Wednesday, October 15, 2008

she watches him as he sits, reading his paper, head resting in his hand. she sees him as someone live a life, to make another life with her, the woman he is with.
she wonders if the women before her share their bed, when he touches her, as he dreams. she wonders how much of his mind they occupy, in his private moments, what regrets, grief he still experiences.
and what of his heart?. are they still there too, shoving her into a little chamber?
she thinks about men in general, are they all from the steven stills love the one your with school of living? and if so, as long as it works for them, that is ok.
but what of the "one your with" , me, she asks herself. where do i fit in, or do i? am i just a little bandaid on a big wound that has not healed?
will i ever occupy the center chamber?:will i ever feel i do, if i did?

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