Sunday, November 2, 2008


we spent the day together, in each others arms while in the same room or apart. we ate a late breakfast, while listening to the beatles...the fab four go nicely with coffee and lemon biscotti.

together we made a new eggplant recipe, which we will try out on my brother and his lovely bride. then we will saunter off to a favorite local restaurant, where we will dine on what will be my last solid meal until tuesday afternoon.

my oncologist/surgeon wants all bases covered, or uncovered more accurately, before diving into my ailing innards. so monday afternoon the dreaded drink for the tuesday morning colonoscopy.

friday morning the doctor performed an in office biopsy, which could be aptly described as an effective way to obtain information, true or otherwise...this hurt. but it needed to be done. my pulse was 90 and bp 140/80, a bit nervous, eh?

i am trying to stifle the underlying panic that is bubbling close to the surface.

middle age is not for the squeamish.

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