did not
our souls in prayer
we stand
at the gate

Monday, August 30, 2010

being alive

Being alive is the greatest gift
That we are ever given
Whether our style is laid back
Or we are by success driven
The goal is to be, as
We unfold the rest
The moment is forever
Each one is, the best

Sunday, August 29, 2010


adversity is a word
it is not a label
we can do anything
if we believe
we are able

nada nada nada


words can hurt
words can "slay"
words can take
ones breath away
words can harm
...words can cure
words are forever
words endure

Friday, August 27, 2010


dreams are the
foundation of our
spiritual timbre
they give us
reasons why
...and keep us

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the sky is filled

the sky is filled with one thousand stars
you can reach out and touch
though they are so far
you can bask in their light
as you flow with your dreams
...the beauty within us
is just as it seems♥

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a chance

a chance to dream
a chance to sleep
in my lonely castle
i sit and weep

ad infinitum

forever is a moment, not encapsulated
it is a notion, amorphous, by man
it has no depth, no width,
no size this elusiveness
man cannot surmise
so guess he does,
he mulls and ponders
as through his life span,
he wanders

Monday, August 23, 2010

your dreams

your dreams may follow
your dreams may lead
they can be the
driving force
behind your
...every word
and deed
never shut
out these reveries
they nourish your heart
and soul
without them
your spirit flees♥

Sunday, August 22, 2010


playing both sides against the middle
is the wrong path to choose
in the end, you will lose
these are real people
that you hurt
it is with real feelings
that you flirt
the wise and the aware
see what you do
they think you do not care
it must be true
they watch the games
the eyes, the looks
the things one does not learn
from reading books
and quietly they sit,
until they see fit

life asks

life asks so little
life asks too much
lives gives what you
put in
yet sometimes this not enough
life has its own rules
it is not by man driven
it is only the fool
who thinks life
is a given

Saturday, August 21, 2010

what is it like?

what is it like, to be a part?
to own a special place
in someone's heart
to be connected
inside a home
in a world
outside a poem?


just a little planet among the stars
spinning no place
not getting far
just a seablue
sunlit little ball
stuck in the middle
of it all

Friday, August 20, 2010

i hold your hand

i hold your hand when i open my eyes
and when i close them, you are by my side
when i walk you walk close behind
when i think, you are in my mind
you give me power, the strength to
every hour, i need to believe

with love and light

with love and light
sweet bird in flight
show me the way
through my darkest
...lead me to
a place warm and far
lead me to
wherever you are
show me the path
that you have found
take me to your
sacred ground


it is a shame that in god's

different faces,

all this hate,

in so many places

tolerance cuts both ways

and teaching it, a must

this is the only way

to bring about trust

too much blood shed

too many slain

shouting their dieties

name in pain

how do we transcend

this history dire

and to a higher path,


a little touch

a little touch of love
as it lands so soft,
can keep one's spirit
soaring, aloft♥

Thursday, August 19, 2010

in life

in life we really have a choice
to obey or disobey our inner voice
to focus and fret on every ache and pain
is counterproductive and will
drive you insane
...look at the good
at what you can do
the rest will follow
it is up to you:-D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

love does not

love does not come with
limits built in
this package arrives
with a warm, gentle grin

Saturday, August 14, 2010

in the end

in the end there is only the sky
the earth moving forward
the sea rising high
the mountains in harmony
touching the moon
the sun shining brightly
there is so much room
a balance of life forces
no conquering spirit
the creator is smiling
the creator can hear it

Friday, August 13, 2010

the bridge of the rainbow

the world we live, so far from fair

so many out there

not enough to care

too many cold nights

no food or water to be found..

sleeping unsheltered

on lonely, sad ground

but god is forever with us

though not always close at hand

he is around the corner

when we can no longer stand

his arms wait outstretched

in the land we call peace

with angels around him

then troubles will cease

the bridge of the rainbow

love and colors galore

where souls play in safety

forever and more♥

Thursday, August 12, 2010

your dreams

your dreams are as close as your fingertips
dust yourself off, even if your slip

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a velvet mitten

the world will exact its price
sometimes nasty
sometimes nice
we grab the fruit
hoping we do not get bitten
...all the while
a velvet mitten

Monday, August 9, 2010


be true to yourself
and if the noise distracts
walk away
and move on to the
second act:-D

was...not is

cluttered and clouded
in sadness enshrouded
my own self a shrine
of not feeling fine

Sunday, August 8, 2010

the creator

God has no name
God has no face
God is everywhere
God is every place
God is in the air
God is in the sky
God has no answers
But God knows why

in the

in the sour half
of an ill slept night
a long dormant dream
in perfect flight

in the simple
the gentle sound
lies the truth
most profound

Friday, August 6, 2010

love is

love is pure
love is free
love has no
love just feels just cares
anyplace it is

Thursday, August 5, 2010

did you ever

did you ever want to take a walk
no voices required. no need to talk
just following your feet, wherever they go
moving forward, no need to know

i stretch my arms to say hello
nighty night
it is time to go♥

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

no point

no point in dwelling on
what we cannot change
take life as you live it
an even exchange
we are blessed for each
moment that we are alive
good deeds that we foment
that for which we strive
no day is a given
no words
if by love we are driven
we will stand

uh youtube videos

this is a fact
not urban legend
nor rumor
when one gets
...try a good dose
of humor
laugh at something
silly or subtle
and don't let
the grinches
give any rebuttal

Monday, August 2, 2010

out in the corner

from high above the creator sits
and watches, as man does what
he sees fit
out in the corner of his eye
we hear the thunder
feels his sighs

Thursday, July 29, 2010

hold up your head

hold up your head
do not live with dread
live the pride
that is inside
noone can take
...the you from you
believe in your
that will
you through ♥♥♥

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

let us stand in a circle

let us stand in a circle and all hold hands,
unimpeded by boundaries of water or of land.
let us close our eyes with a wish worldwide,
that wars were over, people cast all their conflicts aside,
that all god's creatures freely roam,
...on every part of our planet that they call home,
that children are warm and all are safe.... at night,
in a shelter, filled with love and light♥

