Wednesday, October 15, 2008

another dragging week is drawing to a close. the stifling boredom of my 9-5 work week will soon be replaced by the encapsulated two day living that is the weekend.
this is how all living things live, in ways that correspond to their needs. it is all about making a living, be it in twisted steel spires or on the savannah, everyone has to eat,rest between kills, reproduce, establish a territory and do whatever it takes to protect it.
whether clad in brooks brothers or fur and claw, all creatures must venture out or die, some dying as they do so.
we humans mistakenly perceive that the complexities of our survival render us superior. where is there any superiority in corporate backbiting, betrayal? where is there superiority in mass annihilations of habitat and those we perceive as different,,,ergo a threat to our own fragile existence. passing emotions and people around as cavalierly as passing a joint.

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