Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Uh oh loveboids out there


out there live in fear 

As Valentine’s Day draws 

Ever near 

Better start thinking 


It now 

Or prepare to rent a room 

In the chateau bow wow😄❤️💕🌹

January 31st is international zebra day


unday, September 6, 2015


we hide our gripes
between our stripes.
no time to whine
and or moan.
we are busy living
zebra life
and hoping lions,crocs
and hunters leave
us alone.
so b*tch we not
our lines not blurred.
we are busy surviving
as you have

Need some solid conservation to save our zebra 🦓 nation 

Polar bared

 We were born for a world

Of ice and snow…
Our frozen palace will
Soon be gone.
Where did it go.
The world that once
Sustained us and
Our babies,
Now bare.
Will you help us.
Is anybody listening out there…

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

I see

 I sees my daddy on the shadow wall

My daddy sees me too

My mommy takes the picture 

So she can share with you 

My daddy is my bestie

On the wall and the real world too

Even when I acts testy

P.S. I loves my humans..I really do

The one by ones

 Even if you rush through life 

Plow right through it

The one by ones get to you

Even before you knew it 

The names lives and faces

You try to forget 

When they start to vanish 

It’s ain’t over yet 

The songs of remembrance 

Love loss and regret 

Monday, January 29, 2024

January 29 is curmudgeons day

 Yes  my humans are often in high dudgeon 

But that’s okay because today 

We celebrate the curmudgeon 

We honor thems who grouse and bitch

As long as when I want scritches 

They scratch my itch 

So crab 🦀 and blab 

Go on and complain the day away 

But in between the aforementioned 

I still da parrot 

And you still obey🤪

MagicmikeycuteasaurusT 🦖dats me 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 😀

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary 

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree



 I am a precious icon


of the flightless birds


thank you New Zealand

for working to

save me


Please sign and share:

Sunday, January 28, 2024


 Though it rains and grays 

This will be back 


I dreamed

 I dreamed the world became a better place 

Warmth and sunshine kissed with grace 

Tolerance acceptance not just words 

As spirits soared high as birds


Then I woke up 

It was cold 

Another day to dream

Another day more old 

Saturday, January 27, 2024


 Okay humans it’s Saturday 

Time to put on your 

Silly suit and get 

Ready for play

We boidies do that 


Hope you have a 

Beautiful day

MagicmikeycuteasaurusT 🦖dats me 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 😀

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary 

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree


Friday, January 26, 2024

Today is national spouse day

 ❤️happy national spouse day❤️and Friday toooooo

Today we celebrate our partner  or spouse

Unless of course they are a louse

Who comes up with these celebrations

What comes next

A day to celebrate an ex?


Thursday, January 25, 2024

The wolf moon is January 25th

 Do you believe as I do

That the wolf moon 

Howls for you 

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

January 24 is change a pet’s life day

 To open our hearts and homes 

To love and be loved 

There is nothing as good or greater 

Than all of the above 

Pigeons are


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Happy Tuesday

 ❤️🪶💚🦜happy tooz to all o youze🦜💚🪶❤️

Greetings on this January day 

For we boidies anudda excuse to play

But for most humans as a rule 

Time to gets ready for work and/or school 

Unless you are ancient like my pet humans 

Whose duty in life is for me to be the 

Center of all their doings 

So enjoy whatever it is on your agenda

I needs a nap so this poem gonna end-a

(Which it is my belief that from youze I hears a

Great sigh of relief🤪)

MagicmikeycuteasaurusT 🦖dats me 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 😀

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary 

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree


Monday, January 22, 2024

The poets light

 The poets light among the stars

The summer sun that seems so far 

Early winter rain that turns to snow 

Only the sky know where it go 

The poets light among the trees

The winters chill 

The cool spring breeze 

The many colors that answer 

Autumns call 

The poets light 

Upon them all 

happy Monday


happy Monday everyboidie❤️

 Winter is cold 

And if it’s warmth you seek

Try a little bit of

Warm in winter chic 

Hipster hat is

Where it’s at

I think i look the bite of fashion 

In this winter dose of haberdashin’

MagicmikeycuteasaurusT 🦖dats me 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 😀

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary 

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree



Sunday, January 21, 2024


 Life is a feast of sweet and sour

Minutes and hours

Surrenders and power

Touch and reticence 

Enthusiasm and hesitance 

So many flavors

Never enough time 

To savor

Moon light

 The beauty of the extraordinary ordinary 

January 21st is squirrel 🐿️ appreciation day

 this little critter is trouble

trouble is my middle name

so before you look for someone else to blame 

behind my innocent look and big brown eyes 

is mischief in motion (that is no surprise)

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Happy Saturday

 ❤️🪶💚🦜happy Saturday everyboidie🦜💚🪶❤️

Crikey I be magic Mikey

Good grief 

Mommy decided I 

Need to tum over 

A new leaf 

Yeah yeah she should talk 

Dare ya mommy to 

Walk the walk 

So in her usual avoidance 

Of maturity 


She uses a frickin meme 

To put some foliage on my head 

Oh the things we boidies must endure 

For silliness in humans 

There is no cure 

Pardonez moi for being so long winded

But at long last the new leaf notion 

Has been rescinded 


MagicmikeycuteasaurusT 🦖dats me 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 😀

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary 

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree


January 20th is penguin awareness day

 Winds and ice,

Not very nice.
But mom and dad
Make it not so bad.