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


when ever i feel
too much stress and strain
i reach for humor to ease the pain
being funny and laughing
what else could beat it
maybe it would be better
if one could drink it or
eat it?
but smiling and laughter
are the best cure
to bring down the rafters
and drown the manure:-D


animals are reflections from the eyes of god
their grace and beauty, his most divine nod
and as he watches them slip away
his heart is broken, so quiet it lays


heroes often come with four legs and a tail
following their people along dangerous trails
never asking questions, never backing down from a fight
standing by the ones they love all day and all night
no accolades required, no rewards requested
...just doing what dogs do best
rising up, when they are tested

Saturday, July 24, 2010

does he

does he love me, she so wanted to ask
as he sat, occupied with his task
she studied his eyes,his hands, his brow
so close to asking, but she did not know how

does she know i how much love i feel
so much for her, it does not seem real
as she sits there, face so kind
i wonder if she is reading my mind

they sat together as the window fan whirred
safe in their world, of him and her.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

one day the earth

one day the earth
looked for the sun
she looked everywhere, but there
was none.
the sun had left her overnight
to find another place to
shine his light
where life would be
plentiful and rich
where humans had not
carved out their
ugly niche
the earth looked up
there was no moon
no smiling orb
to greet her in
the late afternoon
the moon too decided
it was time to run
following in the track of the sun
the earth stood silent, all alone
and let out a sad, mournful moan

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what hurts most

what hurts most to a beautiful dog
left alone, caged lonely slog
noone to love on his metal bed
no lap to rest his gentle head
noone to walk with
...share moments sweet
as he sits so sadly
in defeat
please neuter and spay
don't buy, adopt
so this heartache
will be stopped

oh to be young

what it so good about being adult and grown?
spending so much time in mode b*tch and moan
too many wrinkles and tinkles
and aches and pains
oh to be young all over again
...but with the sense that i have now
oh never mind, i'd probably
do it the same, anyhow;-0

Monday, July 19, 2010


to live a life of one's own choosing
is not about the winning or losing
it is living each day for the thrill
of the ride
not what awaits on the other side
taking the process as the essence
of what you do
not what happens when the
effort is through
the joy of each step,
a source of elation
the greatest gift
of god's creation


‎31 is our beauty prime?
i am tired of hearing this
all the time
we reach our prime
when good self esteem
and inner peace are no
longer a dream
we are at our most
in the eyes
of those who love us
no surprise
even if reach 80 or more
we are still
standing tall
at beauty's door

to break

to break the rules,
to take a chance
to not be fooled
by life's cruel dance
to do so can...
come with a price
some people's
reactions are
not very nice
but in the end
that is their mess
and something
they alone
will have
to address:-D

life is a game of

life is a game of polarity
complements and
the yin the yang...
the up and down
...are everywhere
you look around
if you cannot cry
you cannot laugh
that is cutting
ones emotional
life in half

Saturday, July 17, 2010

the world

the world is small
the world is round
upon it treasures do
a wealth of beauty
once ignored
it is our duty
to see it restored

to love with truth

to love with truth, accepting as such
we all change, even those we love much
to weather the storms that happen
more than once and a while
to hold each other close ..
...even managing a smile
at times it all seems
a lost, fading dream

my most recently published

classical by louise du toit,
poetry supplied by me, myself and the old
woman in the mirror;-D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

my heart

my heart belongs to the great outdoors
to the sky above,and the crystalline shores
my heart belongs to the beauty it sees
the verdure of grass, the swaying of trees
my hearts belongs to all of my senses
...past, present and future tenses

horse majesty

the beauty of
the horse majesty.
to mistreat these
the worst travesty.
love them for
their nobility,
strength and speed.
with kindness
address them,
and their gentle


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


hush little baby
please don't cry
our world needs help
we are going to try
to make it a place
...for you, healthy and strong
cruelty free
where everyone gets along♥

a lullaby prayer
i wanted to
send out there

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


at times i am quiet, at times i am sad
you stand by me, you never get mad
you understand in your own quiet way
you touch my hand, there is nothing to say

Monday, July 12, 2010


to all you out there who are terrorists
to who pain and suffering is your grist
blood and guts never solved a thing
that is why this earth is still suffering
in whose ever name you choose to slay
these problems will always get in your way
the omly chance to save what we
will lose
is if the path is of love you choose
lay down your arms
lay down your hate
the earth is good
it is not too late
stop taking lives
there is nothing there
learn to feel, learn to care

Sunday, July 11, 2010

for 27 3 js

the light was dark
the dark was light
the sun illuminated
the night
the moon ran out
...into the sky
she looked around
and started to cry

Saturday, July 10, 2010


today is now
yesterday was
each minute has
more power
than the one
before does

Friday, July 9, 2010

sacred spirit

sacred spirit
hear our cries
sacred spirit
our world dies
sacred spirit
sacred spirit
without you
there is no world
there is nothing new
sacred spirit
lives within
and everything
believe is all
you have to do
then our hands
will join
with all others,

an oasis of beauty

an oasis of beauty
in a world of straw
an island of wonder
is what i saw♥

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

to accept

to accept another as they are meant to be
is the true meaning of prodigy
to find a place to stand out and shine
even if it was not what someone else
had in mind
to bask and glow in the goodness one
can possess
to forget the no, and learn the yes
one’s truth path takes time to discover
and when one does, there is no other

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a letter

a letter to those by anger overtaken
it is not okay for babies to be shaken
it is not okay to beat animals down
as they cower in terror on the ground
it is not okay to hit wives and or lovers
and then expect to be warmly
received under the covers
your anger is yours
not meant to be shared
by those in your way
who pray to be spared

weather or not

we complain about the heat
we complain about the cold
all this complaining
is getting tiresome
and old.

