Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the politics of chronology
being 18 thru 25, young, energetic, filled with ideals...ideals about a world you know nothing about. fresh from college perhaps, a recent escapee from your parents home...the world is a new place, filled with opportunities and mystery.
thirty and a tad wiser, bills, you are a parent, the world has a different hue than that rose colored adventure you thought it would be.
yes i was 18...and wanted to vote, yes i was 21 and did not....
here i sit, 56....lived through korea(in utero),viet nam, kuwait and now the irag fiasco. yep i would like leader..but what all this seasoning and wrinkles have taught me is that character is what should lead...not pretty,, empty rhetoric delivered in an empassioned way...
proof, someone who has definitive ideals and has lived by them..aka john mccain.
\yes he has the scary pit bull tenacity and a temper too. but he has lived in knowledge, not words carefully crafted by a wily speech maker.
he is the real deal.
this is not about race or gender...this is about the very survival of america

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