Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i am a river

I am a river, I am water, I am an ocean
Running free, I am still and I am silent
I am motion, I am me
I am crying for the life that lived
So safely within my breast
I am sighing for the future
Of the ones that I love best
My countenance has been damaged
By so much that man has done
How will my children manage
I am too murky for the sun
My waters are receding
I am languishing on the sand
No longer the life that I was leading
Just a sorrow out of hand
I am most of what is in your bodies
Without me you will die
Yet you treat me so very shoddy
And you do not even try
I am water, I am life, I am where
It all began
Please hear me as I call you
Hear me now,
Oh heart of man

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