Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the malignancy of distrust

it can be said that relationships are like bathroom tiles. well grouted with trust, water damage will not occur. if there are fault lines within the system, torrential ourpourings are inevitable.
these cracks are not always blatant. most are invisible to the naked eye, doing their work. insidiously.. they can appear at any time, and if not addresssed, the cumulative result is disaster. it is much harder to repair major leaks than minor trickles.
the challenge is to accept that these flaws exist and confront them head on, not waiting until that which is amassed becomes irreparable. in order to do so, one must take a long look at the big picture and ones culpability, or lack of it, in each situation.
middle age is all the rage
never thought i'd see this stage
wisdom without the strength to use it
what else is new
we all go through it

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