Wednesday, February 1, 2006

the lure

the lure of the bottle is strong

for one in such pain for so long

to feel no sorrow, loss or shame

not like a loser in lifes game

the past few days have been challenging my sobriety....wishing to dive into the comforting and murky waters of alcohol has been overpowering....knowing that if i have a drink, it wont matter whether or not the phone rings, nor if it is not a person i wish called, and never is......knowing i could just lie on my couch blissfully listening to music, not interupted by the aching sounds of my heart and the tortuous twists of my mind....but i have not surrendered to this weakness....i have stayed with this misery until sleep overtakes me and awakened, again, in the same state...sans hangover.....another day summons me...and i start be continued

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