Wednesday, May 31, 2023

May 31st is world parrot day

 We are pretty.  We are intelligent.

We are born to be free.  For the wild we are meant.
You think we are entertaining. You like when we “talk”
We are parrots. Our language is “squawk”.

You think we are accessories to be caged.
We are as smart as humans and need to feel engaged.
When we hit puberty, as with human teens,
We sometimes get feisty and bite.
We are not being mean.

By humans we are so often misused, disregarded and neglected.
Terribly abused.
We are voiceless to you and we need to be heard.
We are sentient beings…not “just birds”

We need a lot of attention, specific foods.
We are not here to cater to your moods.
So please humans out there here our cries,
If you need an avian companion, ADOPT do not buy.

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