Wednesday, October 15, 2008

frustration nation
today the sky is bursting with sunshine, the temperature is on a definite upswing. i, on the other hand, am still feeling the chilly clouds. a perceived slight has sent me inward, pulling far away from the people around me.
sometimes it is good to withdraw...the proverbial cave is not for men only.. women need to heal, too. shutting out all periphery except that which is necessary to function(as i am at my desk at work so got to stay somewhat in this world) seems to naturally mend those broken inner fences(and defenses).
it all gets down to middlangst...when more time is behind than is in front...shouldacouldawoulda-itis...i know intellectually that this is a total waste of energy and priceless time....the distance between intellect and feelings is so hard to bridge.

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