Friday, March 20, 2009

the merry go round of cruelty

Today at 3:03pm

here i sit, another friday afternoon. the sun is shining. people are busy with their lives, milling about, goal or no goal...doing. moving. trying to stay on the merry go round that is all to easy to be spun off of.

i read posts, petitions, emails...all the same...governments knowingly ignoring the cruelties exercised by their milling about, growing populace. some members of that populace practicing cruelty, as sport? because they can? until they get it right? all in a days work or play, little or no thoughts directed toward the helpless, voiceless victims. part of the orbit that is their daily lives.

all the while, the merry go round turns ever faster, the defenseless, the lost, thrown off as callous heads turn so as not to see. do they think if they do not see it, it is not there?

the endless stream of pain goes on, different nations, animals, style of cruelty...but on it goes, as if it were an integral part of that merry go round.

we try, we will continue to try. one life saved is a victory for all.

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