Sunday, June 30, 2013

mama garage eagle

now the fledglings have flown away.
i sit and care for my new babies today.
just hatched they are a day or so.
and when they get older,
they too shall go.
baby garage eagles sleeping under mama

we welcome you

we welcome you,
we cannot stay.
when the time comes,
we will go
but we are glad
to see you,
across the street

redyellow carpet

redyellow carpet
so soft on the eyes.
trances and dances.
sweet nature is
so wise.
across the street

Saturday, June 29, 2013


so soothing.
gentle hands
that caress.

tree trunked whirlpool

what do you see
as you look at
the bark,
the trunk of a tree
or an imagination

in dreams i am violet

in dreams i am violet,
soft and warm winded.
in dreams there is
none of which
is rescinded. 

                                                               right in front

eye of the maelstrom

eye of the maelstrom,
reds in all their glory.
each nuance, a spectrum
with its own


touches of tomorrow.
hints of burnished gold.
what is fresh and new now,
will grow gracefully


all feasts for the
eyes and

                                                        there and loving it


♪you are you,
we are we.
but together
we make things
as they should
                                                         while out and about

Friday, June 28, 2013


here i stand,
there is a
wall right here.
but if believe i
this wall
i will
                                                       up the street, a ways


trying to attain.
i keep reaching.
the process,
amidst the green

here i rest

here i rest.
this is my
mama to be garage eagle

velvet pink reds

velvet pink reds
dance inside
my head.                                           right there

pretty cacaphony

pink pretty cacophony
sights, sounds i
honored to be
these beauties
i am near.                              
                                                        right outside

merry greenround

merry greenround,
the leaves and the rain.
the circle completes,
then starts over
♪looking out our front door♪


clouds and darkness
storms may brew,
but a patch of sun
always shines

                                                        view from the car

Thursday, June 27, 2013

what world

what world am I.
what world

                                                       right outside our building

bathed by rainlight

bathed by rainlight.
soothing waters.
resting now,
until the sun
kisses my brow.

                                                         outside our front door

garage eagletree

this is my tree.
inside i dwell.
my branches
are concrete,
i know them well.

                                               the eagle who would be king


into the portal
of colors and rain.
once it is entered.
things forever

                                                            outside our front door


bursts of
passion and ire,
to which our
can only aspire.
at a shopping mall

pteri ptalk

in this world you will never see,
anything quite as pretty as me.
                                                pteri tea rose max, our little birdie hero
                                                   ♥ almost died but fought and won♥

summer snowflakes

summer snowflakes
spring into winter
and fall...
perhaps there is only
one season,
after all☺☻
while walking home

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


i stand tall and a part of it all.
planting fields

garage eaglewalk

i walk this place.
i call it home.
i go out to get food,
but far, i do not roam.
in the realm of the king pigeon

garage eagle tuckybird

garage eagle,
tucking his head.
as he sleeps on
his metal bed.
in the land of the eagles

bonitas, nuevas

another view of something new

                                                                 outside subway

never too late

just because one is "old"
does not mean one cannot
pursue a dream with
spirit, bold

here is a pic of the old woman holding a book in which she is the poet coauthor
my poems on pages 36,69,103,167,231 and 291

very exciting and happy book!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

one feather

one feather lived from
day to day.
a hard living it is,
the pigeon way.
with cars, and concrete,
trucks and noise.
a few moments of respite
for pigeon joys.
that hardscrabble birdlife
now snuffed away.
one feather was run over.
just tears...
no more words to say.

candy flowers

confections we seem
to the eye to be.

we live outside subway

in concrete

in concrete forests
i sing my song.
my life is good
but it is not
                                                      outside subway

i rise

today i rise.
i surprise.
outside subway


water tears
on sad
green leaves.
they cry but do
not know for
they grieve.
                                                        on the way home from yoga


embrace difference.
be eclectic.
share your space.
in joyful

                                                      pteribird's courtyard

if we

if we choose to we can fly.
we can soar as high as the sky.
with open hearts acting as
our wings,
we can do most
photo taken, sky high eyes

ebbie's wings...for a little beagle, one of 40 rescued from labhell

ebbie the beagle learned to fly.
he chose to live, not to die.
this little spirit, so hurt in the past,
his will to live…in freedom at last.
though at at the hands of man,
mistreatment obscene,
he chose to forgive,
not a bone in him mean.
ebbie soars on courage’s wings.
his world a flight of fancy,
as his huge heart sings.
he sees each day as
a life, renewed.
to all the people who save him
a great big ♥thank you♥

Monday, June 24, 2013

where are we

where are we.
it is clear,
we are here.


great beauty lives across
that fence.
and once there you journey,
there is no more past

                                               by the entrance to the planting fields

i dance with my shadow

I dance with my shadow.
pas de deux.
we dance on the bricks,
where soft grass
once stood.

little windowsill garden

little windowsill garden,
sheltered and sweet.
as the world walks by,
she waits, shy and
building front oasis


sparkling from
inside out.
our glow,
so subtle.
it almost shouts.
can you see
our inner glow.
it is here for you,
we hope you know.
outside the yoga studio

so moved and humbled..for the little dog and puppy on youtube

dog passes dead puppy and honors her by burying her.

i found this baby on my way,
so exposed and disrespected she cannot stay.
she never had a chance to really live.
so what i have to her i will give.
a blanket of earth, a private place,
as she goes onto the angel’s space.


sitting on top of this car.
what do i see.
i see the whole world
in front of pigeon me.
in the lair of the garage eagles

♥live and let love♥

live and let love.
follow your own path.
do not pressure others
nor let others pressure you,
to love the way you/they
are expected to.
or the way they
would want you
to do.
love is yours
to share
and be shared.
not to judge
or be judged
by those who
really do
not care.
floating in space, outside our place

still asleep

although i appear
I am awake.
before i bloom,
some rest
to take.
                                                       planting fields bloom  to be

Sunday, June 23, 2013


together, in sync.
we live and
we think.
                                                           outside the front door

what worlds have grown

what worlds have grown,
from the seeds I have

                                                     photo taken at planting fields

do not be afraid

do not be afraid
to look deep inside.
kindness and compassion
do not want to hide.

                                                    little petals outside the front door

Saturday, June 22, 2013

she waits, so softly

she waits, so softly
a gentle breeze blows.
what she waits for,
only she knows.
planting fields


dancing colors
that complement.
such sounds and wonder
by heaven,
photo taken in pteribird's courtyard

thank you sun

thank you sun
for smiling on me.
and all the other
that you see.                         
                                                         little planting fields dancer


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