Friday, January 30, 2009


always champion of the underdog, she found herself, once again , the champion, basically, of herself. she, who had never known unconditional love, true acceptance, even from herself.
she, who could not escape the nonconformity she was born into. wanting to embrace it, but starving for acceptance, at times wishing she was, instead, born "normal".

as a child, she sat at the family piano, between a symphony and some dresses she had designed.
she looked towards the heavens as she looked inward. partly wanting to attain, partly wanting to trade it all in for "being like everyone else", a bargain made in her own mind, to deaf ears.

the years passed. time dulled the blade that was once her intellect...or did it?

she was hobbled by life,by what it dished out to her, who's fault, at this point, not important.

little twinges of her mind grew louder.

could she sustain?

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