Monday, July 5, 2010

larry w,RIP

larry always dreamed so hard,yet his wishes were deluded
a man riding high, on a wild card, his self esteem denuded
the paths he took, from a position of weakness
forever waiting for that lucky streak, victory at the preakness
but he never could really get out of the starting gate
his self abusing life style the winner.
this creator of his own fate
RIP my old leather jacketed friend
45 years ago we met
but this was not how
it was supposed to end

Sunday, July 4, 2010

how does

how does one do it?
make it last?
live in the present,
not in the past.
keeping in storage
...old wounds and old pains
to stop oneself from
that forage
again and again

my most recent published poem:-D

have 4th of july and every day thereafter!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

BP in your negligence

BP in your negligence
there really is no recompense
snails and pelicans covered in oil
our beautiful waters that you have spoiled
lives lost, so dear to us cannot be reborn
...turtles torched in agony, from their shells torn
fish and assorted water fowl doomed by
your mess
all because of your desire to cut corners
spend less
look into the eyes of an oil soaked bird
miles are spoken, without saying a word

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i am a river

I am a river, I am water, I am an ocean
Running free, I am still and I am silent
I am motion, I am me
I am crying for the life that lived
So safely within my breast
I am sighing for the future
Of the ones that I love best
My countenance has been damaged
By so much that man has done
How will my children manage
I am too murky for the sun
My waters are receding
I am languishing on the sand
No longer the life that I was leading
Just a sorrow out of hand
I am most of what is in your bodies
Without me you will die
Yet you treat me so very shoddy
And you do not even try
I am water, I am life, I am where
It all began
Please hear me as I call you
Hear me now,
Oh heart of man


each drop of water is a little lifetime. be it the precious sustenance of the sea, a smile from a friend, a kind word...drops become ripples, ripples become waves, waves, the tide of goodness that may gently roll onto an arid heart.

there is no little act of compassion. each kindness we share and send is a universe of hope, that could even guide someone out of the darkness

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

our world once a garden

our world, once a garden of beauty and grace
man has smeared his garbage all over its face
and now its ocean stand in hisway
too many of its creatures man plans to slay
man in his infinite greed and blood lust...
is pillaging his world
will it turn into dust?

Monday, June 28, 2010

i have seen

i have seen the nasty,
i have seen the strange
i have seen the ugly
i have seen the deranged
but i have seen the beauty
the kindness, the mirth
i have seen what could be
if we knew what we were worth
i have seen the possiblities
endless and rare
i have seen what happens
when people get together
and care♥

monday landed

monday landed much too fast
tuesday knows she will not last
wednesday does not want
to be stuck in the middle
thursday cries, he is much too little
friday grinning ear to ear
when she is gone,
the weekend is here!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

do you know

do you know
well i do not
i only see
that it sickens
the plot
life is too short for
ugly machinations
so i run like a cheetah
from toxic situations

Friday, June 25, 2010


breathe deep, but do not breathe fast
we do not know how long this will last
breathe hard, but do not breathe tight
sometimes the day does not follow night
breathe aloud, but not to be heard
...never drown out the spoken word
breathe breathe and breathe some more
breathe until it is your time
to answer the door

i clasp my hands

i clasp my hands in silent prayer
for all the living, everywhere
that peace will come, no more blood
to be shed
that all animals will be safe more species dead
i bow my head in prayer for those long gone
whose memories we cherish
and smile upon
for those we miss or never knew
by god's angels kissed,
in peace, renewed ♥

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

saisons d'etre

Saisons d’etre
Autumn turns, with gentle grace
Burnished hues, upon its face
Leaves cascading to the ground
Leaving trees, bare and brown
Winters chill, and austere beauty
White flakes abound, as is their duty
The earth grows cold, hard to the touch
Waiting for the spring it misses so much
Smiling spring arrives, welcoming soul
Soon all will thrive, no winter’s toll
Young life is born, in a verdant plane
Nurtured by the warm sun
and quenching rains
Then hot temperatures begin to rise
The summer sun, filled with surprise
Its soaring birds, its gleeful trees
A rush of life, then autumn breeze

drawing a blank

Monday, June 21, 2010

a time like this

a time like this
sweet as a kiss
lost for memories
by those of us
still around

terra luna

this is our world, we cannot yet go to mars,
but if we did, it would soon be cluttered with cars,
malls and fast food, litter, disease,
then off to the moon, which is made of green chees
(or so it is said in some children's fable,
man would then devour it whole, if this were true and man was able).


stranded on a lonely beach
her family, her pod so
out of reach
water touching but
not enough
the sand is coarse
it feels so rough
some upright creatures
running toward her, fast
she does not know how long
that she can last
will these chattering humans
make her better or worse
she waits, hoping this beach
will not become a hearse
the noises grow soft
her soul
carried aloft

Sunday, June 20, 2010

a tear

a tear i shed for our father sky
of so many hues, so deep and wide
white puffy clouds, sometimes adorn
of darkening grey, lost and forlorn
and crystal blue the future to tell
a sky we thought we knew so well
a tear i shed for our oceans greenblue
what will ever become of you
haven for creatures mystical and rare
lost in statisticals, does anyone care?
a tear i shed for our rugged terrain
deserts, jungles and ice
once on an even plane
and endless torrent of salty tears
for all the animals no longer here
and those, if we are not careful
that will soon disappear
please hear my cries
so i can dry my eyes
save our earth mother
for we have no other

my most recently published poem

please check out poem for boomers, on this site...
several more of my poems are there
and click the 5th star, if that is alright
show this old poet
that you care;-D

Saturday, June 19, 2010

to all of those

to all of those who look at their beach
covered in oil, no word to speak
their animals drowning
in a sea of tar
when will man realize
...he has gone too far?

