Thursday, March 30, 2023


 If you feel you are alone 

Reach out

Try try 

Do not let your life

Pass you by 

Do not say goodbye 

Please remember even if

You feel isolated 

There is a world of “yous”

Who feel the same way too

Please hold on tight 

Do not slip into the abyss

You were born 

By the breath of god’s kiss

Do not let the concept of 

Hopeless become your truth 

You are you and priceless 

Nobody is perfect nor viceless

Although the darkness 

Brings with it such wrath

Please open your hearteyes

And choose to continue 

To walk on life’s path 

Try try 

It is okay to cry

It is okay to feel

You and your emotions 

Are real.

Let anger drift away from your harbor

Forgive and give yourself that forgiveness 

Try try 

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