Wednesday, October 15, 2008

at work i find myself marvelling and wistfully envying the youth so brazenly worn by my coworkers. it is not just the greater amount of energy they possess, it is the time...time to live, time to correct, time to not make mistakes. i marvel at the mindset of those still in their twenties, and cannot help but observe the tone that changes in those who are in their thirties or teetering on the brink.
i am faustian in my hopeless desire to grab the clock and cajole, or if need be, force those hands to turn backwards....i ache for the self confidence that, it i had had it years ago, perhaps i would be the voice on countless cds, the symbol of humane action perhaps.
but i am, and grateful to be such, but i am as i have, and have not, done.

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