Sunday, August 29, 2021

Game of groans

 game of groans

i flaps my wings i very bold
i no care if mommy old
i a big green dragon
as you can see
game of thrones got
nothing on me
i like to be fiercesome
and pretend to be
scary and mean
(but in reality i loveboat
little and green)
so move over GOT and i ain't
perhaps your last season would have
been better
ii you hired me to play
a dragon.
my name is magic mikey i roar
i keep my humans busy
they never bored
i adopted them in
2014 september
my first day in our home
i will always remember
old is gold and differently abled is beaeutiful ❤
so if you wants a superior species to run your life, consider adopting older or special needs. mommy and daddy say i do far more for them than they an ever do for me...(probably true 😈 )

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