Friday, June 18, 2010

i sing

i sing to herald a brand new day
i sing to chase the blues away
i sing because there is music everywhere
i sing because i want to share
i sing even if there is no tune
i sing because there is a sun
and moon

Thursday, June 17, 2010

blessed hearts

may all our tears soon join hands
end all fears, in every land
bring peace and safety
to all animal nations
blessed are those...
from god's creation ♥

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


the spirit speaks hand in hand with our hearts
it cares for the weak. finishes what it starts
the spirit runs free with nature
unfettered by man
the spirit does..
better than we can
earth mother i write
your name in the sky
we are your sisters and brothers
don't let our world die

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the spoken word

the spoken word has many voices
each one reflecting, its speaker's choices
some speak loudly from the heart
some speak from a dark place
to tear apart.
some speak of hope
some speak of dreams
some cannot cope
some speak in screams
a whisper carries
a thousands shouts
listen to your heart
let the goodness out♥

Saturday, June 12, 2010

for footprints

i want to know your touch of healing
the beauty you share
your wealth of feeling
i need to know that
when there is noone to talk to me
i can feel you walk with me
i need to know that
when it
all goes dark
that you will send me
your most radiant spark
i do believe that
being in your light
will somehow
all right

Friday, June 11, 2010


no matter how painful and tough things get
do not get snared in the abuse ugly net
hurting another does not a thing solve
and from your own guilt you are never absolved
reach out for help if you cannot cope
...this is far better than harming
when you are at the end of your rope
if something bad was ever done to you
you know how bad it feels
make sure that cycle is through

Thursday, June 10, 2010

i feel the wolf

i feel the wolf
i hear his song
howl so plaintive
howl so strong
howl so lonely
howl so sad
his world has
has gone mad

a frightened young pelican

a frightened young pelican, in oily attire,
hanging onto his life, by a delicate wire
mouth, trying to open, eyes blinking fast
as we watch television, hoping
his sweet life will last

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

nature's child

i dreamed that i was nature's child
running free, running wild
the grass and trees, caressing my face
as to sleep, i would fall
in their soft embrace
...the clouds a blanket for my days
a place i used, to run away
i dreamed i opened my eyes
i saw
and then, one day
i dreamed no more


humans in their relentless wrath
have hacked a very ugly path
lives and ecosystems destroyed
as man expands his territory
and builds killing toys
why can't man find a way to manage
is own existence
without animals as collateral

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

do you

do you see me or who you want me to be?
are my feelings mine, or how you opine
is it me in your life
or a repeat of some other strife?

Monday, June 7, 2010

my soul is aching

my soul is aching, my heart is sore
i do not think i can take much more
all this dying, suffering and pain
every day, just a different strain
homo sapiens do you hear
what it is that is drawing near
you need to reconcile your soul
save our earth, time to roll

Sunday, June 6, 2010


the earth our mother, our soul, our self
our greatest hope, our greatest wealth
we sit here holding hands in prayer
to show you light, to show you we care
we are all equal children of
your wounded breast
every race, all animals
we shall heal the rest
oh spread your spirit
oh spread your love
we have a strong foundation
from the creator above

Saturday, June 5, 2010

i have no room for guile

I have no room for guile
It does not make me smile
It is a waste of space
It is an ugly place
It bites itself in the end
With wounds
That cannot mend

a summer prayer

a summer prayer for those left outside
who think noone cares, who just want to hide
a summer prayer, that love finds its way
into your lives, just a heartbeat away
a summer prayer for safety and peace
...a world free from hatred. where bigotry ceased
a summer prayer for the winds of soft change
a better direction, a world rearranged♥

Friday, June 4, 2010


this is where i spend my day
sometimes looking for food
or for frolic and play
the water is so dark now
i cannot see a thing
i am so hungry
i cannot move my wings
what happened to
my homeland
where i live and breed
what will happen to
the fish
upon whom i feed
i am feeling so tired
i cannot lift my head
in this muck and this mire
i do not want to be dead


beauty is perceived
not by the eyes
but by the heart
which is the true
all seeing part♥

Thursday, June 3, 2010

dear earthlings

dear earthlings:
we share the same planet
and this planet cries
she watches as all her
beautiful creatures
...slowly die
she sobs tears unbroken
as man, in his path
with words unspoken
enacts his wrath
on everything living
just taking, no giving

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i dreamed i was a butterfly

I dreamed I was a butterfly
All I had to do was soar
My wings so high
My colors reflected by the sun
Admired and adored by
Windborne as the days went by
Short and sweet
Then time to die

the summer reign

the summer rain
so gentle and soft
sends my spirit
far aloft

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

summer rain

Summer rain cleanse my soul
take me high, make me whole
Take me away from
where I have been
Leave me naked, without sin
Let your cooling raindrops spell
Wash away where I once fell

to you

since i met you
many words i
my life went
from bad
to verse

Monday, May 31, 2010

we bow

we bow our heads
to those we have lost
in past, present and
future wars
the human cost

my most recent published poem 5/31

Sunday, May 30, 2010


romantic love is a gem
that needs to be forever polished
or it will lose its luster.
a work in progress,
without the bluster.
the more it is refined,
the more it shines.
and in every glow.
the feelings deepen and grow♥

Saturday, May 29, 2010

RIP easy rider

dennis hopper lived his life
by his own rules
did not take any crap
nor tolerate fools
he will be remembered
for his iconic grace
another one gone,
we can never replace

To view, visit

many people admired the man, and a few even liked my poem

Friday, May 28, 2010


passion gives breath
passion is life
passion is waking
and stretching ones arms
passion is sensation
passion is loss
passion is victory
passion is tossed
passion is what separates
the alive from the dead
passion is what keeps me
so far from my dread


please all of you who think it is okay
to cause pain to others hear what i say
you have feelings, others do too
you would not want them
to cause hurt to you.
try to focus on the life in your hands
it is not here to meet you demands
try to remember that you once had dreams
and i hope they were not to hear others scream
i implore as time surely flies
kindness rules, please give it a try

Thursday, May 27, 2010

memorial be published on that hallowed day in babyboomerknowledgecenter...please read

