Wednesday, April 30, 2014

here we gather

here we gather
with friends
to eat
why not...
food is at
our feet.

not built to last

not built to last.
the future
is past.
little beautyland

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

spring solos smile

spring solos smile,
graced as they are
by sunlight's sweet

little neighbors

he wrapped

he wrapped his arms
around her heart.
so that even
when they were
not together,
they were never
local loveliness

Monday, April 28, 2014

in finite

in the infinite moments of i don't know,
the joy of not having to,
starts to grow!
in front of yoga studio

my life

my life
in the morning.
i search for food.
then back to the
it is time for rest.
then tomorrow
i start anew.
is this how life
is for you.

a little friend from my
morning feeding

on our street

on our street
where flowers
making the most
of every
side of apartment building

spring thing

so lovely to perch on
a branch in spring,
surrounded by warmth,
green and beautiful
outside yoga studio

namaste, love and light

love and light.
peace-filled days,
and blissful

what nonsense

what nonsense goes on up there
in those silly human heads...
why cans you not be smart
and sensible as we birdies are.
pteribird a.k.a. pteri tea rose max

Sunday, April 27, 2014

going down the roads

going down the roads
that life often takes.
northern blvd. manhasset
surprises that
life sometimes


we are weeds to some.
but we are dandelions
to us.
we are pretty, too
without all the fuss.
planting fields

ah the world from this funny place

the world from
this funny place.
garage eagle on new perch

Friday, April 25, 2014

given the chance

given the chance,
i could fly.
spread my wings,
just watch me
outside yoga studio


the greatest

grace avenue

fuzzical whimsy

fuzzical whimsy
nature's humor
sweet laughter
planting fields

the next step

the next step seems like
gravel and dirt.
i want to go forward,
but don't want to
get hurt.

putting his best foots forward at the planting fields


magnolia colors all
beauty and grace.
embracing difference,
as they share the
same space.

planting fields

little purple starlight

little purple starlight shines.
bringing joy and comfort
to all she finds.
planting fields

Thursday, April 24, 2014

she lived in a world of magicland

she lived in a world
planting fields
of magicland,
where everyone seemed to

in this tree

in this tree
i can only
be found
by those
who know
how to look.
planting fields
planting fields

station road looking up

the last words spoken...for the buffalo nations

may the last words spoken
be words of peace,
kindness and compassion,
a sweet release.
for all god's creatures
in all lands.
we stand as ONE,
in hearts and hands.

they speak in voices

they speak in voices
never heard.
they speak great volumes
without saying

local beauties

in the endless quizzical

i love you from the endless quizzical,
between the mind, heart and the
outside the building next door

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

earth daze

pretty orb,
abuzz with
sounds and
this is our home.
let us treat
her right!

this is ours

you have your worlds,
this is ours.
nestled above the dirt,
and many cars.

garage eagles


a blizzard of white flowers

a blizzard of white flowers
to rain down from
the tree.
grace avenue looking up


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