Tuesday, November 18, 2008

she dreamed, she looked

she looked around at the space which had been her home for almost two years. she familiarized herself with every corner, every nuance of her husband's apartment.

it still did not seem real to her, the sort of pinchmyselfimdreaming reverie she had her entire life. although some of her furnishings were interspersed among his, this domicile still felt "not her own", but in a warm and comforting, i cant believe this happened to me, too good to be true way.

their whole courtship seemed like a dream. his goodness, kindness, acceptance of her as she was. hers of him... . their personalities flowed together softly, almost always parallel, on the same course, their hearts joined. hands held.

marriage only increased the joy they found in each other.

she did not want to lose this...this was a recurring theme for her innerdaylife. this time a reality nudged itself in the mix.

health, surgery. she had not yet left for the hospital but she focused intensely on coming home.

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