On memorial day we honor those who have served
The army, the marines, the navy , the reserves
We honor those who fought so that we could be free
To enjoy our careers, our friends, our families
We honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice
So we would not pay the worst possible price
To be enslaved, our freedoms torn
Into a lifeless world our children would be born.
This is not about being in favor of war
We all hate the bloodshed, the pain, the gore
This is about people who did what had to be done
Here is hoping that one day,
Wars will be none

do not let anyone devalue you

do not ever let anyone devalue you
you can do whatever you put your mind to
say goodbye to the ego slayers
let their negativity rest
and rejoice with
the up players
who wish you the best

as a child

as a child my eyes were open wide
taking in everything i saw outside
as i grew i learned in and out of school
that life is short and people are cruel
each day those sad truthes are reinforced
as i watch our species on its downward course

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

to be

to accept another as they are meant to be
is the true meaning of prodigy
to find a place to stand out and shine
even if it was not what someone else
had in mind
to bask and glow in the goodness one
can possess
to forget the no, and learn the yes
one's truth path takes time to discover
and when one does, there is no other

Monday, May 24, 2010

dear world

maybe you like me maybe you don't
maybe one day you will
maybe one day you won't
i dance to a song of
my own creation
it is hard to get along
but i am used to that sensation
my world is run on simplicity
i am nice to you if you are nice to me

Friday, May 21, 2010

should i

if we walk together, can we maybe hold hands,
it is quiet around here, do you have anything planned?
i wonder if i like the same things as you,
i wonder if you want someone loving,
or is it games that you do.
too many questions, in this little dance,
will i like the answers? should i take the chance

Thursday, May 20, 2010

dejas, voux?

things that happen, maybe once or twice
now looking back, they seem so nice
little moments. lost in regret
but that is okay
we do not forget

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


forest is dark, there is no more light,
where are my feet. will i be alright?
the underbrush will not let me go,
i am being dragged under, so far below.
i reach up grabbing for whatever there be,
and there you stand, will you set me free?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


please be kind, if you can.
please try to be the good in man.
do not abandon one that is old,
time is precious, more than gold.
do not shy away if not perfect in look,
the heart is is pure, it is a holy book.
be to others the way you want want to receive,
have hope and faith, and always believe ♥

Monday, May 17, 2010

pas de jour

one foot, then another,
one step, then i hover.
looking around, for caution's sake
do not want to drown
in my own mistake
our planet is a living entity. it teems with life, at its core, under its blue oceans, atop its icy mountains, on its multifaceted surface. it is a vibrant blessing...a garden of enormous beauty, contrasts, the creator's masterpiece.

we must get it back!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

the firefly

the magic of the firefly,
a delight to the senses,
a trick to the eye.
suspended gently
in its flight,
as reverentially,
it lights up the night,
like a forest of stars,
caressing the earth,
it has travelled so far,
and brings so much mirth.


a special prayer for those
mowed down by this world,
for the victims of cruelty,
for those who stand their ground,
flags unfurled.
a prayer for the old,
for the sick, for the alone,
those who sit and watch
their silent telephone.
a prayer for those oppressed,
who cannot speak,
a prayer for all the rest,
the mistreated, and the weak

i feel

i am empty, i am wasted
too much sadness i have tasted
it does not pay to b*tch and moan
in the end we are all alone

Saturday, May 15, 2010

there was a flower

there was a gentle flower, of pigment bland,
just waiting to be chosen by someone's hand.
but all walked by as she did not shine,
through her petals, a lonely whine.
but soft were those petals, though of colors deplete,
and underneath the nettles, an aroma so sweet ♥

Friday, May 14, 2010

a spectre

you play both sides, where there is no middle
you make a lot of noise, but the content
a piddle.
you laugh at other people, fast and faster
you worship at your own steeple
of the puppet master
but there are those of us
who have a spine
you can hurl all your mess
but i am not supine

i want to float

i want to float where there are no more games,
no more hurt, noone who blames,
i want to float in a land of reason,
sense and logic, all four seasons,
i want to float, so i do not frown,
as others gloat, i start to drown

Thursday, May 13, 2010


i have never found paradise
but the thought of it
is very nice.
i have found some peace
and tranquility
after decades of trauma
that sure works for me
an eden of my own
i would like to find
but perhaps i am lagging way
too far behind.
my illness will not
stand to block my road
i am learning to live
and that has eased my load

ned the elephant, who had to wait until the end of his life, to have a life

ned your life on earth a gift misused
years of neglect, years of abuse
at the end of your life you finally knew care
friends at your side, food always there
you will not be forgotten, as i sit here and cry
asking why some humans are so rotten
and you had to die?
but peace and comfort you found
a place in heaven, to fast
but in our hearts you are with us
forever, steadfast

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the beauty

the beauty of truth
the beauty of earth
the creator is infinite wisdom
from which we feel mirth
to worship and cherish
so noone lives shall perish ♥

feliz cumpleanos

You don’t care for me now
You never did
Who do you think
You are trying to kid?
To you everything is no more
Than a game
Just taking prisoners
But you never change
Do you think about
The day I was born
Or have you just moved on
A lost devil’s spawn


i am tired, i am torn
feel so far from being born
i am weary and wired
so much life has transpired

Monday, May 10, 2010


It is so important to have faith
Without it life is a wraith
Doors will close ahead of you
And you will not know
What to do
Believe in good
Believe in your craft
Faith is out there
Fore and aft.
Believe in the creator
And breathing air
Take that step forward
If you dare

mal de mer

i know what i see,
though sometimes
it is twisting,
but it is hard to see straight
when the boat is listing

Sunday, May 9, 2010

to end?

should i look upon what i see,
as that which is in front of me?
or should i look a little deep,
and open up what wants to sleep?

karen no man's land

I have no hearth, no steady hand
My name is karen no man’s land
I have no place to call my own
Just A house that is built on arid loam
I walk the world, intoxicated
All alone, and isolated
Looking for a place to run
But finding that there isn’t one
Not even sand will accommodate
No place to rest my
Weary pate

what is a mother?

