Sunday, December 22, 2013

the difference between partnership and exploitation

the difference between partnership and exploitation.

a true partnership is when all parties involved acknowledge and accept the equal worth, needs and feelings of the others. when this basic principal is ignored, an imbalance occurs.

from this imbalance, or perhaps causing this imbalance, is the decision by one member of this partnership, that he/she is somehow superior to the others, and can ...therefore take liberties...including taking away the liberties of others.

this is the root of exploitation. partnership is no longer in the equation. this is all about the "what they can do for me" model.

this is lovingly walking a dog on a leash, then moving on to starving a dog pulling a sled...watching a cetacean leap and soar in the seas, changed into perceiving this sentient being as an entertainment center. and so on.

when we once again return animals to partnership status, balance in the world will be achieved!
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