Friday, November 11, 2016

letter to donald trump

you have the power to change the world

and the world needs changing.

so we ask of you to hear the voices of those unable to speak, enter ballot boxes. or march on city streets.

our citizens of fur, feather, fins, claws, paws, scales...those who slither, fly, leap, stalk, crawl., just like us, they want to make a living for those they love and  for themselves, in peace.

please hear the cries of the enslaved, hidden, tormented, hunted.

as you sit and digest the vast and unexplored implications of this new position you worked so hard to attain, can you see the world as a vast city of many beautiful life forms.  can you think of your son barron and the world you wish him to grow up in.

a legacy of compassion and hope can be yours to achieve, if you open your heart and mind to the magic garden our earth was meant to be.

so we ask you, please step up and work with us.  be a part of restoring our earth to the glorious gift that it is.  time and the tides of sorrow have overtaken far too many.

the time to save the world is now!

thank you.

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