a mother is someone who nurtures and cares
whenever needed, she is always there
a mother is someone who has a kind word to say
especially after a long, trying day.
a mother is someone who will protect
wind rain and elements, she will deflect
a mother swims in the ocean, soars in the sky
walks or crawls on our planet
her young always in her eyes
a mother is wild, a mother is tame
a mother was once a child
at times, she has no name.
but she is a mother
a life she has treasured
there is no scale on this planet
by which this gem can be measured

Friday, May 7, 2010

for you

you came into my life, i had no time for preparing.
i never knew that there could be so much love and caring.
you quietly walked me through it, apprehensions and all,
even when i tried to undo it, you still stood tall.
you never wavered, nor had any doubts,
as i had to labor, to let my trust out.
thank you for loving me in the way that you do,
i am becoming who i am, and it is because of you

marriage vows in the 21st century narcissist era

promise on time, to you tweet

friend you on facebook

keep my laptop neat

i promise not to

break the prenup

even if we divorce

right after

the wedding sup

i promise to honor

and obey

all your selfish needs

even if they get in my way

if you promise all the

same to me back

from my attorney

you won't get

too much flack


i promise to tolerate

even when you come home late

i promise one way or the other

not to want to slap your mother

i promise if your underwear

is on the floor

i will not throw

it out the door

but all of this will be


if there is any

extramarital text

Thursday, May 6, 2010

how can i

how can i make you understand,
that everything is out of hand?
how can i possibly make you see,
just how all this is affecting me,
how can i make you look outside of your world,
when your ego is never unfurled?

lady bug

lady bug, so precious and light,
please be careful in your flight.
there are creatures out there
bigger than you,
who knows what bad things
they will do.
land softly, land smart
little spotted friend
with heart ♥

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

show me the way

show me the way
unto the light
the world is dark
and i am filled with fright

my shameless take on lewis carroll's jaberwocky


twas drilling and the slimy oils
did writhe and wriggle in the waves
the coastline and its creatures there
innocent victims of this scenario grave
beware the oil rig, my son
the pump that grinds, the rotors that catch
it breaks, it leaks, it often freaks
and all end up swimming in an oily patch


she walked the land of rocks and ice,
snowbound lakes, that glisten and entice.
she moved very quickly, she did not want to falter,
or she would end up in the grip
of harsh winter's cruel halter.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

drill baby NOT

world you have drilled this earth into a hole,
fossil fuels from oil to coal.
and who precisely will dredge up the muck,
the pestilence in which innocent life is stuck


the creator looked over his paradise,
from tropical forests, to fields of ice.
he studied the oceans, the deserts so dry,
the natural fountains, the mountains up high.
he looked at the profusion of creatures small and grand,
then gave them sweet sunshine, to light up the land.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

the earth

the earth was stolen from its source
slowly pulled down, by human force
the creator watched with sullen scowl
waiting for his wolves to howl
the silence that greeted him
stirred his wrath
this is not the way for man
this is not his path.

Friday, April 30, 2010

if you

If you float within his arc
You will always feel the spark
If you try to impede
His path
he will make you feel the wrath

love is

Love is an evolution of the soul
At times it is in parts, at times
It is whole.
At times it feels bad, at times
It feels good.
But love is love,
Doing what love should


she walked in slow deliberation,
each step its own off syncopation.
inspite of her now wobbly gait,
she was thankful that life was still on her plate

heel leo

the sun stretched his arms
against the purple sky,
saw the chaos down below,
and started to cry.

carriage trade

the carriage trade does not belong
pulled behind horses, so proud and strong
tormented by traffic odors and sounds
surrounded by danger, to be run aground
please ban this tired old world pretension
so our beloved horses no longer
live in fear and apprehension

Thursday, April 29, 2010

shades open

the little moon danced around the sun.
it was so warm, he wanted some.
he edged up closer to the heat,
the sun said no, you are complete.
it is i who brings the warmth of day,
you are for the night, so cold you stay.

shades drawn

one day the stars just took a walk,
they did not turn around,
they did not balk.
the bustling planet world below,
too many cruelties, they had to go.
the moon watched as they made their flight,
soon following in this darkest of nights.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


the fingers moving, hollow sounds.
mind meanders, without its ground.
words are plucked from pages torn,
feelings untucked so weary and worn.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

if you

if you have nothing good or kind to say
would you please go away
if you have a need to be cruel
take it out on yourself
you are not a tool
to havoc wreak
on the silent
or the weak


a quiet step, a quiet voice.
each move we take,
we make a choice.
embrace the dark,
or see the light,
all days are long,
then final night


hia glory days
went too fast
he always knew
they would not last
heady times
so far away
as he nears
his final stay

how high

how high is it to reach for the sky?
how will you ever know,
if you never try :-D ♥

if your eyes

if your eyes could see through mine,
what do you think that they would find,
as they looked long and hard at you?
would they see both false and true?
or a flash of something there,
maybe like a trace of care?
you have your rules
i live by mine
you push me too far
i will draw the line

Monday, April 26, 2010

you ?

if you will give me your heart,
i will try to achieve,
everything that i promised,
so you will believe,
if i give you my heart,
will you gingerly take it,
handle with care,
and try not to break it?

Sunday, April 25, 2010


you are the light,
you are the voice
both day and night
how i rejoice

Friday, April 23, 2010


there are times i want to know,
just how and where all the time did go.
then there are times i have the sense
to not look backward and trip over that fence.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

if you want, my facebook fan page:-D

please do no regard me with scorn
if i have the need to "toot my own horn"
the written word is my weapon
of choice
to speak for those without
a speaking voice
please join my fan page
my writing needs this so
then my$$$$ to the animals go

earth day

have you ever
looked at a butterfly?
i mean really looked,
then asked yourself why.
this delicate winged creature fine
is blessed with color and graceful lines?
where does it come from
in magical flight
as it lands so gently
on flowers light?
and what about flowers
so varied in formation
as each one blooms
its own creation
oh bless this earth
so teeming and alive
please work together
so all species thrive

Monday, April 19, 2010


a living being comes into this world,
eyes are closed, extremities curled,
ears half hearing, everything new,
so endearing to all who can view.
but what will happen to this innocent,
every day in his development?
will he be hurt, will he cause pain,
will he desert all that is sane?


when a person of goodness
leaves this earth to die,
those left who withstood this,
some are quiet. some cry.
some go about daily living,
others sit lonely and still,
some are not as forgiving,
feeling like they were
force fed a bitter pill.
the memories that linger,
some troublesome, some not,
death has quite a long stinger,
beyond the burial plot.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

i know you,
but do you know me?
do you know
what i always
wanted to be?
do you know
what i am feeling
when i cry?
or if there is healing,
in my sigh?

