Saturday, February 11, 2006

snow's falling

she gazed wistfully as gleeful snowflakes frolicked past her window, oblivious and uncaring of their destination.....her room was toasty warm and she made herself as small, and cozy as she could.....she peered through the blinds at the winter landscape, inviting in its visage and forbidding in its implications.....she nestled in her flannel sheets and gazed sadly at the empty half of her bed.....a night like this was tailor made for two, together, reaching inside to their child within and marveling at this dance of nature......entwined and encased in each other and the joyous quality a night like this could bring, if only it was shared with another, the other.....



Anonymous said...

Getting better. When the sensations of life have some balance the good and the bad can fight to a draw...this is better than the bad just driving everything and bodes well for mental health.

karen lyons kalmenson said...



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