Monday, November 24, 2008

she said, she said

she sat looking out the window as the train jostled her along. trees, houses, people zipped past her view, as they had long before she rode this rail, and would long after she disembarked.

in her mind, she watched the world run by her, carrying designer bags, wearing impossibly high designer shoes, as she plodded along in her sensible sneakers, though, of late, these aforementioned had taken on a much more upscale quality.

she had spent her entire adult life getting by. paying bills, choosing between food and make up...skipping a trip to the supermarket so she could afford an afternoon of movie and lunch with some female acquaintances. she noted quite clearly to herself that the friend concept was not embedded in this equation.

as she shook along with the train, she felt the old simmering her struggling and sacrifices should not have been necessary, as she was a member of a relatively affluent family. however, they gave what they gave, which helped keep her afloat, but without a martini.

she again tamped down this entitlement, turning her head toward the window. it was growing dark. soon, that which she passed would no longer be visible


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