Friday, April 16, 2010

i want

I want to live
I want to breathe
For myself I don’t
want to grieve
I want to feel
Everything I did not
I want to be
I was not
I want to live
I don’t want
To die
I need to give
And I am
Going to try
Eyes, ears
Senses abound
I am thirsting and
Taking in
Everything around


music soothes my feral soul,
calms the angry, makes me whole,
takes the blues, stuffs them in a drawer,
as just old news, don't need them any more.
drifting lightly on this plane,
ever so slightly lost again,
in a place where i can't be touched,
hurt no more, feel good so much.
don't want to leave this lofty space,
as ...the years fade from my heart and face...


love so near, yet far apart.
feelings clear, deep in our hearts.
separated by time and space.
relegated to this lonely place.
we see each other in our minds.
holding hands, never to unwind.
then reality presents.
missing you so intense,
your eyes, your words,
are still being heard. ♥

Thursday, April 15, 2010


a gentle stroll,
a soft light walk,
yet so afraid,
she starts to balk.
one foot moves forward,
one lags behind,
is it untoward,
to not make up one's mind?

a prayer

a prayer to god
to ease the pain
give the mean and stupid
a heart and a brain
gather all the world's cruelty
in a box
throw it in the sea
and weigh it down
with rocks
bring hope and life
to those so lost
remove the strife
from those fate
has sorely crossed
shine your goodness
please shine so bright
shower earth with love
warmth and blissful
treasure each breath,
savor the air,
live life to the fullest,
the ultimate dare.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

that moment when eyes look into another's eyes, and see the true being, is the greatest manifestation of the beauty of nonverbal language, the language that speaks the most by saying the least


the street i walked was littered with hopes
dreams so shattered, dangling from ropes
feelings i wasted on the underserving
moments on my heart pasted, by those
so self serving.
corners once sharp now dulled with pain
an angels harp cannot pierce this rain
no direction no where to go
dark introspection
is all i know

Monday, April 12, 2010

once upon a rhyme

a tisket a tasket,
if you don't like
the answer to the question,
don't ask it

Sunday, April 11, 2010

foreign legion

There is a legion of hurt that assails us
When we search for it, it never fails us
Resentments not too far out of reach
Bleeding us dry, like a leech
Cannot walk forward
On ankles bent
The chain of ugly
Will not relent
We must shelve
That part of us
That which lingers
In its festering pus

Friday, April 9, 2010

my hands

you cannot speak for yourself,
this i can do,
so i choose to speak for you.
i understand where you have pain,
i have had my own,
and it is insane.
the rules are broken
or are unmade,
stand up, stand tall,
please do not fade.
although the light
seems not as bright,
you are not alone,
it will be alright.

there is no time

there is no time to negotiate
i have far too much on my plate
i have made a stand
my stand is firm
i am sorry if it
makes you squirm
but stand i still
and still i stand
this has gone on
far too long
and it is out of hand
the rest i guess
is up to you
and what it is
that you deem true


will you be my friend, will you understand,
if i am too quiet, and withdraw my hand.
will you still stand near me, when the door is closed,
and when i reopen, inside, will you go?
will you be happy if things go for me well,
and not get snappy, from a jealous spell.
this is what i would to for you,
but i would like the same done for me, too


to deny is to retreat
an invitation for
history to repeat
the atrocities
it has done before
we must educate
so there are no more

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i went on a voyage
not of my own choosing
the seas were so rough
my body tired from bruising
the waves dashed me against
ice floes firey and cold
is this recompense
for not doing what i was told?
my arms flailed in terror
energy spent to no avail
one wrong turn, an error
the boat will no longer sail?

did you

it was never meant
the time we spent
it was wrong
from the start
the way you
crept into my heart
your own deceipt
your pet conceit
but did you ever
in moments rare
entertain the
notion to really care?

Monday, April 5, 2010

too many

too many clanking cages
filled with too many sad lives
books with empty pages
bees buzzing around barren hives
streets by potholes paved
with ever growing gaps
faces turning away
from another of life's slaps
hearts waiting to be broken
others waiting to be healed
by a mere gesture, just a token
anothers fate is sealed


one foot goes in front,
the other should follow,
as i walk forward,
avoiding the wallow.
sometimes i stumble,
sometimes i fall,
but even as i mumble,
i know that this is not all.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


a flood of tears cannot stop the pain,
a torrent of fears cannot stop the rain,
a spate of heartache conquers all,
i hold onto the sides,
as i begin to fall,
the tumbling downward will never cease,
until it reaches bottom, and then finds peace

i feel the breeze

I feel the breeze
Of the door opening
And closing
It has been doing so
For awhile
As I have been dozing
The air is not fresh
The air is not soft
But I feel myself
Being born aloft
Where am i
Who am i
What is going on here
The earth is still moving
And coming so near


as our holy season comes to a close,
it is time to reflect upon all of those,
who do not have a warm meal,
or a place to go,
with empty lives
filled with days so slow.
at odds with a world
at odds with itself,
clinging onto what is left
of their mental health.

