Monday, June 30, 2014

lace and petals

lace and petals
summer's dance
so short and
yet it lingers....
but never long
norman j levy

orange beckons

orange beckons
your imaginings...
norman j levy

a little dove lived in a tree

a little dove lived in a tree.
she sang her song.
norman j levy park
the tree's warm
loving arms.
she felt safe
and far from

a heart like a flower

a heart like a flower
once closed
now open.
good things can
we are always
norman j levy park you

do you follow the herd,
or stand apart.
do you lead with
your head,
or listen to
your heart.
norman j levy park

Sunday, June 29, 2014

so tall i stand

so tall i stand
over the world
above my branches
planting fields
there is
so much
more to

little birdie in the tree

little birdie in the tree
so sweet she sits
in waiting....
planting fields

in her mind grew jungles

in her mind grew jungles,
tangles, vines.
planting fields

walk me through canopy

walk me through canopy
pink and lush,
soft and fragrant,
there is no
planting fields


without bees,
we would not
planting fields


underneath all that confusion and
crossed wires,
is a trunk.
hard to find under
all that bunk.
planting fields


perfection is not something
for which we strive.
we are just happy
to be alive.
planting fields

Friday, June 27, 2014

am i an elephant, an elk or a crocodile

am i an elephant, an elk or a crocodile.
sit with your imagination for a while.

the planting fields of the

in the blink of a tree trunk
an elephant's eye

a little bug answers

a little bug answers
the flower's call.
planting fields arboretum

we are borne

we are borne of metal thunder.
technotacky noise.
but we have found a way
to experience our
own joys.
planting fields arboretum

this is my last breath...for the little pigeon killed by a heartless motorist in the garage where she lived

this is the last breath i will take.
my wings can no longer flutter.
i am barely awake.
the pain is gone but i
still cannot see.
there is no future
for my mate to
be with me.
i am breathing softly
i tuck in my head.
i wanted to wake up
but i was hit by a
car instead.
so humans who drive
look all around.
there is life in the air
and there is life
on the ground.
birdie paradise...planting fields arboretum

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

walking tree

walking tree wanders,
his roots in tow.
not quite knowing
where to go.
but walk he does
branches clad
in green leaves.
home he will find,
he fervently
ny botanical gardens

what if life was a sailboat race

what if life was a sailboat race.
in joyous exhilaration
from place to place.
other boats to be
an armada at play.
as long as the waves
don't go away.
between staten island and new jersey

the birdie rock

we are birds of the
here we flock
to one of our
we are ready for our close up
birdie rocks.
the birdie rock

bridge from

bridge from the land
bridge from the sea.
same bridge different
vantage point,
interpreted by
same me.

the verrazano

baby garage eaglespeak

to you this is cold
stained and severe.
to us this is home
and we live
baby beakys

sunlight and shadows

sunlight and shadows
dance so lightly
on our faces...
on the way home from yoga

whorls and wonders

whorls and wonders.
twists and turns.
colors splashed
outside the garage eagle kingdom

her inner wilderness

her inner wilderness.
nature sounds.
sights and moments.
by realities
run aground.
the grace of grace

Monday, June 23, 2014


cascading flowers
in rains of grass.
resilient, beautiful
and as fragile
as glass.
walking errands

my love is petals on a rose

my love is petals on a rose.
my love is love you
it always grows.
around the corner

pompom planet too

pompom planet of

so many colors

waters blue

waters, blue
what say

high seas sunday

on the water

on the water i feel
as tall as the sky.
between staten island and new jersey

blue sea oceans

blue sea oceans,
city sits against
the sky.
on the high seas off staten island

Saturday, June 21, 2014

flowers and brick

flowers and brick
one of delicate beauty
the other of  hardiness
and grace.
how lovely together
they occupy
this space.
on errands

with a heart so tall

with a heart so tall,
he built strong

Friday, June 20, 2014


when the answer is given
before the question
is asked.
the meaning is lost
in self made illusions.
down the street


when we see other lives
as not being different
than our own,
in our hearts we
have truly
garage eagle friends

Thursday, June 19, 2014

i look forward

i look forward,
but do not look
wetlands, ny botanical gardens


random choices,
or deliberate
ny botanical gardens

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

dainty needles

dainty needles
or prickly
you decide.
ny botanical gardens

the road turns

the road turns,
the road meanders.
the road follows
its moments
as others
ny botanical gardens


we are orange today.
who can say.
ny botanical gardens

the wisdom of trees

the wisdom of trees.
they know when
to stand still,
and when to sway
with the breeze.
ny botanical gardens

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the shadows of you

the shadows of you,
in fading,
outside garage eagle kingdom

a pot of flowers

a pot of flowers,
like wishes.
admired, dreamed
then walked past.
on middle neck

Monday, June 16, 2014

in darkest green

in darkest green
hints of the
bluest sky
entangled moments
view from the garage eagle kingdom

an animal's prayer

dear humans,
this earth we share, please hear our prayer.
you have big toys and machines...
sometimes you are mean.
we live here too, just like you...
we live and die, we even cry.
so today we pray, as we
always do...
that we can get some kindness,
understanding and
compassion from


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