Sunday, February 12, 2006


wish i was out in the snow with the one

walking, giggling having fun

instead i walk with a vacant space

noone to look into my eyes, touch my face

noones nose to brush off the snow

to share the winters radiant glow

off i trudge into the storm

noones arms to keep  me warm


Anonymous said...

Please. You have more than established your baseline predicament. How about not always tying the gloom and doom to things that can make you happy...even if it is only a temporary state. If we all could be happy about something for  five minutes a day we would all be way ahead of where we are normally. Happiness is a punctuation mark in the human experience not a constant state. If I can be happy about something, anything for a few moments a day then I have succeded. It is the moments not the hours that make us feel good never mind the days and the years.


I am out in the snow and bundled for fun
walking and giggling and freezing my buns
I take the cold as well as the heat
It's just too bad it's freezing my feet
The fun in the sun I always enjoy
can not do what these snowflakes can do
I can play and replay with these magical toys
amazing the fun of what I can do
I can make snowballs to toss at the boys
I can make a snow angle and wish it to you

Anonymous said...

tanks much for your lovely poem
its playful joy really hits home
and the angel that you send to me
i send back to you...times three
you have been a friend a special gift
in balmier weather and in snowier drifts


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