Friday, April 2, 2010

i do not

i do not feel what you feel,
but i believe in you
and i know it is real.
i will not sit in judgement here,
i hear your words,
and they are very clear.
feelings are not facts to be disputed,
they are not for debate or to be refuted.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


love, the gift that does not cost a cent, too hard to come by, too easily spent

i am me

am me
and you are you
sometimes we
are different
in what we say and do
but our hearts are
joined and entwined
whether or not
we agree on
what the other
we learn, we grow
there is always more
to know.
with eyes open wide
we let all the good
go inside
while weeding out the bad
there is so much out there
to be had
hold my hand, day and night
and we will be alright

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

oh promise me

oh promise me
there will be
no more pain
no more dogs
at the end of chains
no more needles
no more gas
all the misery
will shortly pass
oh promise me
happy endings here
so my eyes
will no longer tear
oh promise this
oh promise that
before my sad heart
just goes splat

the underdog

the underdog so misunderstood
judged by the outside
but inside good
heart crying out
to all who see
look a little closer
and you will find the real me
why do you step aside
there is no reason to hide
i need love and i return it
here it is, please don't spurn it

i will stand

i will hold your hand as we walk,
i will listen intently as you talk.
i will stand by you, through foul or fair,
as long you are true and continue to care ♥

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

friend ship

you are my friend, you accept me,
you trust and respect me.
i extend the same to you,
that is what friends do ♥

ka boom

i am one who refuses to look like frump
even at the times i am pleasingly plump
although a glamazon i may not be
no muumuus or house dresses
nope, not for me
my jeans are slim
my clothes
show youth
even though
i am long in the tooth
i am a boomer and
proud i sit
(just not so easy
as my clothes
don't fit:-)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Treasure each moment
As it is all new
You never know
What tomorrow
Will do
i ran into a wall of hope.
it was built of strong foundation.
it stood tall even when storms would come,
refusing degradation.

Friday, March 26, 2010

i pray

i pray for love i pray for peace
i pray that all forms of hate will cease
i pray that all the living will get along
i pray that our resolve will always be strong
i pray for you i pray for me
i pray for everything i see
i pray that no creature will be mistreated
i pray that one day, my prayers will be heeded

Thursday, March 25, 2010

don't you wish that there was an "on switch" for good,
imagine how the world would be different,
if we could.
just pump up the volume, drown out the bad,
rain kindness around us,
what joy to be had ♥

each day

each day my eyes are open wide
to look within, to look outside
to see the gift that life has to offer
in what ever way it fills my coffers
to breathe to dance
another chance

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The end of something
That was once grand
What now remains
Just sleight of hand
The pain, the doubt
Questions of self worth
To be without
Walking this earth
Our dignity remains
In tact
As we prepare the final act
To say fare not so well
To one who did us wrong
And not look back
As we move along

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

there is a dark place

There is a dark place
Lost and cold
A heartless stopspace
and it grows so old
It grabs me, shakes me
Holds on tight
Chases me all day
then keeps me up
All night

the world reigning cruelty

The world raining cruelty
All over our heads
The only umbrella
a pillow, sheets and a bed
but there is no time now
for resting or sleeping
we are facing a climb
as we drown in our

Monday, March 22, 2010

into graceful waters

Into graceful waters I pull my soul
Tumbling forward. While trying
To stay whole
The earthen waves from beneath my feet
In rythms so sweet
I sway so gently with the motion
Above and below
My internal ocean

i've been written up;-D

dream flight

I fly above the earth so round
I soar, I dip
I do not touch the ground
The treetops beckon
A lush soft green cushion
I will not fall
So I keep on pushing
My body floating
So free in the air
In grateful flight
Without a care
So safe so warm
Above the earth’s
Swirling storm

Saturday, March 20, 2010


as night falls and we close our hearts.
we close our eyes. we close our thoughts.
we sleep the sleep of dreamlessness,
we wake up, is the daytime less?
we move on through the lives we are given,
but what is it that keeps us driven.

i want the world that my ancestors knew

i want the world that my ancestors knew
the sky was clear
the oceans green blue
animals lived in great profusion
unmolested by human intrusion
i want a planet where i can breathe
not watch creatures die, helpless
as i grieve
i want a world with caring people
who see each other as the church,
the steeple
who worship creation and all its gifts
a world in unison
not in rift

Friday, March 19, 2010


when haggling about

the wobeling gockis

one slivening in doubt

of crappydockis....

the deafening silence

The deafening silence
Of empty words
Lost promises, spoken
Or never heard.
The hollow winds howling
in one heart so broken
Inside disemboweling
Each heart beat
A token

Thursday, March 18, 2010


love cannot be sold or bought,
as man's society has taught.
love has value in itself,
it's very goodness is its wealth.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


the rays of the sun were meant to shine,
on all living things, not just mankind.
the oceans, the deserts, the mountains, the seas..
all those places and creatures
afflicted with the human disease.
oh people please learn that this is the garden so rich,
enjoy all of its beauty instead of throwing it in a ditch.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

it hurts
don't you feel it?
who will help
me heal it.
will time be the
will i learn
to endure
will the shadows
grow still
or come in
for the kill
do memories fade
or just their
recall, delayed
give love be real
show what you feel
what is returned
you will know
you have earned
what is it with the human race?
they think that earth
is their personal space,
to waste and destroy,
like a spoiled child with a toy.
if animal species die, then humans bye bye.
we are all connected, as nature directed

Friday, March 12, 2010


it is such a long and lonely night
we need to fight
for animal rights
to fix what was
broken by the hand
of man
to be our best
do what we can.
we cannot sit
and tolerate
no cruelty
will pass
by our determined
and so we rise
to do our bidding
and protect all those
it is befitting

black dog

My pigment was not of my design,
But what does that matter,
All pigments are fine.
do you look at me and
say look a black
Dog is here
Do you run away
As I cower in fear.
Does my size intimidate.
Along with my color,
What will be my fate.
Stop judging people
And animals
Because of their skin
The heart is what matters
And that lies within.


is man willing to accept his brutality
with a smoke screen of his own banality?
causing pain and killing is real,
not a grand theft auto video game deal.
the wet blood is red,
the victim is dead.
wake up human race to that fact,
and make a kindness and compassion pact.


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