Thursday, June 1, 2023


 Pride is about who we are

And what we can be 

Not about judging others 

Or others judging we 

I am a DNA tested male with 

An ovary 

It sure is fun and 

Cool being me 

Live and let love 

Love and let live 

Embrace your own goodness 

You have so much to give 

P.s this is not about politics 

Brainwashing preaching 

Or teaching 

Just the open minds 

And hearts 

We hope we are reaching 


MagicmikeycuteasaurusT 🦖dats me

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I am a proud senior, forever hippie, who has incorporated the peace and love vibe into the technosphere of the 21st century. Gratitude and love of all beings is what I live for and how I live. My husband and I are guardians of pteribird in heaven and magic Mikey a special needs senior parrot, whose intelligence and love is beautiful and humbling. Blessings