There are several species of us.
But some of us are endangered:

❤️🐧love those waddlinis🐧❤️

Friday, January 19, 2024


 Friday is here 

Hip hip hooray 

Have a beautiful 

Every day 


Thursday, January 18, 2024

Dave Crosby

 Today January 18th is the one year anniversary of his passing.

He was a controversial character. 

He was a great talent. An icon of a much different time.

The spirit of his life and times lives on in the music he was a part of. 

Still flying high we hope, music man 

Winter puffs

 It is cold so up we puff 

But sometimes that is 

Not enough 

So humans do a daily 

Good deed

Put some food out here 

So we can feed

Thank you


Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Winter feed on the wing

 It is cold winter is here 

When we are hungry

Cold we do not fear 

Thank you humans 

For putting food near 

Politics bites

 Human beings don’t know squat 

About how to get things done 

So I gonna  give it a shot 

So let me hear your tweets

Squawks and peeps 

Who wanna be my veep

A nutriberry in every bowl

Scritches on every head

Fingers everywhere to chew on

And free pooping on humans beds

So if you want a leader smart 

And as cute as can be 

I am your candidate

Cast your vote for me 

MagicmikeycuteasaurusT ❤️🪶🦜💚🦖

The rainbow bridge

  When you were here you were the light

You made everything seem

Like it would be alright 

Now strong somehow we must be 

Though you have gone to


We know you are waiting at the ridge

We shall meet again 

At the rainbow 🌈 


Our hearts are here

Never far 

You send us stars ✨ from wherever you


Life and time change many things, but love is eternal and always 

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

january 16th is appreciate a dragon day dragonfyre part 1

 there was a time when the world was inhabited by men and dragons. together they forged an alliance, based upon mutual trust and respect. the dragons ruled the skies, soaring, playing, searching for caves. they would go on man's land to feed, but only took what man himnself did not need.

man, ruled the earth. he planted, he hunted for food, clothing, shelter. he never lay bare a species of plant or animal, always leaving enough for his winged brethren. he looked to the skies with wonder; dragons flying, birds gliding effortlessly. he did not aim any weaponry at that domain. the sky was not his.

men had settlements scattered everywhere. dragons picked caves close enough to keep a watchful eye, but far enough away for privacy. this alliance was a sound one, but maintained by a sense of sleeping with one eye open. this co-existence proved beneficial to both parties.

the dragons would breathe enough fire to clear land for man to build. the humans would not hunt any wildlife, so the dragons had an ample supply of food. water was bountiful and both species peacefully shared. the earth was green, lush and plentiful, trees growing where trees were meant to grow, hot desert sands in their place, warm languid rainforests flourished.

the dragons surveyed all on this planet. it is said that men would not go anywhere that the dragons had not gone to first. it is also said that the dragons would only take man to places he could live safely, and in harmony, with.

for centuries, the planet and all its inhabitants thrived under this well forged partnership. the garden was never depleted, by man, dragon or mother earth. the earth mother was pleased with her children, and regalled them gentle weather. storms teased but were never torrential. 
All reactions:

When wild meets world

 The world upon which we are blessed to dwell

should be a paradise for the living

Not a living hell

remember we are here to share

this blessed orb with all

beings everywhere.

some urban/suburban friends

Monday, January 15, 2024

Happy Monday

 ❤️🪶💚🦜happy Monday from my mommy and I🦜💚🪶❤️

Daddy Sunday cuddles a happy place 

Mommy Monday her nose glued to 

My face😃

Whiffs and sniffy

Not very spiffy


Hope you have a great day too

Hopefully without any humans 

Smelling you 

MagicmikeycuteasaurusT 🦖dats me 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 😀

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary 

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree


Hands across

 hands across

so many colors
all as one
in peace to
share a
world of

Sunday, January 14, 2024

If clouds

 If clouds could speak 

What would they say

Would they wish us all

A beautiful day

Even if

they send rain

Coming our way

❤️☮️have a blissful and beautiful Sunday☮️❤️

 ☮️❤️have a blissful and beautiful Sunday❤️☮️

Whoopsie doo hip nip hooray

January 14th is world logic day 

Humans, you would not know what to do

If logic stood right in front of you 

The very concept you could not grok

Guess I’ll turn on the 📺 tv and watch Mr Spock 

But as long as you continue to serve me 

And obey….

I guess you humans can continue to stay😃

P.S. I loves you anyway

MagicmikeycuteasaurusT🦖dats me 

Brat supreme and maestro of da scream 😀

And the usual DNA tested male with an ovary 

Keeper of two humans

And boidie makes tree



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